Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Don't do to others what you don't want others do to you

The story started to snowball when Malaysiakini gave it discreet publicity as revealed by Blogger Dato' Ahirudin in his latest posting:

I don't think a serious allegation on his son and the purported cover up can be ignored by giving it the elegant silence treatment and today Guan Eng issued a press statement:

Well anyway some say it is a press statement, I prefer to call it a political ranting which left many with more questions than answers. If Guan Eng or his father thinks that they can capitalise on this issue by blaming their favourite bogeyman UMNO, they should think again. This issue would not go away by just this press statement. I am sure many remembers how relentless the then young Guan Eng was, when he pursued the then Ketua Menteri of Melaka Rahim Thamby Chik for allegedly having sex with a minor read here. I am sure Rahim's family wife and children were severely traumatised by the whole issue, but does Guan Eng care? Remember the merciless campaign against PM Najib's wife, does Pakatan politicians care how severely traumatised the premier couple children had been?

 I would be greatly dissapointed with Chief Minister Guan Eng  if he does not make a Police Report against the persons concerned or the least he could do is to sue for defamation and causing distress to his young son. The young one must have justice if indeed he is innocent. 

I have a feeling that this issue has not reached its peak yet but is gathering momentum especially when the General Election is right around the corner.

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Jack S said...

It's the usual denial syndrome of the Pakatan idiots. Just blame others is their SOP.

eddy said...

Yes Bro, this is exactly their modus operandi, certainly there is no hope for Malaysia if this bunch of PR hypocrites comes into power.