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Top 10 Reasons Why PPS Must be Disbanded and Why PDRM Must Continue its investigation

Something that all Malaysians must read: 
Totally copy/paste from: http://tunneltruth.livejournal.com/835.html

Top Ten Reasons Why PPS Must be Disbanded/Why PDRM Must Continue Further Investigations Into PPS

Citizens are ever ready to condemn the police for not being vigilant in curbing rising crime rates. However, the recent crackdown by our police force has seemingly split democratic space into two dimensions - one which supports the police crackdown on PPS (Pasukan Peronda Sukarela) and the other which condemns the same. As a concerned Malaysian, I appeal to all quarters to put aside their political bias to review the chronology of events to judge for themselves the magnitude of the security problems posed by PPS. Do not be blinded by party loyalty or predisposed negativism towards our police who must be commended for their timely action.

Here are some facts and figures that speak for themselves.

Fact #1
Contrary to claims by the Penang government, State police chief Datuk Wira Abdul Rahim Hanafi revealed that police had NEVER received any applications to vet members of the PPS unit. (Source: Here)

Fact #2
Datuk Wira Abdul Rahim stated firmly that he has NEVER commended the state for setting up the unit and his men have NEVER conducted patrols with them.

Please refer to the Chief Minister's speech HERE where he publicly acknowledged Datuk Wira Abdul Rahim (and the installation of CCTVs which run into over RM 9million) for being instrumental in bringing DOWN the crime rate.

Hence, the launch of PPS is completely frivolous, unnecessary and a waste of state resources.

Fact #3
According to The Star, police investigations have revealed that eleven of the 156 Penang Voluntary Patrol (PPS) unit members detained have criminal records involving theft, robbery, drugs, triad-related offences and even homicide.

Most alarmingly, Penang police chief Senior Deputy Comm Datuk Wira Abdul Rahim Hanafi said one of the PPS members, who had links to a secret society, was detained under the Emergency Ordinance before it was abolished.

All this goes to show how the authorities in charge of PPS have NOT screened the members carefully and allowed in the name of Penang, anyone to be a PPS member. With that failure, it meant that those with criminal records, unholy alliances with triads or drug offences etc could move around freely and with authority bestowed upon them by the state government. Hence, PDRM did rightly to zoom in on them.

Bear in mind that the 154 who turned up for the Merdeka parade must have presumably been 'loyal' members. If we adopt that premise, a discovery of 11 out of 154 is very frightening. All the more the remaining 8000 over members must come forward to be screened by the police and if indeed, more are found with incriminating evidence against them, the leaders must be held accountable!

Fact #4
Another report said four of those arrested were also tested positive for drugs. CM Lim Guan Eng should not defend these persons with a lame excuse that they were on medication. The Rakyat Post reported that the drug present in their urine was methamphetamine.

Methamphetamine is an illegal drug in the same class as cocaine and other powerful street drugs. It has many nicknames—meth, crank, chalk or speed being the most common.Methamphetamine is a white crystalline drug that people take by snorting it (inhaling through the nose), smoking it or injecting it with a needle. Some even take it orally, but all develop a strong desire to continue using it because the drug creates a false sense of happiness and well-being—a rush (strong feeling) of confidence, hyperactiveness and energy. One also experiences decreased appetite. These drug effects generally last from six to eight hours, but can last up to twenty-four hours. (Source:Here)

Fact #5
The above points glaringly underscore the fact that PPS has DEVIATED from the original intention idealistically stated in CM Lim's speech on 15th September 2011here:

Sokongan PPS dengan pihak polis diharap dapat mengekalkan kententeraman awam dan menjadikan negeri Pulau Pinang sebagai negeri yang paling selamat di Malaysia yang sedikit sebanyak akan membolehkan Pulau Pinang terus menjadi pilihan utama pelabur dan pelancong.
Antara objektif penubuhan PPS ini adalah untuk membantu Pihak Berkuasa Keselamatan dalam menangani kegiatan atau aktiviti sosial yang negatif di sesuatu kawasan termasuk membersihkan kawasan daripada anasir dadah.

Selain daripada itu, penubuhan ini juga sedikit sebanyak dapat membantu PDRM untuk mencegah dan membanteras jenayah dengan bertindak sebagai pembekalmaklumat di samping menjalankan hubungan kerjasama kejiranan yang erat di kalangan anggota masyarakat tempatan.

How can drug addicts, those with serious criminal records of serious crimes be part of PPS?

Fact #6
Put to death all the silly excuses that the police is targetting opposition supporters. PPS members have been doing political activities as can be seen by photographic evidence. Stop the charade and remove the veil of hypocrisy.

Fact #7
The leaders must show the public AUDITED accounts of PPS and how it is part of the Penang Budget. Live up to the CAT principle. Failure to do so means CAT is a mockery of values and ethics as espoused by the Chief Minister.

Fact #8
The Penang State government must show the dates and minutes of meetings/state assemblies where the decision for the formation of PPS was made and how they arrived at the final decision.

Fact #9
With the revelation that amongst the 154 who were detained, eleven have dubious past and criminal records, how can the state government pay out RM200 to each person for each day of detention? This is incorrigible! To fund members who were not properly screened by the members and then to accuse the police of victimization is truly spinning and twisting facts.

Fact #10
If by the time investigations reveal how procedures were never in place or not followed, and if found guilty, those leaders who are guilty under the various offenses under the Societies Act 1966, must step down and pay from their own pockets, the money that had been used for funding PPS activities from DAY 1.

Penangites MUST not pay for such a catastrophic debacle, if proven so.

The guilty ones must pay the price and face the music without deriding the PDRM.

In the mean time, SYABAS to our IGP Tan Sri Khalid, Penang police chief Senior Deputy Comm Datuk Wira Abdul Rahim Hanafi and PDRM. Keep up the good work! Bring the guilty ones to task!

Enlightened Malaysians are behind you because the DAP bubble has burst!

Felicia Ling, You the man

Apa jadi pada orang Melayu kita sekarang? 

Terlampau toleran atau  takut sangat dilabel rasis sampai bangsa lain pula yang kehadapan menyuarakan apa yang patut orang Melayu sendiri kata kepada umum!

yup, Felicia Ling You The Man

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Precious #krisisMBSelangor

In the Selangor MB saga...this report from the star is PRECIOUS:

Palace 'no' to remote control MB

KUALA LUMPUR: The new Selangor mentri besar should be one who has the interest of the rakyat at heart and can serve the people but not one who is controlled by someone else.

The Sultan of Selangor does not want a “remote-controlled” mentri be­­sar, said a source close to the pa­­lace and familiar with the sentiments and working of His Royal Highness.

“The mentri besar must not only be chosen by the majority of the state assembly, but must be able to put the interest of the rakyat first and can run the state. The Selangor Ruler wants someone who can take care of the needs of the people and develop the state to the highest level,” he said.

He stressed that as provided under Articles LI (1), LIII (2)(a), (4) and LV (2)(a) of the Selangor State Consti­tution 1959, the Sultan of Selangor is given absolute discretionary power to appoint a mentri besar for the Selangor state government who, in the Ruler’s opinion, has the majority support of the State Legislative Assembly.

“The person must be able to work with all parties, including his own excos, as well as have a good relationship with the palace,” he said.

He also advised Pakatan Rakyat not to drag internal party problems into the state administration and disrupt the running of the state.

“This is an internal party pro­blem,” he said.

Asked if it was necessary for the mentri besar to be born in Selangor, he said the state constitution did not specify it.

“Former Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Jamil Rais, for example, was born in Perak but he lived in Selangor for most of his life.”

The Sultan of Selangor has also conveyed his feelings about anti-palace remarks made by certain politicians that were damaging and hurtful and bordering on sedition.

He said the palace was hurt and offended by the continuous attacks by certain quarters.

“The palace has been quiet but people keep on making anti-palace remarks.

“The remarks are offensive. These people should read the state constitution and understand the palace’s convention, protocol and tradition before making any comments on the situation.

“Certain lawyers from political parties are hired to interpret things according to what the client wants,”
he said.

The source said the Selangor Ruler was not worried as the crisis was created by the present mentri besar’s own party before he was expelled.

“The state government is still fully functioning. Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim is still the mentri besar and His Royal Highness will take his time to make the best decision for the rakyat.

“There is no need to panic as the current government is not just a mere caretaker government; it is a full government. It is just a matter of changing a mentri besar from Pa­­katan.”

In July, Sultan of Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah rapped Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad for questioning the powers of the Selangor State Islamic Council (Mais).

Labelling Khalid as “ignorant of the state Islamic laws and Mais’ role”, he urged the PAS central committee member to study the history of the state and its laws before ma­king any comment that could cause a stir among Muslims.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Stop inciting please or you will be making the Sedition Act more and more relevant

The news:

Kuasa Sultan: Kenyataan Khalid bukan pendirian PAS

I think the MP of Shah Alam should  understand that certain sensitive things need not be said in public  especially in a PC lah, the public statement may lead to charges of sedition....you are a member of Parlimen for goodness sake, please know your Law! The Sultan has already sounded his unhappiness of  MP Shah Alam stand against MAIS remember?

What did MP of Shah Alam said yesterday? Well the Malay Mail reported:

PAS today distanced itself from a remark by one of its MPs who claimed that the Selangor Sultan should not have the absolute discretion on who should fill the mentri besar’s post, according to the party’s online mouthpiece, HarakahDaily 

Constitutional Law Expert Professor Emeritus Shad Saleem Faruqi opined that the Sultan have the powers under the Selangor State Constitution or the Undang-Undang Tubuh Negeri Selangor to appoint his MB:

Now compare what MP of Shah Alam purportedly said about the powers of the Sultan of Selangor to appoint his MB and what former MP of Jelutong the late Karpal Singh got for seditious remarks against the Sultan of Perak:

Shouldn't the MP of Shah Alam be investigated for sedition too?

......better still can PAS tell its YBs to Stop inciting please, or you guys will be making the Sedition Act more and more relevant. Not that I am displeased by it.

Thank you.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

So the RM3 billion question is who will have final decision on the MB imbroglio, definitely not Anwar!

'His Highness is a Constitutional Monarch, not a Puppet on the throne. So do not assume that His Highness has no power and authority and must do as he is told'
Raja Petra

By now everybody and that would include the good Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim will know that his position as MB of Selangor is no longer tenable after untrustworthy PAS stabbed him in the back on 17 August 2014. Ya, remember that date folks the day when munafiks rules.

So it seems Dr. Wan Azizah name to be offered first  by the unregistered coalition of PAS PKR DAP to the Sultan untuk diperkenan, and if the Sultan ask for another name then Azmin Ali's name will come later, that's what the Pakatan leaders are saying. It seems all Anwar's men and all the pro DAP lawyers,newspapers and news portals are pushing the DYMM Sultan to agree to their choice.

Before you read on, I have something to ask:

'So the RM3 billion question is who will have final decision on the MB imbroglio?'

...but before you decide 'who', please do read this from my blogger buddy @seademon latest post today:

have you read? Conspiracy stuff? Yes? I hope the PDRM will investigate and bring the conspirators to justice. Economic sabotage for political power? This is like waging war against the Yang DiPertuan Agung. This is why Malaysia must have preventive Laws like the ISA back!

ok enough sidetracking...

What the Pakatan folks conveniently forgot though, that in the matter of appointment of MB, the Sultan of Selangor have discretionary powers, he can in fact dissolve the DUN to make way for new state wide elections. Yes the 'who' will be the DYMM Sultan of Selangor of course.

OK now Read on:

Many of you argue that His Highness the Sultan of Selangor is the head of Islam, not the head of religion. This is not what Article 48 says. His Highness has the power and authority over all religions that may affect Islam. If His Highness is of the opinion that using the Allah word does affect Islam then His Highness has a say in that matter.
Article 53 says His Highness shall appoint a Menteri Besar. It is not the political parties that appoint a Menteri Besar but His Highness that does so. The appointment of the Menteri Besar is based on the discretion of His Highness although in most instances His Highness will take into consideration and respect the wishes of the people of Selangor.
If, however, the Menteri Besar faces a vote of no confidence in the State Assembly, then the Menteri Besar shall tender his resignation unless the Menteri Besar requests that His Highness dissolve the State Assembly to make way for fresh state elections (due to the vote of no confidence).
In other words, the Menteri Besar need not resign. He can request that His Highness dissolve the State Assembly so that the matter can be brought back to the voters to decide.
Article 55(2) of the Selangor State Constitution spells out the powers and authority of His Highness the Sultan and in what situations His Highness can use his discretion (2)(a) to (2)(g).
So there you have it. Do more reading before you start commenting about things you know very little about. And note one thing, His Highness is a Constitutional Monarch, not a Puppet on the throne. So do not assume that His Highness has no power and authority and must do as he is told.

Read the rest of RPK post here.
Read also the latest from lawyer Art Harun:

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'Ko ni macam orang PAS lah'

First there was this announcement by PAS strongmen Tok Guru Haji Hadi and Tok Guru Nik Aziz:

Nik Aziz sokong Hadi: Khalid perlu kekal sebagai MB

A bit later there was this U-Turn:

All I can say is this:

If the Selangor MB Crisis tells us anything beside the chaotic way that the unregistered coalition of Pakatan PAS PKR DAP handles a crisis of their own making is that PAS which shouts to everybody that they are an Islamic party sure show itself as not very Islamic when it comes to promises aren't they. I sure hope UMNO just forget any idea it has about a unity Government with PAS, it just won't work, PAS is untrustworthy.

I  predict this unregistered coalition will not last when Anwar finally goes to jail for sodomizing Saiful.

Friday, 8 August 2014

I hope Air Asia will confound its critics and prove them wrong


WATARU YOSHIDA, Nikkei staff writer

SINGAPORE -- Southeast Asia's budget airlines are growing frail from all the fare cuts they are forcing upon one another.

     Cut-rate carriers profit by squeezing their own costs and charging for certain services that some traditional airlines still offer for free. But the business model does not seem to be working anymore. Instead, a faster-than-expected pace of fare declines is taking its toll.

    On July 1, Tony Fernandes, CEO of Malaysia-based AirAsia, announced that his airline would re-debut in Japan through AirAsia Japan, a newly established venture with four Japanese partners, including Internet shopping portal Rakuten.

     The announcement came during a Tokyo news conference that, perhaps unintentionally, showed just how excited Fernandes was to get back into Japan. At one point, he hugged Rakuten CEO Hiroshi Mikitani.

     AirAsia had previously done business in Japan on a limited basis through a partnership with the parent of All Nippon Airways. But there were problems. AirAsia ended up terminating the partnership in June 2013 and withdrawing from Japan.

     Despite the bitter experience, the airline has remained fixated on doing business in the country. One reason Fernandes has been itching to have AirAsia again fly to and from Japan might be his airline's aggravating business performance. Sales for 2013 increased 5% from 2012, but net profit plunged 54%. The company blamed the decline on a surge in fuel costs.

     But AirAsia seems to be suffering from a permanent structural problem, too, one that it hopes to fix by linking Southeast Asia with Japan.

     An airline's financial health is usually gauged by looking at its revenue per available seat mile. The RASM index is obtained by dividing operating income by available seat miles, which are calculated by multiplying available seats by the number of miles a carrier's jetliners fly during a designated period. AirAsia's RASM slid 7% in 2013.

     AirAsia, founded in 2001, has continued to grow by wooing passengers from existing airlines with fares that at one point were more than 50% lower.

     All the bargains AirAsia has been handing out have contributed to Malaysia Airlines' financial crunch. AirAsia took to the skies with the marketing slogan "now everyone can fly," but its dominance of the budget airline market lasted only a decade.

     A week after Fernandes hugged Mikitani in front of Japanese reporters, Azran Osman-Rani, CEO of AirAsia X -- the AirAsia group's mid- and long-range flight operator -- told The Nikkei that his carrier intends to double sales with flights to and from Japan in the next three years.

     According to the CAPA -- an independent provider of market intelligence, analysis and data services -- budget airlines' share of Southeast Asia's aviation market on a number of seats basis grew to slightly less than 60% in 2013, almost double that of two years earlier.

     Fare-slashing will probably continue; there is really no other option for a budget carrier. And the industry could end up cannibalizing itself.

     Consider that the 2013 net profit of Philippines-based Cebu Pacific Air declined a whopping 85%. Or that Singapore-based Tigerair closed its Indonesian unit, Tigerair Mandala, on July 1.

     Are you getting the picture?

Read in full here.

I hope Air Asia will confound its critics and prove them wrong......No further comment.

US analysts conclude MH17 downed by aircraft - NST

A piece of news report from the NST which I find very, very disturbing..imagine the implications if it is conclusively verified.

Somebody must pay, hope the truth will prevail and the conspirators and those who pull or press the trigger is hunted down, brought to justice and hung for this unspeakable crimes.

US analysts conclude MH17 downed by aircraft


KUALA LUMPUR: INTELLIGENCE analysts in the United States had already concluded that Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down by an air-to-air missile, and that the Ukrainian government had had something to do with it.
This corroborates an emerging theory postulated by local investigators that the Boeing 777-200 was crippled by an air-to-air missile and finished off with cannon fire from a fighter that had been shadowing it as it plummeted to earth.
In a damning report dated Aug 3, headlined “Flight 17 Shoot-Down Scenario Shifts”, Associated Press reporter Robert Parry said “some US intelligence sources had concluded that the rebels and Russia were likely not at fault and that it appears Ukrainian government forces were to blame”.
This new revelation was posted on GlobalResearch, an independent research and media organisation.
In a statement released by the Ukrainian embassy on Tuesday, Kiev denied that its fighters were airborne during the time MH17 was shot down. This follows a statement released by the Russian Defence Ministry that its air traffic control had detected Ukrainian Air Force activity in the area on the same day.
They also denied all allegations made by the Russian government and said the country’s core interest was in ensuring an immediate, comprehensive, transparent and unbiased international investigation into the tragedy by establishing a state commission comprising experts from the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and Eurocontrol.
“We have evidence that the plane was downed by Russian-backed terrorist with a BUK-M1 SAM system (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation reporting name SA-11) which, together with the crew, had been supplied from Russia. This was all confirmed by our intelligence, intercepted telephone conversations of the terrorists and satellite pictures.
“At the same time, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have never used any anti-aircraft missiles since the anti-terrorist operations started in early April,” the statement read.
Yesterday, the New Straits Times quoted experts who had said that photographs of the blast fragmentation patterns on the fuselage of the airliner showed two distinct shapes — the shredding pattern associated with a warhead packed with “flechettes”, and the more uniform, round-type penetration holes consistent with that of cannon rounds.
Parry’s conclusion also stemmed from the fact that despite assertions from the Obama administration, there has not been a shred of tangible evidence to support the conclusion that Russia supplied the rebels with the BUK-M1 anti-aircraft missile system that would be needed to hit a civilian jetliner flying at 33,000 feet.
Parry also cited a July 29 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation interview with Michael Bociurkiw, one of the first Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) investigators to arrive at the scene of the disaster, near Donetsk.
Bociurkiw is a Ukrainian-Canadian monitor with OSCE who, along with another colleague, were the first international monitors to reach the wreckage after flight MH17 was brought down over eastern Ukraine.
In the CBC interview, the reporter in the video preceded it with: “The wreckage was still smouldering when a small team from the OSCE got there. No other officials arrived for days”.
“There have been two or three pieces of fuselage that have been really pockmarked with what almost looks like machinegun fire; very, very strong machinegun fire,” Bociurkiw said in the interview.
Parry had said that Bociurkiw’s testimony is “as close to virgin, untouched evidence and testimony as we’ll ever get. Unlike a black-box interpretation-analysis long afterward by the Russian, British or Ukrainian governments, each of which has a horse in this race, this testimony from Bociurkiw is raw, independent and comes from one of the two earliest witnesses to the physical evidence.
“That’s powerfully authoritative testimony. Bociurkiw arrived there fast because he negotiated with the locals for the rest of the OSCE team, who were organising to come later,” Parry had said.
Retired Lufthansa pilot Peter Haisenko had also weighed in on the new shootdown theory with Parry and pointed to the entry and exit holes centred around the cockpit.
“You can see the entry and exit holes. The edge of a portion of the holes is bent inwards. These are the smaller holes, round and clean, showing the entry points most likely that of a 30mm caliber projectile.
“The edge of the other, the larger and slightly frayed exit holes, show shreds of metal pointing produced by the same caliber projectiles. Moreover, it is evident that these exit holes of the outer layer of the double aluminum reinforced structure are shredded or bent — outwardly.”
He deduced that in order to have some of those holes fraying inwardly, and the others fraying outwardly, there had to have been a second fighter firing into the cockpit from the airliner’s starboard side. This is critical, as no surface-fired missile (or shrapnel) hitting the airliner could possibly punch holes into the cockpit from both sides of the plane.
“It had to have been a hail of bullets from both sides that brought the plane down. This is Haisenko’s main discovery. You can’t have projectiles going in both directions — into the left-hand-side fuselage panel from both its left and right sides — unless they are coming at the panel from different directions.
“Nobody before Haisenko had noticed that the projectiles had ripped through that panel from both its left side and its right side. This is what rules out any ground-fired missile,” Parry had said.

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Explaining The Tragedy of Palestine - Miko Peled

Source: Watfordian from comment section here.

Miko Peled gives advice on what to do when labelled an anti-Semite; ignore the accusation and ask the accuser what it makes them when they allow the IDF to humiliate Palestinians on a daily basis; deny children access to water; put children into prisons often without charge; pull children out of bed at 2am etc...

Miko Peled, explains why a "balanced" and "objective" debate on Israel is not possible; watch this video; even though Peled is honest enough to say that it will not be a "balanced" discourse, it is still essential viewing. He talks about:  
  • myth of the Promised land
  • the racist foundations of Israel
  • the racist educational system
  • how Zionists keeps Israelis living in a state of heightened fear
  • the deliberate ethnic cleansing of Palestine
  • the reality of suicide bombing (his niece was killed by a suicide bomber)
  • what to do when you are called an anti-Semite
  • how Israel was the aggressor in the 1948, 1967 wars
  • the Israeli laws that discriminate against Arabs (even those that are Israeli citizens)
  • the double standards of Israelis (right of return for Jews but not Palestinians)
  • why the Palestinians would be MAD to accept the deals they have been offered
  • how the Palestinians ACCEPTED a peace deal but Israel keeps changing the terms to make the deal UNACCEPTABLE
  • how Palestine was ethnically cleansed and their property given to Zionist emigrants (Peled's mother refused to accept such property)
  • why he can stand next to a Palestinian "terrorist" and identifies HIMSELF as the terrorist
  • why Zionism must be defeated just as apartheid and segregation (in the US) were defeated
  • why the Israeli army is the best equipped terrorist organisation in the world
This is a very personal story - but one that explains the tragedy of Palestine; a tragedy for Palestinians as much as it is a tragedy for Israelis who have been consumed by the holocaust to such an extent that they can't see that they have become the persecutors.

Despite everything Peled is very hopeful about the future, and listening to him one is definitely filled with hope knowing that there are Israelis like him and his sister working towards peace.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Not In Defence of Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad

Former Chief Justice Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad delivered a very good fact filled speech recently  which must be read in full by all Malay/Bumi politicians in particular and Malaysians in general:


Unfortunately Tun Abdul Hamid's speech was totally spun off tangent by the obviously very pro DAP/Pakatan The Malaysian Insider who themselves tried to rebut Tun Abdul Hamid well prepared speech, with their usual divisive rhetorics of their own devoid of any fact:

After reading the TMI,I find that they not only tried to knock Tun Abdul Hamid but they also tried to knock UMNO, Perkasa and ISMA, they even tried to knock the Judiciary too as well. Well if TMI wanted a negative response they got what they wanted from the usual suspects the Ambigas, the DAP Lims and even a former retired Court of Appeal Judge. 

Perkasa did come to Tun Abdul Hamid's defense:

PERKASA pertahan Tun Hamid isu 'Islam terancam'

Perkasa questions Ambiga’;s credentials in criticising former chief justice

I believe this venom spewing article by TMI have gone over the line, attempting to incite the public against  UMNO, Perkasa and Isma with the same brush just because these organisations are upholding the rights of Malay/Bumis, and perhaps the PDRM should actually investigate TMI for sedition and/or Contempt of Court. In fact I think Tun Abdul Hamid should even sue the pants off TMI for defamation.

'Want to know what has troubled the Malaysian judiciary all these years? Why it is the butt of jokes and why it has as much credibility as Datuk Ibrahim Ali?

Look no further than former chief justice (CJ) Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad .

This is a man who shades the truth: who spews half-baked nonsense and tries to dress it up as fact. But most alarmingly, this is a man who is not averse to using his standing in society to divide Malaysians'
The Malaysian Insider (source)

This is a good article, from FaceBook by Tun Maharezza on the TMI editorial (reposted with permission) :

"Malaysian insider vs tun hamid

1.today ,i read an article of malaysian insider title the danger of a former judge dressing up opinion as facts.

2.when i read the article , my first impression was that the writer put up the title with contention to make the public think that the cj is a man without facts while giving his opinion.

At the end of my first reading ,i clearly saw that the writter himself making his blatant opinion on the honourable cj without any facts too !

3.firstly , the writer condemn tun hamid claim that his allegation of difficulties in securing allocation for penang islamic interest is baseless , the writer ask for facts n condemn the cj for giving his opinion factless.

But the writer himself did not provide any facts to justify his claim that penang govt did not make any difficulties to any islamic body to obtain png govt funds n allocation for the islamic entity.

He is just doing a cheap n plain political assasination on the ex cj credibility.

Thats all.

3.next , the writer question the ex cj stands on equalisation of other religion to islam at official functions where the former cj insist that by article 3 of the federal constitution no other religion shall be treated as federal religion except islam.

And therefore , during official state function , no other than islamic prayers are allowed.

The ex cj did not and never imply that other religion cannot do their prayers for the new building ,but he insist by law that it should not done during official function.

He did not even retsrict any prayers for the building at after official function ends , he just saying it is inappropriate to do so during the official function.

His view is that , if prayers of other religion were done during the official function , the act is disrespectful to the article 3 fed cons.
The penang state govt must not publicly show her disrespect to the federal constitution.

The ex cj make his point of the penang govt has disrespect the fed cons article.

And he was absolutely right !

4.now , the writter is saying that non islam at the rest of the world is using kalimah allah , and says that tun hamid claimed that the malaysian church wanted to convert the muslim to non muslim.

Well , only in middle east the non muslim used kalimah allah to refer to god , as they use arabic language.

While the indonesian bible that the church import is in indonesian bahasa , they can use the word tuhan to refer as god instead of using kalimah allah.

It is proven in indonesia that the bahasa indonesia bible were use to attract muslims to convert to christians , they used the kalimah allah to confuse the public.

And in malaysia , bahasa malaysia for god is tuhan and not allah.

Allah is arabic words for god ,and the bible that church wanted is in bahasa malaysia and not bahasa arab ,

So why insist to use kalimah allah in the bahasa malaysia bible ?

And why didnt the church requested all english and other language bible use kalimah allah instead of god ?

Why the church only wanted the kalimah allah in the malay bible ? What are their agenda ?

Can the church answer these questions ? Can the writter make the honourable ex cj and the muslims and the public to understand ?

5.again , the writter says tun hamid accuse the non muslim wanted same right as the muslim.

In this case , tun hamid was again absolutely right !

Its is the fact that some over ambitious non muslim who profess human right as religion has propagate the new religion through their ifc interfaith committee.
They wanted same gender equality ,nurul izzah of pkr pr even suggest all malaysian including the muslims be given the liberty to choose their own religion !

They even suggested same gender marriage that is against the islamic faith.

Therefore , it is not correct to say tun hamid stands is an allegation or accusation.

6.the ifc , the human right professing isnt just wanting the same right as islam but insulting the islamic faith.

We have seen the pr are not happy with article 11.4 fed cons that restricted the non muslim to propagate their religion to the muslim ,

They did not challenge the 11.4 per say , but they certanly wanted other religion can be allow to propagate their religion to muslims..

7.the next 3 paragraph , was not any facts given by the writter to proves his point against the honourable ex cj tun hamid..

We can see clearly ,the writter can only afford to insult the ex cj , attacking and assasinate the latter credibility.,

And he is doing it in the cheapest manner , its a shame to the writter who preaching abt facts but actually himself writting rubbish without any facts given.

I shall not say more to justify my point , the readers can evaluate themselves.



Thank you Tun Maharezza............In fact there are many useful food for thots that can be found in Tun Abdul Hamid's speech....about the ISA, the NUCC, the Sedition Act the draft Harmony Bill etc he is after all was the Chief Justice of Malaysia at one time, his insights to current affairs are very valuable.

For those Malaysians who commented negatively on Tun Abdul Hamid's speech, I ask you, did you or did you not read the speech in full or did you just read the TMI headlines and started to judge without getting your facts right or in full?

Lim Guan Eng accused Tun Abdul Hamid as a liar (source):

"Bekas ketua hakim hanya mendedahkan dirinya sebagai seorang rasis, ekstremis dan penipu. Dia kata kami abaikan Islam tapi buta untuk melihat yang kami sudah meningkatkan peruntukan kepada mereka.

"Malah, kami beri lebih banyak peruntukan kepada orang Islam berbanding BN buat hingga Gerakan serang kami. Itu Umno kata kami abaikan Islam?" 
Lim berkata kenyataan sedemikian bermotif politik, malah Gerakan dan Umno yang bersama dalam BN juga tidak konsisten dengan pendirian mereka.
"Mengapa ada perbezaan? Gerakan kata kami beri terlalu banyak dan Umno kata lain pula," 
Whatever lah, we would now ask Lim Guan Eng to be transparent and show to the public, the audited figures for the State Gomen of Penang breakdown on how much was given for Islam and how much for the other religions. Can give ah Guan Eng, facts and figures lah, ok?

By the way, next time any DAP or DAP supporters or even Malay Liberals/DAP Apologists calls you a racists or extremists just because you want to uphold Malay/Bumi or Islam rights as written in the Perlembagaan, no need to argue with them or call them names, just tell them to piss off.

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