Monday, 10 October 2011

Hudud: Pakatan crybabies

When Pakatan politicians complain about Hudud posters:

Read in full here.

Hmm...Firstly they(PR) were the ones who agree to disagree with the Hudud implementation, of course in politics there are bound to be people on the other side who will take advantage of the Hudud imbroglio in the Pakatan Camp which would almost certainly be played to the hilt by the BN election campaign. (I am not saying that the gory posters were done by BN operatives though, it could be any body with vested interests, DAP supporters are suspects too).

Pakatan politicians will have to deal with it maturely, no sense in complaining, BN took it in the chin when PR attacked them using many issues which were mostly  downright fitnah and lies though some had a little bit of truth in it.

Pakatan Politicians, Please do not be crybabies, don't complain, don't point fingers, if you can't stand the heat, just leave the kitchen I say!

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