Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Will DAP ADUN Ng Wei Yak show the same zeal he showed at the Indian Muslim Restoran when he deal with other stalls in Pulau Pinang?

Ng Wei Ak the DAP Adun for Komtar and Lim Guan Eng's Political Secretary has catapulted from a nobody politician to a some sort of a DAP strongman who threatens to overshadow the DAP Secretary General himself. 

I do not know how the DAP teaches their Adun how to deal with the public, but from the video shown below I think he has issues that Lim Guan Eng and his Pakatan Government should resolve if the DAP value the votes of this multiracial multi-religious state like Pulau Pinang. 

Ng should understand that a ADUN is a lawmaker in the Dewan Undangan Negeri, he does not enforce the law, that is the job of the enforcement agencies the Civil Servants in Pulau Pinang. This is a democracy hence we have separation of powers lah. Meaning you have:

The Legislative (The Dewan Undangan Negeri);
The Executive (Chief Minister and State Exco who administrates the State thru the State Secretary)
The Judiciary (The Law Courts)

So Ng, carrying the gas cylinder and appearing like you are in charge and giving instruction to enforcement officers may impress some DAP supporters but certainly you have lost your precious DAP a lot of votes from others. DAP should not think that it can rule Penang with DAP supporter votes only OK. That will be a big mistake.

This is a very good comment by Sharanjit Singh on the issue:

Will Ng let others go scot-free?

Comment by Sharanjit Singh

IN September last year, Ng Wei Aik, who is Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng's political secretary, was at the forefront condemning the principal of a school in Kedah who allegedly uttered racist comments towards his students.

Ng, who is also the DAP assemblyman for Komtar, wasted no time in submitting a memorandum to the Kedah Education Department calling for disciplinary action against the principal when the issue surfaced. He had then proclaimed that the alleged racist statement was "very serious and could jeopardise the close relationship between the different ethnic groups in the country".

Now, four months after his open rebuke against the principal, Ng has found himself on the receiving end of not only a similar allegation but has also been accused of acting like a thug. 
Although he has vehemently denied telling an Indian-Muslim restaurant worker to "tutup kedai dan balik India" (close shop and go back to India) and has even lodged a police report calling for an investigation into the matter, it has not stopped certain groups from reacting in anger.

On Friday, more than 100 angry Malaysian Indian Muslim Congress (Kimma) members took to the streets to voice their anger against Ng for the remark he allegedly made against the restaurant owner last Sunday. 
The group has since given Ng a week to retract the remark and apologise, besides calling on his boss, the chief minister, to take disciplinary action against his state representative.

While Ng has denied making the remark, Kimma claims they have evidence in the form of video recordings of the incident and these would be handed over to the police, who are investigating the case under the Sedition Act and also criminal intimidation, for further action.

The latest incident is not the first time the controversial former journalist-turned-assemblyman has found himself being rebuked.

After all, who can forget his disturbing act of chasing a homeless person on the streets of George Town while taking part in an operation conducted by the Social Welfare Services Department to round up vagrants in March last year?

Then, there was also the incident where he was at the centre of action when an irate trader threw a slipper at a Penang Island Municipal Council (MPPP) councillor when they tried to force traders out of their usual business site at Upper Penang Road.

These are but some of the many things Ng has been involved in.

One can only wait and see what the first term Komtar assemblyman has up his sleeve.

On a more serious note, it is time the state administration explained what business it is of Ng to take part in enforcement exercises undertaken by the different agencies, especially MPPP.

The council has laws that are in place to ensure compliance. It can issue fines or take the culprits to court, even carry out demolitions in cases of illegal structures and seize items at illegal outlets.

State assemblymen are legislators and, therefore, have no business taking part in enforcement activities.

Of all people, they should be wise enough to know that the enforcement aspect should be left to those entrusted to carry out the responsibility.

For an assemblyman representing an administration which prides itself on CAT (competency, accountability and transparency) governance, it is time for some answers as to why Ng is always in the thick of things when enforcement action is carried out by MPPP council workers.

Ng may argue that his action to call MPPP enforcement teams to seize stalls, tables and chairs at the restaurant in last week's incident cannot be deemed as interference.

If that is the case, then the onus is on the council to explain why no action was taken against the restaurant for openly flouting regulations by setting up stalls and placing chairs and tables on the road.

People are now waiting to see if Ng will also direct MPPP enforcement teams to extend their action against the hundreds, if not thousands, of other outlets operating all over Penang roads, which often reduce traffic to a crawl and endanger the lives of motorists.

Surely the CAT administration of the Penang government cannot cherry pick and enforce the "no roadside trading rule" against one Indian-Muslim restaurant and let others, who are blatantly flouting the rules, get off scot-free.

Read in full here.

I agree, if  DAP YB Ng thinks he is not doing anything wrong the way he acted on the Indian-Muslim restaurant, than he should equally enforce the same rules on other premises in Pulau Pinang, DAP stands for sama rata sama rasa bukan? Ng must show the same zeal, otherwise don't blame us Malaysians if we think you are racist and as political Secretary to Lim Guan Eng Secretary General of the DAP, people perception would be that the DAP is racist too!

Images courtesy of an angry blog here. Read another angry comment here.


Anonymous said...

This is the problem with people whose heads are bigger than their shoulders.

When they become complacent and power crazy, they simply cannot see things in perspective.

DAP, PAS and PKR often resort to bullying, intimidation and street rule to please their voters. They do not have the decorum expected of a public figure but will go fingering others at will.

Surprisingly, PAS will defend this 'out of tune' YB and consider his sins halal. Just you wait and see.

But, oh well, this is what the people of Penang voted for and that's the price to pay for experimenting with the inexperienced.

Bravos to the voters and the YB (Yang Biadap).


eddy said...

Well said Bro.