Sunday, 30 October 2011

Still time for the Najib BN Gomen to make the right decision to reinstate the PPSMI

1. So the BN Gomen thru the DPM and Education Minister have make their stand:

DPM: ‘Teaching Maths and Science in dual languages not feasible’

2. I find it kind of strange that a BN Government which said that they wanted to "memartabatkan" our National language our Bahasa Malaysia but tells us that the PPSMI option is not feasible when the Gomen can afford to pour billions of Ringgit into the vernacular school which is one of the factor causing  race polarisation that we Malaysians are facing now.

3. If the Government is sincere in wanting to put Bahasa Malaysia supreme in education then it is high time that the Gomen show some real balls like the Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore Gomen of years ago and introduce the SatuSekolahUntukSemua System. Otherwise they are just talking politics and just sacrificing our children's education on the altars of political expediency.. I say politicians should never be allowed to decide on our national education policy, that job should be given to the education professionals.

4. The Gomen and the anti PPSMI group has really got themselves all mixed up, the PPSMI option is never about Bahasa Malaysia, it is about the best means of keeping pace with latest knowledge in this fast changing world. The Government talk about translation of documents and books from English to Bahasa Malaysia but is the Dewan Bahasa Pustaka up to the monumental job and not finished translation after the knowledge is obsolete? The answer is an obvious NO, it is an impossible task of keeping up translation of scientific work and discoveries. Pak Menteri tidak perlu gula-gula atau memperbodohkan rakyat Malaysia.

This is what Datin Azimah of PAGE has to say in reply to the BN Gomen still in denial after March 2008:

PAGE warns BN of polls backlash from PPSMI snub

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 30 — Barisan Nasional (BN) risks losing votes in upcoming polls if it continues barring students from learning science and maths using English in schools, a parents lobby group said today.

The Parent Action Group for Education Malaysia (PAGE) wants the 10-year-old policy of teaching science and maths in English at national schools (PPSMI) to be made an option for students in primary and secondary schools.

“If it is political (decision on PPSMI) give us the PPSMI option in national primary and secondary schools, and we will give you the two-thirds majority, which you are making increasingly difficult for us to do.

“Do not make us give the opposition our vote,” said PAGE chairman Datin Noor Azimah Abdul Rahim said in a statement to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak today.

“We would not like the Najib administration to be remembered for abolishing PPSMI, for not regaining the two-thirds majority and for making our children yet another lost generation,” she said bluntly.

Noor Azimah stressed that the government’s past decision in introducing PPSMI in schools was not “flawed”, adding it would empower students with the skills and knowledge needed to compete with other countries should the policy be retained.

She criticised Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin for saying yesterday that the education system will turn chaotic if parents were allowed to freely choose the medium of instruction for their children.

Calling it “unacceptable”, Noor Azimah charged that all science and mathematics teachers should be able to teach in either Bahasa Malaysia or English as the PPSMI policy had previously been in place for nine years.

“If the number of schools that choose English are small, then it would be even easier to provide the teachers. The reasons should be addressed head-on and not swept under the carpet after spending RM3 billion of the rakyat’s hard earned income. We want an explanation,” she said.

Noor Azimah said that the current education system only divided children according to race-based schools, a split that was slowly incorporating class differences as seen in the growing popularity of private and international schools.

She stressed that PPSMI was not about learning English through science and mathematics, but to provide the context to put the language into practise.

Opposition parties like the DAP have thrown their weight behind PAGE’s cause, demanding the Education Ministry be more flexible and give students the option which will enable the country to retain its best talents.

The growing row over the education policy has split the country along racial, political lines ahead of national polls likely to be called early next year.

Vocal fundamental groups are using the issue to champion their version of nationalism.

Several non-partisan civil societies have recently banded together to counter this tide but the powerful Malay-dominant political parties appear to be reluctant to commit to this hot potato issue ahead of the 13th general election.

Noor Azimah said that PAGE will be sending a letter of appeal to Najib on the matter tomorrow morning in Putrajaya. Source here.

What PAGE has to say is not a threat, the DAP, opportunistic as usual has now done a U-turn to support the PPSMI option:

DAP pushes for optional PPSMI

Blogger Tuan Syed has wrote a very persuasive article for the reinstatement of the PPSMI excerpts:

"Sudah tentu pada PRU13 nanti, isu PPSMI ini akan diambil kira ramai pengundi yang tidak setuju PPSMI ditamatkan. Di sini saya ingin memaparkan semula komen daripada sebilangan pembaca Blog ini yang sokong PPSMI diteruskan. Dan kemungkinan besarnya mereka tidak akan mengundi Kerajaan BN jika PPSMI ditamatkan.
Samaada Kerajaan peduli atau tidak akan luahan hati oleh umum ini terpulang-lah kepada Kerajaan. Blog ini hanya menyalurkan pendapat dan pemikiran orang berkenaan PPSMI.
Kerajaan cuma perlu memikirkan perkara berikut : jika PPSMI dikekalkan, Kerajaan tidak akan KEHILANGAN sebarang undi, terutama sekali undi orang Melayu, atas isu ini. (Makhluk anti-PPSMI itu yang berjambang putih dan berkelakuan ganjil seperti orang kurang siuman yang kerap merayau di kawasan Masjid India itu tidak akan mengundi Kerajaan, walau apa pun berlaku. Makhluk ganjil itu sudah sah penyokong Pembangkang).
Tetapi sebaliknya jika Kerajaan menamatkan atau mansuhkan PPSMI, kemungkinanya paling ramai juga pengundi (terutama sekali pengundi Melayu) akan membantah tindakan ini dengan TIDAK mengundi BN. Sebenarnya "Mansuhkan PPSMI" ini bakal menjadi isu besar pada PRU13.
Kerajaan seolah tidak peka bahawa isu pendidikan dan masa depan anak-anak kita adalah isu yang sangat besar dan sangat penting bagi terlalu ramai orang. Ini bukan perkara sia-sia atau isu remeh. Dan majoriti ibubapa Melayu inginkan anak-anak mereka menguasai Sains dan Matematik dalam Bahasa Inggeris.
Jadi sebenarnya pilihan bagi Kerajaan sangat mudah dan jelas :
Pilihan Pertama : Tamatkan PPSMI, jejaskan peluang majoriti paling besar rakyat marhaen (yang tidak akan memasuki university) untuk menguasai Bahasa Inggeris yang akan seterusnya mengurangkan peluang mereka untuk mencapai kejayaan hidup. Maka oleh itu, BN akan menghadapi risiko kehilangan undi secara besar-besaran pada PRU 13.
Pilihan Kedua : Teruskan saja PPSMI yang akan disambut dengan tepukan dan siulan meriah oleh majoriti orang Melayu, majoriti besar orang China, hampir kesemua orang India, majoriti penduduk Sarawak dan Sabah; PPSMI yang akan membina generasi muda yang mahir berbahasa Inggeris, yang akan peka sains dan teknoloji dalam bahasa Inggeris, yang akan mempunyai daya saing untuk mencari pekerjaan dan peluang niaga sehingga ke peringkat antarabangsa dan akan baik segala-galanya. Tambah lagi, jika PPSMI di teruskan, golongan yang begitu besar dan ramai ini tidak akan mempunyai alasan untuk memarahi Kerajaan BN (atas isu ini) di Peti Undi pada PRU13 kelak.
Bagi saya, walaupun memerlukan cermin mata untuk membaca, tetapi penglihatan saya masih jelas untuk memahami bahawa pilihan yang paling mudah, terbaik dan betul adalah Pilihan Kedua.
Bagi saya Pilihan Pertama adalah Pilihan Maut (Death Wish). Apakah Kerajaan kita rela membunuh diri?"

Read in full here.

Does the BN Government of Najib Razak has a death wish or something? Do they want to win and win big in the next GE or are now just in warming up the seat mode waiting for the next GE and a change of Government.

I like many others do not want to hear other Menteri to say it, I want to hear from the guy where the buck stops at his table, I want to hear what YAB PM Najib decide on the PPSMI on behalf of the Government he leads. 

I want him to remember that fateful day when he finally say no to the PPSMI, long after  he finds himself and BN on the Opposition side of the Dewan Rakyat and reminisce on what could have been.

The BN Gomen still have time to do the right thing for our children's education.  The decision window is still open and the rakyat only wants a fair decision from the leaders they choose to form the Gomen. If you cannot make that decision, then lets have a national referendum to reinstate the PPSMI or Not.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Happy Deepavali

To all my Hindu friends,

Happy Deepavali

May the beauty of Deepavali season fill your home with happiness
and may the coming year provide you and your family with all that brings you joy.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Impending clean water crisis in Klang Valley by 2014: A dangerous game the Selangor Pakatan led State Government play

As a citizen who makes up the vibrant Klang Valley population of at least 6 million people encompassing Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Putrajaya, I am like many others are quite anxious about the stubbornness or should I say the politicisation of the Pahang-Selangor Water transfer project by the current DAP dominated Pakatan led State Government of Selangor by delaying among others,  land acquisition, permit to enter the forest reserve and directive for development include the land use approval of the Langat 2 Water Treatment Plant which were planned and designed to receive and process the raw water delivered by pipelines from Pahang. 

The water transfer project was launched as studies had shown that over the past six years the demand for water has grown by 3.5% annually. SYABAS had said that with the current 33No. water treatment plant capacity of 4,326 million litres per day, they only have 3.5% to 5% of reserve capacity. This means that if one or two treatment plant goes out of action the supply of clean water to the Klang Valley will be affected. The Pahang-Selangor water transfer project were designed to meet the growing demand of clean water in the Klang Valley. Source here.

Pahang-Selangor Raw Water Transfer Key Plan

Project Concept : Read in further detail here

"According to the National Water Source Report 2000-2050 published by the Economic Planning Unit, demand for treated water of 4,391 million litres per day in Selangor, WP Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya is expected to exceed supply of 4,326 million litres per day from this year. By 2014, the expected demand for water in Selangor, WP Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya will reach 4,907 million litres per day while the supply capacity is only at 4,431 million litres per day.

These figures strongly support my earlier statement which said that unless the Selangor state government cooperate with the Federal Government on the smooth implementaion of the Pahang-Selangor raw water transfer project, these three areas will definitely faced water shortage by 2014.

As such, the statement by Selangor Mentri Besar, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim that the state has sufficient water supply up to 2019 was inaccurate and it will confuse the public."
                                                               Peter Chin. Source here.

The Selangor Water Supply Crisis Explained:

Here is what the Pakatan politicians who are perfectly willing to jeopardise the life of Klang valley folks as long as they have their way:

Read more of their incredulous explanation here.

Peter Chin said that: 

Without Langat 2, Selangor will run dry by 2014

Our DPM does not mince his words:
Read the rest here.

Is the Pakatan led DAP dominated Selangor State Government playing a game of who blink first with the BN led Federal Government whose  objective at this juncture is to ensure that there is no water shortage for the Klang Valley population in 2014 and beyond?

I say its a dangerous game to play, WATER is life, humans can withstand electricity cuts but never water cuts, I hope that the Pakatan politicians knows what they are getting us Klang valley folks in to because when the SHORTAGE & CUTS do happen in 2014, they will suffer the consequences of their ill thought out political brinkmanship. 

Water is Life....In the words of Karpal Singh "Jangan main-main".... with clean water supply, it is our life you are playing with!

Friday, 21 October 2011

Keropok Lekor anyone?

I am taking a break for a few days from blogging on the local socio-political scene which seems to be dominated by the purported ramas -ramas issue involving a VVIP son in the Pearl of the Orient, Pulau Pinang. I wish the VVIP would make a formal report to the Polis and get his lawyers to sue also, just get on with it lah.

I am a self confessed keropok lekor addict and I will go to anywhere in Malaysia where there is any news about a good keropok lekor outlet. Its an interesting quest which have taken me to places in Pahang and Terengganu  that some urbanites have never visited. I found such a place in my travels at Kuala Kemaman:

Phone to find exact place: 098684678, if interested,
and no I am not taking any commission for recommending

Minimalistic display but practical and the Owners are friendly
I can't think of a better fast food meal of keropok lekor with hot kopi kampung 

I am quite sure my colleagues agree

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Don't do to others what you don't want others do to you

The story started to snowball when Malaysiakini gave it discreet publicity as revealed by Blogger Dato' Ahirudin in his latest posting:

I don't think a serious allegation on his son and the purported cover up can be ignored by giving it the elegant silence treatment and today Guan Eng issued a press statement:

Well anyway some say it is a press statement, I prefer to call it a political ranting which left many with more questions than answers. If Guan Eng or his father thinks that they can capitalise on this issue by blaming their favourite bogeyman UMNO, they should think again. This issue would not go away by just this press statement. I am sure many remembers how relentless the then young Guan Eng was, when he pursued the then Ketua Menteri of Melaka Rahim Thamby Chik for allegedly having sex with a minor read here. I am sure Rahim's family wife and children were severely traumatised by the whole issue, but does Guan Eng care? Remember the merciless campaign against PM Najib's wife, does Pakatan politicians care how severely traumatised the premier couple children had been?

 I would be greatly dissapointed with Chief Minister Guan Eng  if he does not make a Police Report against the persons concerned or the least he could do is to sue for defamation and causing distress to his young son. The young one must have justice if indeed he is innocent. 

I have a feeling that this issue has not reached its peak yet but is gathering momentum especially when the General Election is right around the corner.

Must Read: How to deal with UMNO barbarians

Sunday, 16 October 2011

When will we have Leaders who will solve our race polarisation problem once and for all

While our political Leaders are promoting the 1Malaysia brand and giving support  to the vernacular schools as part of the branding process among others, its good to see and read many dissenting voices which opined that vernacular schools should make way for a one school system so that polarisation among the races which is increasingly becoming a very serious  problem in Malaysia could be curbed and controlled. One such voice is YB Datuk Seri Zahrain Mohamed Hashim:

Polarisasi kaum: Kerajaan disaran hapus sekolah vernakular
12/10/2011 7:49pm

KUALA LUMPUR 12 Okt – Ahli Parlimen Bebas bagi Bayan Baru, Datuk Seri Zahrain Mohamed Hashim hari ini menyarankan supaya sistem pendidikan negara diolah semula dengan menghapuskan sistem sekolah pelbagai aliran atau vernakular yang didakwanya menyebabkan polarisasi kaum di negara ini.

Justeru, beliau meminta kerajaan mewujudkan semula sekolah wawasan bagi memastikan murid-murid dididik dalam persekitaran majmuk dan seterusnya melahirkan generasi akan datang yang lebih bersatu padu dan tidak hanya memikirkan kepentingan kaum masing-masing.

"Malaysia bukan negara Cina, Malaysia bukan negara India dan Malaysia juga bukan negara Arab. Malaysia kita adalah satu negara majmuk dan seharusnya sistem pendidikan kita diolah kembali,” katanya ketika membahaskan Rang Undang-Undang Perbekalan 2012 di Dewan Rakyat di sini.

Zahrain berkata, transformasi sistem persekolahan atau pendidikan peringkat sekolah rendah dan menengah kini pincang kerana sistem peninggalan penjajah menyebabkan kemunculan generasi yang rasis dan hanya memikirkan kepentingan kaum masing-masing.

Beliau juga merujuk kepada perbuatan pelakon dan penyanyi rap Wee Meng Chee atau Namewee yang didakwanya kurang ajar hingga mudah memaki hamun seorang wanita dalam klip video terbarunya.

"Saya pasti Namewee tidak akan bertindak sebegitu liar dan memaki hamun seorang wanita dalam klip video terbaru-nya jika beliau diasuh secara betul dalam persekitaran yang majmuk,” katanya. – Bernama

Picked this up from the SatuSekolahUntukSemua blog here:

Kerajaan Di Saran Lagi Supaya Menghapuskan Sekolah Vernakular – Apa lagi yang DS Najib ingin pertahankan?

I have done some writing on this subject too, read here, here and here.

Here is some statistics I took off Helen Ang's blog (read here):

I just do not know when the Government of the Day will stop trading our Nation's Education System for political support and votes. I am normally a optimist, but in this instance I do not see a Malaysian Leader who would sacrifice his political position for a one school  education system in the next 2 decades.

I pray that one day there will be a Leader who sees that a One School System is indeed the key to  unity among races in this blessed country, and he like Singapore's Leader Lee Kuan Yew has the political will and foresight  to change for the better for the country he leads.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Allahyarham Ahmad Jais remembered

On 11 October 2011, a great singer Datuk Ahmad Jais left us forever.

He left us with many wonderful memories of his songs, who could imagine Hari Raya without this Malaysian evergreen:

Who could forget this hypnotic patriotic song:

Semoga Roh Allahyarham Ahmad Jais dirahmati ALLAH dan ditempatkan di kalangan Roh orang-orang yang beriman. Al-Fatihah.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Damansara Utama Methodist Church raid by JAIS: DYMM Sultan Selangor say it is legal

Here is the latest news and we pray the last about the JAIS raid on the DUMC event during last Ramadhan:

Church raid legal, says Selangor Sultan

Jais report shows evidence there were attempts to subvert the faith and belief of Muslims
Monday, October 10th, 2011 12:16:00
PETALING JAYA: The Sultan of Selangor today said the Selangor Islamic Affairs Department's (Jais) raid at the Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC) here on Aug 3 is according to law.
In the incident, police and Jais raided a multiracial thanksgiving dinner at DUMC in Jalan 13/1, organised by Harapan Komuniti, a non-profit organisation helping women, children, HIV/AIDS sufferers and victims of natural disasters, after receiving complaints of an alleged attempt to proselytise Muslims at the function.
Twelve Muslims were detained and later told to present themselves at the Shah Alam Syariah Court on Oct 19.
In a statement issued today, the Sultan said that after going through a report submitted by Jais regarding the raid, the palace is satisfied that the actions of Jais were correct and did not breach any laws enforceable in Selangor.
The Sultan said the actions of Jais were in line with the jurisdiction provided under Syariah Criminal Procedure (State of Selangor) Enactment, 2003, Syariah Criminal (State of Selangor) Enactment, 1995 and Selangor Non-Islamic Religions (Control of Propagation Amongst Muslims) Enactment, 1988.
"Based on the investigations by Jais, there is evidence that there were attempts to subvert the faith and belief of Muslims but that the evidence obtained would be insufficient for further legal actions to be taken.
Therefore, after carefully deliberating the report by Jais and after obtaining advice from religious authorities and legal experts, we are in agreement that there would be no prosecution against any parties."
"Even so, we command that Jais provide counselling to Muslims who were involved in the said dinner, to restore their belief and faith in the Religion of Islam. We also command Jais to carry out preaching to Muslims in a more regular and organised manner so that their belief and faith towards Islam is protected and enhanced.
"We hope that after this, any and all activities being carried out or which are going to be carried out for the purposes of spreading other religions to Muslims in Selangor must be ceased immediately and no further activities or anything similar to them are carried out in the future."

The full text of the DYMM Sultan of Selangor Press Statement can be read here in Malay and here in English.

I think YB Hassan Ali is vindicated so is JAIS,  while the MB of Selangor and some Pakatan Excos and some BN politicians and also some Clerics  who had ask for apologies from JAIS even before the report on the raid  has been completed, are caught embarassed without a chair to sit on after the music had stopped.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Hudud: Pakatan crybabies

When Pakatan politicians complain about Hudud posters:

Read in full here.

Hmm...Firstly they(PR) were the ones who agree to disagree with the Hudud implementation, of course in politics there are bound to be people on the other side who will take advantage of the Hudud imbroglio in the Pakatan Camp which would almost certainly be played to the hilt by the BN election campaign. (I am not saying that the gory posters were done by BN operatives though, it could be any body with vested interests, DAP supporters are suspects too).

Pakatan politicians will have to deal with it maturely, no sense in complaining, BN took it in the chin when PR attacked them using many issues which were mostly  downright fitnah and lies though some had a little bit of truth in it.

Pakatan Politicians, Please do not be crybabies, don't complain, don't point fingers, if you can't stand the heat, just leave the kitchen I say!

YB Karpal gets 2 Million Ringgit and a hug too?

Update: Looks like The Mole has the story much earlier read it here.

Original Post:
Pick up news from the Malaysian Bar website, read in full here:

I have no problem about YB Karpal Singh being awarded the RM2 million, I think he deserve every Ringgit and more for what he and his greatly supportive family had to go through since that unfortunate accident many years back.

The Sessions Court Judge conduct in giving YB Karpal a hug after she awarded him the RM2 million in damages is bewildering to say the least and I say this as some one who has been involved in quite a few civil suits in the Sessions, High Court and Appeals Court representing companies I work with in my career.

I find it disturbing that so far I have not heard any comments on the Session Judge conduct from the Malaysian Bar which carried the news above, and of course I am not going to hear any complaints from the Pakatan trio of DAP, PAS and PKR who have been very critical of the Malaysian Judiciary. I guess when it affect one of their own in this case the Chairman of the DAP its OK is it.

Just a thought, wouldn't all hell break lose if the Plaintiff who won the award is a BN politician and is given just a good old handshake by the trial judge after the award has been given? Lets not even begin to talk about a friendly hug shall we.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Goodbye Steve Jobs and Thank You

Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011

Jobs Logo Tribute

"Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius, and the world has lost an amazing human being," Apple said in a note on its Web site. "Those of us who have been fortunate enough to know and work with Steve have lost a dear friend and an inspiring mentor. Steve leaves behind a company that only he could have built, and his spirit will forever be the foundation of Apple."

..........and by the way I found out today that the late Steve Jobs was an Arab American, read here to find out more.

PPSMI: its about having the right tools for acquiring knowledge in this fast changing digital world

Yesterday I read a letter in TheStar which would make many Parents who only wants the best option possible for their children's education feeling very sad indeed. The said letter purportedly from the Corporate Communications Unit of the Ministry of Education defending the Gomen's abolishment of the PPSMI, could be read here:

Why PPSMI is abolished

I thought the Gomen now in "listening to the rakyat mode" having abolished the EO and in the process of repealing the ISA, giving out millions to vernacular schools etc would have listened to majority parents who wants the Gomen to reinstate the PPSMI.

Why does the Gomen make a full U-turn from introducing the PPSMI during Dr. Mahathir's time as PM, to abolishing it shortly after Najib became PM. The introduction is in itself a acknowledgement that acquiring knowledge in Maths and Science through the English Medium is important in this digital age.

I think we must correct this perception about PPSMI, it is NOT about Language, its actually about acquiring knowledge in Mathematics and Science which are mainly in English. If we cannot cope with acquiring the ever increasing  knowledge bank/database in Maths and Science which are mainly in English, we are, as a nation, as a people, will be left far behind soon.

The argument that National schools(Sekolah Kebangsaan)  students after the English medium schools were abolished went on to become  Engineers, Doctors, Architects, Accountants too, is fine, but think of the extra edge they could have achieved with the PPSMI. The world is changing fast, what was good then is outdated now, time waits for no man.

The Gomen must certainly understand that we are talking about a future where their decision now  will affect this nation long after they are dust in the ground.

Consider this:

If you Google "Mathematics" you get 87, 800,000 (Eighty Seven Million Eight Hundred Thousand) Search Results;
If you Google "Matematik" you get 32,500,000 (Thirty Two Million Five Hundred Thousand) Search Results.

If you Google Science you get 1,820,000,000 (One Billion Eight Hundred and Twenty Million) Search Results;
If you Google Sains you only get 16,400,000 (Sixteen Million Four Hundred Thousand) Search Results.
So MOE do you people think that our young not equipped with basic proficiency in English will be able to cope with the knowledge explosion in Maths and Science in this digital age? 

I am quoting the following from Blogger Tuan Syed (Must Read in full: The Great PPSMI Mistake):

"Now lets take two other countries that "messed" up their education system - Burma and Ceylon. Both Burma and Ceylon had an English based education system just like we had. At one time both these countries were the leading lights in post-War Asia. In the 60s and 70s they produced large numbers of medical specialists, engineers, lawyers, accountants and even a United Nations Secretary General (U Thant). U Thant, a son of Burma, was the third Secretary General of the United Nations for a record 10 years from 1961 to 1971. Lee Kuan Yew has written that he seriously expected Ceylon to pass Singapore in their economic development.
Then things went wrong. Just like us, language nationalists in Ceylon and Burma switched their system to the vernacular ie Sinhalese in Ceylon and Burmese in Burma. Both countries also changed their name to Sri Lanka and Myanmar respectively. Ever since then both Sri Lanka and Myanmar have become what they are today - basket cases in Asia.

We are not running down any country's national language including Malay. This is the farthest thing from the truth."

So dear YAB DPM/Menteri Pelajaran please have a discussion again with YAB Prime Minister to give our children their universal Human Rights to choose the education of their choice for the sake of their future and the future of this blessed nation.

YAB PM and YAB DPM, please reinstate the PPSMI.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

PAS do not have 2/3rd majority to revise the Perlembagaan to change to Hudud Laws

The Hudud issue comes and goes according to the frequency of the General Election. Every time when the Election nears, PAS will like clockwork come up with statements to uphold and introduce Hudud if and when they get elected to form the Government. It has become almost a ritual for PAS to push for Hudud in the run up to General Elections that I tend to believe that it is politically motivated rather than anything else. 

Any change to Hudud will involve change to our Perlembagaan which will need two third majority support in the Dewan Rakyat. 

With PAS definitely fielding less than two third candidates for the Dewan Rakyat  in the General Elections, I do not see PAS seriousness in wanting to implement Hudud except to merely score points for votes.

Below is a very interesting letter written by the then PM Dr. Mahathir Mohamed to PAS's MB of Kelantan, Tok Guru  Nik Aziz in 1994, this letter is so well written that it is still applicable even now:

YAB Tuan Haji Nik Abdul Aziz bin Nik Mat
Menteri Besar Kelantan

Y.A.B. Tuan Haji,


Rujukan : MB(KN)(S)16/6/(26)
Bertarikh 8 Jun 1994

Pihak kerajaan pusat sentiasa berpandukan kepada kebijaksanaan (al-Hikmah) yang telah ditunjukkan oleh baginda Rasulullah SAW. dan juga para sahabat baginda khususnya al-khulafa ar-Rasyidun dalam melaksanakan ajaran Islam lebih-lebih lagi yang berkaitan dengan hukum-hukum jenayah.

1. Jalan yang diambil oleh Kerajaan Pusat ini adalah juga berpandukan kapada kaedah yang terdapat dalam sistem pemerintahan Islam iaitu “tindakan pemerintahan adalah sentiasa bergantung kapada kepentingan ramai (muslihat umum).” Penguatkuasaan kanun jenayah yang digubal oleh Kerajaan PAS di Kelantan, menurut kajian sehingga setakat ini tidak menampakkan dan tidak menyakinkan pakar-pakar perundangan Islam yang tidak mempunyai sebarang kepentingan politik bahawa ia selari dengan ajaran dan kehendak Islam sebagaimana yang telah diuruskan dengan bijaksana oleh Rasulullah SAW. dan para sahabat.

2. Sepertimana yang Amat Berhormat sendiri sedia ketahui, KEADILAN adalah ASAS yang paling utama ditekankan oleh agama Islam apabila melaksanakan sesuatu perkara. Penekanan mengenai dengan keadilan adalah sangat terserlah dalam ajaran Islam lebih daripada penekanan yang terdapat dalam ajaran-ajaran yang lain dalam sejarah agama. Baginda Rasulullah SAW. sewaktu mengembangkan agama Islam ialah usaha menghapuskan ketidakadilan yang menjadi sebahagian daripada budaya dizaman itu.

3. Tidak perlu bagi saya menyatakan disini betapa banyaknya terdapat ayat-ayat Al-Quran yang menegaskan tentang pentingnya keadilan dan lebih banyak bagi ayat-ayat yang mencela sebarang jenis kezaliman. Disamping itu al-Quran juga sentiasa menggesa supaya dielak daripada terjadinya huru-hara dan Allah sendiri sangat tidak gemarkan kapada mereka yang menyebabkan huru-hara berlaku. Kita hanya bertindak balas terhadap sikap permusuhan dan serangan yang dilakukan terhadap kita. Di Malaysia, orang bukan Islam bukan sahaja tidak memusuhi kita tetapi mereka memberi kerjasama bahkan membantu kita dalam urusan-urusan yang bersangkutan dengan kegiatan dan amalan ajaran Islam.

4. Khusus mengenai undang-undang jenayah PAS di Kelantan, kajian awal menunjukkan dengan jelas bahawa undang-undang itu yang disediakan menerusi perjuangan sebuah parti politik ternyata bukan sahaja menyebabkan ketidakadilan akan berlaku tetapi, sebaliknya ia akan membawa kezaliman. Kebenaran kenyataan ini adalah berdasarkan kapada keterangan berikut:

(i) Dakwaan bahawa undang-undang ini akan dikuatkuasakan hanya di kalangan orang Islam sahaja dan tidak digunapakai untuk orang bukan Islam akan menyebabkan ketidakadilan dan kezaliman yang ketara berlaku. Memang benar di zaman Nabi Muhammad SAW., orang Yahudi biasa dihukum di bawah undang-undang yang berada di dalam kitab Taurat mereka tetapi kitab Taurat mempunyai hukuman yang tidak berbedza dengan hukum-hukum dalam al Quran.

Mereka yang berzina umpamanya, akan dihukum rejam sama seperti hukuman terhadap jenayah yang sama bagi orang Islam. Justru itu tidak ada perbedzaan sama ada penjenayah dihukum di bawah undang-undang Islam atau Undang-undang Yahudi di zaman Nabi Muhammad SAW. Tetapi terdapat perbedzaan yang amat ketara di antara hukuman di bawah undang-undang yang ada sekarang dengan hukuman di bawah undang-undang jenayah yang dicadangkan oleh kerajaan PAS di Kelantan. Menghukum orang Islam dengan lebih berat tetapi orang bukan Islam dengan amat ringan untuk jenayah yang sama atau jenayah dilakukan bersama amatlah tidak adil dan merupakan satu kezaliman, sedangkan undang-undang PAS akan menyebabkan ketidakadilan dan kezaliman berlaku, maka undang-undang PAS tidak boleh diterima sebagai undang-undang Islam atau secucuk dengan undang-undang Islam ataupun selaras dengan ajaran Islam. Ia sebenarnya tertentangan dengan agama Islam.

(ii) Masaalah kesalahan merogol wanita, berdasarkan kapada undang-undang PAS, jika seseorang wanita yang belum kahwin melahirkan anak maka ini adalah bukti ia telah berzina dan akan dihukum mengikut undang-undang PAS, sedangkan apa yang sebenarnya berlaku ialah wanita itu adalah mangsa rogol. Mengikut undang-undang PAS jika ia menuduh perogolnya, tuduhan hanya boleh diterima sah jika terdapat empat orang saksi (yang terdiri daripada orang-orang yang baik, yang tidak melakukan dosa besar) yang menyatakan bahawa telah melihat dengan terang dan jelas bahawa yang dituduh telah merogol wanita berkenaan.

Seperti kita ketahui, melainkan dalam keadaan perang seperti di Bosnia diwaktu mana orang Serb merogol beramai-ramai wanita Bosnia, tidak mungkin jenayah merogol dilakukan di hadapan saksi-saksi yang terdiri daripada orang-orang yang baik. Jika saksi ini melihat dan mereka tidak menolong wanita berkenaan, mereka boleh dianggap sebagai bersubahat seperti penjenayah-penjenayah Serb bersubahat dengan perogol daripada kaum mereka. Jika ada pun saksi, dan mereka tidak membuat apa-apa untuk menolong mereka tidak boleh dianggap sebagai terdiri daripada orang yang baik, tetapi disebaliknya dianggap sudah bersubahat. Dengan itu tuduhan mangsa rogol akan ditolak dan perogol akan terlepas.

Keadaan di mana mangsa rogol dihukum salah kerana melahirkan anak di luar nikah dan perogol dilepaskan sebagai tidak bersalah kerana tidak ada saksi adalah sama sekali tidak boleh diterima oleh sesiapa pun sebagai sesuatu yang adil, bahkan ia adalah satu kezaliman yang dahsyat.

5. Hukum Hudud Islam bertujuan untuk memberi keadilan kapada semua pihak. Ia bukanlah bertujuan untuk melakukan kezaliman. Undang-undang PAS jelas menunjukkan ketidakadilan dan kezaliman yang ketara akan berlaku. Justeru itu undang-undang yang disediakan oleh PAS bukanlah undang-undang yang menepati ajaran Islam. Ia hanyalah undang-undang ciptaan PAS yang bertentangan dengan penekanan oleh agama Islam yang menuntut supaya menghukum secara adil dan menolak sebarang kezaliman. Kerajaan Pusat akan sentiasa berpandu dan menerima ajaran-ajaran dan amalan Islam dari semua aspek tanpa diheret oleh kehendak organasasi politik yang mempunyai kepentingan yang lain daripada Islam dan kepentingannya .

6. Jika undang-undang PAS yang jelas mengandungi unsur-unsur ketidakadilan dikuatkuasakan dinegara ini, dan jika ia dikatakan itulah Hukum Hudud Islam maka umat Islam dan juga anggota masyarakat bukan Islam akan hilang kepercayaan Islam membawa keadilan untuk penganutnya. Ia juga memberi gambaran yang buruk terhadap agama yang suci ini dan menjejaskan imej orang-orang Islam di kalangan penganut agama-agama yang lain. Ia tetap akan menyebabkan penganut agama lain menjauhkan diri daripada agama Islam dan menyebabkan orang yang berminat memeluk Islam menolaknya.

7. Kerajaan Pusat tidak berhajat untuk bersubahat dengan PAS bagi melaksanakan ketidakadilan semata-mata untuk kepentingan politik dan sokongan oleh orang yang telah diabui matanya. Kerajaan Malaysia yang sentiasa dan terus mempertahankan ajaran dan nilai-nilai Islam tidak dapat membenarkan Kerajaan Pas menjalankan sesuatu yang bercangah dengan prinsip keadilan dalam Islam, maka Kerajaan Pusat akan mengambil tindakan yang sewajarnya terhadap Kerajaan PAS demi menjaga maruah dan ketinggian martabat Islam dan penganut-penganutnya.


15 Julai 1994

PAS should really fine other useful issues to keep their party relevant, changing to Negara Berkebajikan  from Negara Islam may please PAS's partners in the DAP, but it does not cut ice with the majority Muslim Malays in MALAYSIA.