Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Syabas Malaysians, our country is the second most peaceful country in Asia and is No.22 most peaceful globally

Congratulations you lucky Malaysians, according to the latest Global Peace Index our blessed country is ranked No. 22 most peaceful of  149 nations surveyed. New Zealand is the most peaceful country on earth, followed by Iceland and Japan and in the Asia category we are only second to Japan. 

Of our neighbors:
Singapore is No. 30, 
Indonesia No.67, 
Thailand No.124, 
Filipina No.130, 
Myanmar No.132, 
Cambodia No 111. 

Source here.

GPI indicators

To ensure that this country will be perpetually peaceful, we must give our full support to the  Government and the Government Institutions such as the Polis DiRaja Malaysia, SPRM and our Armed Forces and other Law enforcement and defence agencies. The tolerant spirit among Malaysians must also be nurtured and more so. Of course such Laws as the ISA should also be in place to rope in troublemakers before they could plan and create problems to this country.

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