Sunday, 16 January 2011

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Malaysia is a model nation it is democratic, effectively governed and economically sound

Congratulations, Syabas you Malaysians, we have been recognised by the Government of the United States of America home of democracy and land of the free as a model nation because we are:

Effectively Governed &
Economically Sound.

Betul kawan-kawan, its real:

US regards Malaysia as model nation, says Muhyiddin
January 15, 2011

WASHINGTON, Jan 15 — The US regards Malaysia as a model nation, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said after his meeting with US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton here yesterday.

He said that she told him that Malaysia should be emulated by other developing nations because it was democratic, effectively governed and economically sound.

“Clinton said that some developing nations have only one or two of these characteristics while Malaysia has them all,” he told Malaysian reporters after launching the Malaysian Biotechnology Entrepreneurship Special Training Programme here.

Because of what Malaysia had achieved, the US felt it important to support the country in both its domestic and international initiatives, Muhyiddin said.

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Kudos to the BN led Government keep up the great work. This is another big KO to the gloom and doom soothsayers supporters of Pakatan.

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