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Impending clean water crisis in Klang Valley by 2014: A dangerous game the Selangor Pakatan led State Government play

As a citizen who makes up the vibrant Klang Valley population of at least 6 million people encompassing Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Putrajaya, I am like many others are quite anxious about the stubbornness or should I say the politicisation of the Pahang-Selangor Water transfer project by the current DAP dominated Pakatan led State Government of Selangor by delaying among others,  land acquisition, permit to enter the forest reserve and directive for development include the land use approval of the Langat 2 Water Treatment Plant which were planned and designed to receive and process the raw water delivered by pipelines from Pahang. 

The water transfer project was launched as studies had shown that over the past six years the demand for water has grown by 3.5% annually. SYABAS had said that with the current 33No. water treatment plant capacity of 4,326 million litres per day, they only have 3.5% to 5% of reserve capacity. This means that if one or two treatment plant goes out of action the supply of clean water to the Klang Valley will be affected. The Pahang-Selangor water transfer project were designed to meet the growing demand of clean water in the Klang Valley. Source here.

Pahang-Selangor Raw Water Transfer Key Plan

Project Concept : Read in further detail here

"According to the National Water Source Report 2000-2050 published by the Economic Planning Unit, demand for treated water of 4,391 million litres per day in Selangor, WP Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya is expected to exceed supply of 4,326 million litres per day from this year. By 2014, the expected demand for water in Selangor, WP Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya will reach 4,907 million litres per day while the supply capacity is only at 4,431 million litres per day.

These figures strongly support my earlier statement which said that unless the Selangor state government cooperate with the Federal Government on the smooth implementaion of the Pahang-Selangor raw water transfer project, these three areas will definitely faced water shortage by 2014.

As such, the statement by Selangor Mentri Besar, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim that the state has sufficient water supply up to 2019 was inaccurate and it will confuse the public."
                                                               Peter Chin. Source here.

The Selangor Water Supply Crisis Explained:

Here is what the Pakatan politicians who are perfectly willing to jeopardise the life of Klang valley folks as long as they have their way:

Read more of their incredulous explanation here.

Peter Chin said that: 

Without Langat 2, Selangor will run dry by 2014

Our DPM does not mince his words:
Read the rest here.

Is the Pakatan led DAP dominated Selangor State Government playing a game of who blink first with the BN led Federal Government whose  objective at this juncture is to ensure that there is no water shortage for the Klang Valley population in 2014 and beyond?

I say its a dangerous game to play, WATER is life, humans can withstand electricity cuts but never water cuts, I hope that the Pakatan politicians knows what they are getting us Klang valley folks in to because when the SHORTAGE & CUTS do happen in 2014, they will suffer the consequences of their ill thought out political brinkmanship. 

Water is Life....In the words of Karpal Singh "Jangan main-main".... with clean water supply, it is our life you are playing with!

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