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Selamat tahun Baru #2014 Happy New Year

Selamat Tahun Baru 2014
Jangan Pandu Laju-Laju

Of Cutting Public Sector Spending,Common Sense, S300 and DAP's 2nd Class citizens

Going into the new year 2014, I note the BN Gomen is listening to some public complaints, and had announced meaningful cuts:
Source here.
Though more cuts which are more specific can be made, this is 'Common Sense' thinking in action, I think this is what we expect from the Gomen and more (don't understand No.11 though, Blue Ocean Strategy? Apa natang tu?). 

Anyway, Kudos to the Najib BN Gomen for listening. I do hope that the Gomen also consider the 15% TNB tariff rate hike, the quantum increase and the  increase to be spread over time..don't increase in one big sum....it burdens the ordinary people and their families. Look at the toll increase too..kalau susah sangat Gomen shd. just buy over the Toll business lah.

While people are tightening and saving in Malaysia, up in Pulau Pinang it seems that the Chief Minister who is the DAP Secretary General, oblivious to what's going on round him has found it prudent to indulge the people's money to buy a Mercedes S300 for his use. So much for being frugal, eh Guan Eng? Going by its SG's attitude, DAP leaders sure lack common sense, all they know is tell Malaysian Chinese that they are second class citizens (which the Chinese sure are not) and criticise, criticise and criticise and call other people as racists if others criticise back.

I note the DAPsters who are quick at criticising the BN Gomen of waste has suddenly lost their tongue? Well if DAP Guan Eng wants a S300..he deserve it eh? Guan Eng's action and the supportive silence of DAP, PKR and DAP is an insult to all Malaysians! Chinese Malaysians are second class citizens eh, Guan Eng? DAP talk cock for sure!

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Common Sense NOT Consultants/Advisors is badly needed by Ministers,MPs & Aduns

"The public needs to find the money to pay the increased tax. Obviously it would be easier if the percentage is low, or spread over a longer period"
Tun Dr. Mahathir

On the recent price hikes and possible toll hikes coming to greet us into 2014, here is a reminder to the clueless Najib BN Gomen AND the clueless state Gomens of PAS, PKR and DAP of the effects of these price hikes to the people of Malaysia, an excerpt from Tun M's awesome blog post:

..."11. Government often waste money because it is not too concerned about the returns on its expenditure in whatever form. For example has a contract been given to the best offered price – though not necessarily the lowest. Every year the Auditor General reports on wastage through improper procedures and carelessness. Usually not much is changed so as to benefit from the Auditor General’s criticism. There is no doubt that much money can be saved if the AG’s criticisms are taken seriously. Even changing procedures can reduce costs.
12. If the Government is interested in reducing the cost of governance, it can do so and perhaps quite substantially. For example it can reduce the cost of electricity by switching to LED for street lights. The savings would be more than 50%. The subsequent reduction in the amount of electricity to be generated will reduce subsidy on fuel for power. But this has not been done by Government. The initial cost may be high but the savings will mitigate this.
13. With regard to taxes, the effect of the increase should be studied very carefully. Is it really true that the percentage fixed cannot be changed. It must always be remembered that increases in tax must contribute towards increases in the cost of living, the cost of doing business, the reduction in profitability and for the Government reduction in corporate tax on profits. Once a long time ago the Government was losing tax on goods brought in by travellers to Singapore simply because it was difficult to determine whether the costly watches, pens and jewellery items were bought in Singapore or worn by traveller when he went to that tax-free country. The Government decided to remove taxes on luxury goods. As a result tax-free shops sprouted in Malaysia and the Government collected more through corporate tax from these shops than it ever collected in import duty.
14. In another instance the government reduced corporate tax gradually from 45% of profits to 26%. More business was done and the collection in corporate taxes increased tremendously. Another case is the tax-free incentives for investments. With this investments increased. Indirectly the government could collect from income tax on executives. The nasi lemak eaten by workers increase the businesses of the rice wholesalers and the Government will collect corporate tax from them.
15. The public needs to find the money to pay the increased tax. Obviously it would be easier if the percentage is low, or spread over a longer period.
16. If the percentage increase is really necessary, cannot it be introduced in stages. For example the increase in electricity charges is fixed at 15%. That is a big jump. It will upset the cost of production of goods which all use electricity, some at a high percentage. Contracts which had already been made will result in losses and this in turn will reduce corporate taxes on profits .
17. Cannot the increase be in stages eg. 6 % per year for 3 years or longer. The losses on current contracts would be minimised. Future contracts would take into consideration the increases. There would be time for “cost down” and increase in contract prices.
18. At 6% per year for 3 years the rate would increase by 18% eventually instead of 15% now. But a 6% increase in the second year would be on 106% of original price and in the 3rd year would be on approximately 113% of the original price, therefore more than 18%. If this is too high, the yearly rate of increase can be reduced to 5%.
19. Clearly the Government would be getting more than the 15% of the current price. It will not really lose anything despite the delays in the increases.
20. Yes, Government needs more money with the passage of time. But with due consideration for the cost to people and business, the Government would really examine the tax rates to be introduced. It will not hurt the Government too much but it will gain a lot of goodwill from people. They might even remember in the next election...."
I sure miss Dr. Mahathir as Prime Minister, those were the good old days, no demos, no talking nonsense about race, no talking nonsense about religion, no apartheid demands by Dong Zong to have only Mandarin speaking students and staff in Chinese vernacular schools, no UMNO leaders who are apologetic of their own race and religion. Yup, Those days, All of us just wanted Malaysia and Malaysians to succeed.

Nowadays we have a PM who thinks Consultants and Labs and his wife can solve problems for Malaysian and Malaysia. We also have two ex-convict who went on to become Chief Minister of Penang and another becoming a DAP appointed Leader of the Opposition, both are only interested to paint an ugly face of this blessed country. 

Too bad lah that when Tun Dr. Mahathir left the PM's office 10 years ago, he also too along with him 'Common Sense' thinking. 

10 years after his retirement as PM, I believe the grand old man at 88 years  has more Common Sense then all the present YAB, YB Ministers, YB MPs and YB ADUNs combined.

God bless Malaysia.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Selamat Natal dan Selamat Menyambut Tahun Baru

Merry Christmas to my Christian Friends
a Very Happy New Year to all my friends

The new MCA Leadership should not join the Cabinet until BN regained MCA members' votes in PRU14!

I don't like this headline:

1. I think the new MCA Leadership should keep true to the words of the previous MCA Leadership, that if the Chinese do not support the BN in PRU13 then it will not join the Cabinet. 

2. Alas, the Chinese supported the Chauvinist DAP  in overwhelming numbers in PRU13 thinking that thru the DAP the Chinese will finally achieve political dominance at the time when Malay votes are split into PKR, PAS, UMNO and liberal Malay voters.

3. The new MCA Leadership should first stop bickering among themselves first and stop blaming the Malays or UMNO for MCA's misfortunes.

4. MCA Leadership should first convince its MEMBERS who voted for DAP or PAS or PKR to vote for the BN in the next PRU14 before it entertains any thoughts of joining the Cabinet. There is no time to lose, in politics 2018 is but a breath away.

Shamsul Akmar's: 'LABELLING damaging race relations'

Important to read, yes expose the hypocrites, the lies, the segregationist, the apartheid practitioner, the racist  who exist among us Malaysians. 

This article is taken from the NST:

Labelling damaging race relations

By Shamsul Akmar

AFFIRMATIVE ACTION: The struggle for Malay rights is an admittance of the shortcomings of the community.

WHETHER it is intentional or out of sheer ignorance, the continuing misrepresentation of labels and catchphrases in the domestic political front has caused severe damage to race relations.

Before the 2008 General election, Hindraf had accused the Barisan Nasional government of "genocide" in a letter sent to the then British prime minister Gordon Brown.

Brown did not respond then and now, even though he is no more the prime minister of Britain, someone should probably write to him to "update" him that one of the "brains" behind the letter is now a member of the "genocidal" BN administration, just in case he decides to one day come to Malaysia and do an Al Gore. (Please refer to Al Gore's visit to Malaysia in 1998 as the then US vice-president and his arrogant attempt to insult the nation). But genocide is not the only catchword that has been misrepresented in the Malaysian political context.

Others include the label of Ku Klux Klan on Malay/Bumiputera rights' groups as well as accusing Umno of promoting segregation and equating ketuanan Melayu to Malay supremacy.

On the flip side, equating the political struggle of a husband and wife team in the opposition to global icons, such as Nelson Mandela and Aung San Suu Kyi, also seem to be fashionable without looking at the merits nor failing to realise how comedic it is.

Firstly, equating the opposition leader to Mandela is obviously a move to sully the anti-apartheid icon when the former was a jet- setter, almost at the zenith of the nation's political structure, and not to forget, a darling of Washington (Mandela was on the US terrorist watch list until 2008).

On the part of his wife, the keenness to equate her to Suu Kyi seems to have waned after the Nobel Laureate lost some lustre in so far as Malaysian Muslims are concerned for her near muted response to the atrocities committed against Rohingyas. But let's not digress and address the labels. Ku Klux Klan, segregation and Malay supremacy equals white supremacy are all intertwined.

By equating Malay/Bumiputera rights' groups to the Ku Klux Klan, it has effectively closed the discussion on the subject, as what the KKK or the clan was fighting for was definitely a result of an ugly history of bigotry, filled with atrocities, hatred, murder and the subhuman treatment of African- Americans.

And the objective was segregation as the white supremacists viewed the African-Americans as beneath them and equal only to their canine pets as reflected in signs that read "Negros and dogs not allowed".

The existence of the Jim Crow legislation then sought to segregate the "White Americans" and the "blacks" in almost all aspects of their daily activities, be it in the bus, the use of office entrances, when drinking from water fountains and whatever else where the two races were bound to cross paths.

Of course, in the segregation, the African-Americans were expected to utilise the lesser service.

At the height of the civil rights movement in America, what was being fought for was for African- Americans being allowed to attend universities and schools together with the "whites".

This, in essence, underpins the issue of equating some of Malaysia's policies on Malay/Bumiputera privileges to that pursued by the segregationists' and white supremacists as definitely misplaced if not a mischievously gross misrepresentation.

In Malaysia, segregation, especially in schools, is a result of the existence of national schools and vernacular schools.

While the vernacular schools are a privilege resulting from a political accommodation process among the elites as a trade-off for the Malay/Bumiputera privileges, purveyors of the segregation can actually be coming from the very people making the accusation.

After all, the African-Americans fought to be allowed to enter "national" educational institutions, while the ones in Malaysia, accusing Umno and the BN government of pursuing segregation, are the ones who want to be segregated from the national schools.

Not only were they keen to be kept in vernacular schools, attempts to have their vernacular schools in the same compound with national schools, as proposed in Sekolah Wawasan, were spurned.

As such, who then, is the segregationist?

Similarly, when making sweeping remarks equating the struggle for Malay/Bumiputera rights to that of the KKK.

Surely, these purveyors of "wisdom" are aware that the KKK wants the African-Americans to be treated no better than the canines, to be flogged if they misbehave and not to be allowed any economic opportunities whatsoever.

In other words, the original segregationists want the African- Americans to remain as slaves, though not in chains.

Finally, the issue of ketuanan Melayu being translated to be Malay supremacy, and equated to be the white supremacy kind.

How can the two be the same when there is nothing supremacist at all in the pursuit for Malay rights?

For one, the struggle for Malay/Bumiputera rights and privileges is an admittance of the shortcomings of the community in numerous socio-economic aspects.

It is a request for the understanding of the other races, hence, the quota being set at 30 per cent, not reflecting the actual percentage of the community's population, with a caveat that in the pursuit of these affirmative actions, the other races would not be stopped from pursuing their well-being.

So, which part of all these are difficult to understand that such misplaced labels continue to be promoted?

If it's intentional, it is obviously spawned from a Machiavellian mind that wants power even at the expense of the nation.

If it's out of ignorance, it may be blissful, but it is not an excuse.


Gomen MUST act now before its too late.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Why the heck does the BN Gomen need to set up a Lab to study cost of living in Malaysia?

What the heck?

Khairy: Makmal kaji kos sara hidup rakyat ditubuhkan tahun hadapan

Why do you need a Lab to listen to the rakyat's grouses YB Khairy or for that matter the YBs in the Najib Cabinet? I know these Labs, they are set up and runned by BN Gomen's favourite 'CON'sultants kan? They sure cost money and for sure they really cost big ringgits. I am still recovering from the shock of the RM7 BILLION payout over 5 years to the God knows who Consultant and God knows what what they did to justify the mind boggling Ringgits dished out to them.

Stop these Lab Business lah YB2 BN, Banyak-banyak Cawangan dan Bahagian UMNO, MCA, MIC tu buat apa? Get them to go out and meet the people and get their feedbacklah. 

Our  Civil Servants can sure do it better with some turun padang and I am sure they have much to report to the Ministers and YBs concerned. USE the EPU to coordinate these feed backs on kos sara hidup so that they can report to the GOMENlah. Stop these Consultants business lah, its not rocket or complicated Management science to get feed back from the rakyatlah.

Word of advise, BN Gomen don't waste time on this important matter OK..otherwise the rakyat will give feedback during PRU14..by then it maybe too late.

Saturday, 14 December 2013

In memory of our dear departed...


"In Memory of  the fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, nephew, nieces and friends whom have passed on to a better place with God"

I am Free

Don't Grieve for me for now I am free,
I'm following the path God laid for me.

I took his hand when I heard him call,
I turned my back and left it all.

I could not stay another day
To laugh, to love, to work or play.

Tasks left undone will stay that way,
I found that peace at close of day.

If my parting have left a void,
Then fill it with remembered joy
A friendship shared, a laugh,
Ah yes, these things, I, too, will miss
But not burdened with times of sorrow.

I wish you the sunshine of tomorrow.

My life has been full, I've savoured much.

Good friends, good times, a loved one's touch,

Perhaps my time seems all too brief,
God wanted me now,
He set me free.
                                                                                                                  - Author unknown


Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Singapore Little India Riot 2013: Difficult times ahead for prosperous Singapore

Before the Little India riots broke out last Sunday, the last riot in 'squeaky clean' Singapore occurred in 1969 many decades ago. In 1969 it was largely between ethnic Chinese and Malays, in 2013 however it involved largely foreign workers from the Indian Sub-Continent. 

Read Forbes Report here for an interesting coverage of what many sees as something that will occur sooner rather than later.

Some videos of the Riots in Singapore:

This is a more interesting take on the Little India Riot by blogger GRK:


Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong:
“whatever events may have sparked the  rioting, there is no excuse for such violent, destructive, and criminal  behaviour.”    “We will spare no effort to identify the culprits and deal with them with  the full force of the law,”.
It appears that the cloak of Singapore’s manufactured and artificial meritocracy (Sinocracy) is slowly but surely coming apart at the seams.
This “showcase” of “Asian values and economic prosperity” appears to be struggling to maintain its carefully crafted artificial image of a fair and prosperous society as the veneer of respectability peels away in the heat of an human experiment gone wrong.
Earlier this year Singapore deported with unholy haste 29 bus drivers (guest labourers) back to the mainland China. Their crime? Striking for better working conditions. The leader of the strike was jailed for 7 weeks. These were all ethnic Chinese (of the lesser variety if you asked a Singaporean).
“Human Rights” activists and civil societies supported by the US and George Soros have remained mute. First generation Singaporeans have nothing but contempt for its imported workforce with a common Singaporean insult being “you must be from China”.
With Thailand to the north on the boil, Malaysia now quiet having contained Singapore’s stirring of its political pot and the world economic mess not yet fully disclosed to Singaporeans, the government of Singapore through its Prime Minister continues to demonstrate the priorities  of his state. Human suffering and rights last, property and the island state’s image first.
The media carries a story about a riot in “little India” today. The story and any information about it will be contained and sanitized in every which way but……if Singapore has its way.
The prime minister has vowed swift and harsh retribution against these ‘offenders’. But little or no mention is made of the victim or the circumstances in which he met his end under a bus which precipitated the riot. Not even a cursory “my condolences to his family” or a “promise to get to the bottom of it” nor a “promise to investigate the root causes of what it is that created a flash riot in such circumstances”.
It is all about effect and image. It always was and the government hopes it always will be the case. And there are those who support such an ideological stand amongst Singaporeans. It is demonstrative of the contempt with which first generation Singaporeans treat their workers and those they consider a lesser people. Especially migrants with limited or no rights on the island. Read More here.
I think with the increase in migrant workers which now numbers more than a million to take up low paying but necessary Jobs in super rich Singapore which their people do not want, the root cause of the riots will fester, Singapore is indeed facing difficult times ahead.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Harapan orang Melayu yang menyokong UMNO: 'Pemimpin jangan syok sendirilah!'

Harapan saya, Pemimpin UMNO juga Ahli UMNO kalau sayangkan UMNO dan mahu UMNO meneraju kerajaan lagi selepas PRU14 harap baca dan dengar rintihan ahli sendiri dan juga rintihan orang Melayu yang selama ini menyokong UMNO tanpa berbelah bagi. 

Jangan syok kata saya mahu jadi Perdana Menteri atau Menteri untuk semua rakyat Malaysia, hakikatnya kamu tu jadi Perdana Menteri atau Menteri kerana UMNO menang pilihanraya dan dapat membentuk Kerajaan pun diatas sokongan orang Melayu dan Bumiputera..BUKAN sokongon orang-orang Cina dan orang-orang muda dan liberal yang duduk selesa di dalam bandar.

Jangan tipu diri sendiri bahawa 'polarisation' diantara kaum sudah menjadi teruk selepas PRU13 bulan Mei lepas, sedangkan hakikatnya 'polarisation' kaum sudah teruk sebelum PRU13 lagi, apa taknya..dengan sokongan Menteri UMNO yang memberi sokongan tanpa berbelah bagi terhadap sekolah vernakular yang terbukti mendalamkan jurang perbezaan diantara kaum dan memberi semangat kepada kaum yang tidak langsung dan tidak mahu bercakap Bahasa Melayu. 

Semasa PRU13 fahamilah dan sedarlah wahai pemimpin UMNO yang bijaksana, bahawa  kaum Cina yang mengundi DAP atau PKR atau PAS hanya ada satu matlamat ia itu untuk kuburkan UMNO buat selama-lamanya. Pakatan Rakyat yang diterajui oleh Cina DAP hampir-hampir memenangi PRU13 kalau tidak usaha dan undi orang Melayu/Bumiputera di Semenanjung dan Sabah dan Sarawak untuk UMNO/BN.

Saya ingat dalam demam perhimpunan UMNO ini baik baca surat yang saya ambil dari blog Tuan Syed Akbar Ali, : 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Nota Sedih, Amat Sedih Dari Sudut Hati Ahli UMNO

Assalamualaikum Pak Syed.

Saya mulakan nota ini dengan lafaz keramat Bismillahhirrahmannirrahim, agar dengannya saya terpandu dan terpimpin untuk menyatakan sesuatu dengan niat kerana Allah jua. Hidup ini ringkas, singkat.

Saya bimbang jika saya bertangguh, tidak sempat maka saya akan gagal mnjawab di Mahkamah Allah Rabbuljalil.

Saya tidak berpeluang bercakap di Perhimpunan Agung UMNO walaupun saya telah mnjadi ahli UMNO sejak berumur 18 tahun

(Puluhan tahun lalu) Pada ketika itu saya menjadi ahli UMNO kerana datuk nenek dan ibu bapa saya mahu saya mewarisi mereka. Menjadi ahli UMNO yang setia sehingga ke akhir hayat.

Setelah sekian lama, baru sekarang saya mencatat sesuatu yang lahir daripada sudut hati saya. Jauh terbenam. Bergelora dan bercampur baur. Sayu, bimbang, kasih, marah saling kait mengait. Keliru juga sedang ikut sama mengisi secara serentak perasaan dan pemikiran saya.

Kalau boleh saya ingin berdiri di puncak gunung. Seluruh saf kepimpinan UMNO duduk bersila di sekeliling saya, berteleku mendengar saya bercakap meluahkan segala perasaan dan pemikiran saya dan kemudian saya redha mengadap Tuhan dengan mata tertutup rapat.

Saya ini orang UMNO. Dulu, kini dan insyaallah selamanya. Ini amanah datuk nenek saya. Saya genggam erat amanah ini. Tapi pada masa datuk saya menjadi ahli UMNO, beliau beberapa kali berjabat salam dengan Almarhum Tunku Abdul Rahman dan Allahyarham Tun Razak.

Datuk saya adalah ahli UMNO yang tidak memegang jawatan dalam parti, bahkan tidak bersekolah tinggi. Masih ada gambar kenangan mereka bersama tersimpan dalam almari peninggalan nenek. Walaupun telah kabur tapi ia tetap jelas dan dapat dikenali.

Pada masa itu tiada slogan atau ungkapan ' merasa denyut nadi rakyat '. Tetapi memang Presiden Parti turun ke cawangan cawangan UMNO , bercakap tentang hasrat dan cita cita parti. Arahala negara ke mana hendak dibawa.

Saya bertanya kepada rakan rakan Ketua Cawangan di kawasan saya, pernahkah bersalaman dengan Presiden UMNO? Tidak kata mereka sebab sewaktu Presiden parti turun ke negeri hanya pemimpin Bahagian dan Negeri yang berpeluang berdialog bersamanya.

Bahkan saya terkejut apabila diberitahu ada pemimpin cawangan tidak pernah bersua muka dengan Menteri Besar , tidak pernah. Maka sayapun mula rasa keliru, adakah benar UMNO ini parti inklusif atau sekadar pemanis mulut semata mata. UMNO sudah menjadi elitis dan bangsawan lebih bangsawan dari zaman Allahyarham ayahanda Tengku dulu.

UMNO mesra rakyat, UMNO pejuang masa depan melayu, UMNO penyelamat melayu dan 1001 macam lagi retorik dan hegemoni politik yang berterusan disuapkan dan dimomokkan kedalam kepala otak orang melayu sehinggakan orang melayu sekarang ini sebegitu takut untuk berfikir dan bertindak melainkan terus memilih UMNO. Terus percaya UMNO pejuang dan menjamin survival melayu.

Barangkali kebenaran ini semua hanya 10 peratus sahaja tetapi yang 90 peratus lagi adalah bagi menjamin tembolok dan perut pemimpin UMNO terus kenyang dsn berisi. Hebat politik UMNO ni.

Saya mohon maaf kerana menjangka nyawa UMNO ini sudah tidak lama. Percayalah. Kunci nyawa UMNO adalah cawangan cawangan. Saya mula dapat rasakan pemimpin dan ahli di cawangan cawangan mula rasa seperti 'tidak berguna'.

Pengalaman menghadapi PRU 13 baru baru ini amat melukakan hati kami di cawangan cawangan. Tsunami 2008 telah menyebabkan UMNO memulakan gerak kerja sebaik sahaja keputusan PRU 12 diumumkan. Pusat Daerah Mengundi ditubuhkan, Bilik Gerakan dimulakan di peringkat Cawangan dan Lokaliti.

Di tempat saya, Ketua Cawangan diberikan peruntukan yang amat minima. Kerana itu ramai yang menggunakan wang sendiri untuk menjayakan kerja kerja Jalinan Rakyat, Ceramah dan bengkel. Tiada peruntukan, itulah alasan yang diberikan oleh Bahagian. Atas nama perjuangan, segala tanggungjawab dilaksanakan.

Tiba tiba kami terkejut apabila mendapat tahu, Kampung Baru Cina diberi peruntukan ratusan ribu ringgit. Hampir setiap minggu diadakan makan malam bertaraf hotel, menelan belanja puluhan ribu ringgit untuk sekali program. Maaf, saya kedengaran seperti cemburu, tetapi hakikatnya setiap minggu Ahli Parlimen kami hadir untuk program program bersama pengundi Cina dan India.

Sewaktu melawat ke kampung kami untuk Solat Jumaat, Ketua Cawangan diberikan tiga ratus ringgit untuk makan tengahari.

Di waktu PRU 13 makin hampir, kami di cawangan semakin tertekan. Program semakin
banyak, peruntukan tidak juga turun sehinggalah Parlimen dibubarkan. Bayangkan perasaan kami di cawangan cawangan bilamana diperuntukkan dengan biskut mayat, air mineral dan rokok jenama OK (Kononnya diimport dari India)

Merokok adalah amalan tidak sihat, tetapi Pemuda kita di cawangan sebahagiannya merokok. Kata mereka rokok OK ini, nyamukpun pengsan kerana asapnya.

Pemimpin bercakap tentang perjuangan dan pengorbanan tetapi mereka datang dengan kereta mewah dan menghisap curut luar negara.

Barangkali darah UMNO yang pekat menyebabkan kami terus bekerja dan alhamdulillah UMNO khasnya di kerusi luar bandar telah menyelamatkan kerajaan UMNO/BN ini. Perdana Menteri dan Presiden parti seakan amat menghargai UMNO apabila dengan berani mengisytiharkan Tsunami Cina telah berlaku.

UMNO menunggu dan menunggu. Apakah pengumuman besar Perdana Menteri untuk membalas pengorbanan kami selama ini. Sehingga kini tiada apa sebenarnya, tiada.

Yang diumumkan kenaikan harga minyak. Yang diumumkan kenaikan harga gula. Yang diumumkan kenaikan harga rokok. Dan yang diumumkan hari ini kenaikan tarif elektrik. Kami terkedu, malu. Kami beberapa hari tidak keluar ke kedai kopi kerana sewaktu kempen PRU13, kami janjikan Kerajaan yang prihatin dan memahami kesukaran rakyat.

Kami telah gagal mengotakan janji. Kami menjadi bahan lawak rakan rakan kerana hakikatnya selepas PRU 13, tiada apa apa yang istimewa untuk kita Orang Melayu yang telah menyelamatkan kerajaan UMNO/BN.

Kalaulah saya berpeluang bercakap kepada Perdana Menteri, saya ingin katakan betapa sukarnya menjadi aktivis UMNO di kampung kampung. Rakan rakan menyatakan Perdana Menteri telah hilang kawalan. Gagal mengawal segalanya. Saya bukan orang pandai. Bila ada orang datang dan beritahu orang kampung DS Najib sangat kuat membazir, mereka datang dengan data. Saya pula hampir percaya kerana Perdana Menteri tidak pernah menafikannya, bahkan kadang kala sinis bergelak ketawa.

Saya tak mampu menjawab bahawa DS Najib membazir apabila untuk ubahsuai rumah sahaja dalam tempoh lima tahun menghampiri 100 juta sedangkan untuk baikpulih rumah fakir miskin di kampung saya hanya lima ribu diperuntukkan.

Ada orang memberitahu saya, Datin Rosmah Mansur mempunyai peruntukannya sendiri dan diwartakan dalam Bajet Negara. Apa agaknya yang patut saya nyatakan. Dalam Parlimenpun namanya disebut mengguna ' jet peribadi untuk lawan peribadi keluar negara '.

Anak anak muda di cawangan saya, yang pada PRU13 telah menyokong UMNO hari ini memberitahu saya bahawa di dalam blog dan face book banyak dinyatakan pembaziran yang Datuk Seri lakukan. Berbilion ringgit digunakan untuk hanya beberapa orang duduk berbincang dan memberi cadangan. Sedangkan yang bertungkus lumus memenangkan parti ialah kami di cawangan cawangan.

Anak anak kami celik maklumat. Mereka membaca berbagai cerita di dalam blog dan setakat ini tiada satupun yang dijawab oleh Perdana Menteri. Diam bermakna benar. Kami diminta untuk berhemah dalam berbelanja sedangkan Perdana Menteri dengan mudah berbelanja untuk sesuatu yang tidak pasti arah tujuannya.

Saya menerima amanah daripada datuk nenek saya, ibu bapa saya untuk terus bersama UMNO. Tapi saya berterus terang saya tidak berani meminta anak anak saya untuk setia bersama UMNO sedangkan saya sendiri mula meragui kemampuannya mentadbir negara.

Saya cuba berlapang dada. Namun kenyataannya pada setiap kali Datuk Seri bercakap tentang kemakmuran dan kemampuan negara, saya sentiasa terfikir kenapa semua harga barangan dan perkhidmatan naik sedangkan harga getah kami di kampung kekal rendah ?

Saya tidak fikir, saya mampu lagi untuk berdepan dengan orang kampung yang susah, anak muda yang menganggur dengan memberikan janji janji yang baru. Saya bimbang saya akan jadi orang tua yang tidak dihormati kerana bercakap perkara yang tidak betul.

Beberapa hari lagi UMNO akan mengadakan Perhimpunan Agung. Saya sudah dapat bayangkan, ucapan bersemangat Presiden Parti, disusuli sorak sorai perwakilan. Kemudian akan ada perwakilan mengatakan inilah ucapan terbaik Presiden Parti.

Perbahasan selepas itu, akan mengandungi pujian pujian dan lawak jenaka. Akhirnya semua pulang tanpa sebarang keputusan yang padu untuk membina umat Melayu.

Saya mula berasa bimbang kerana dalam hati saya sudah ada keraguan. Saya mula mencari apakah kekuatan DS Najib Razak untuk kita banggakan ? Malangnya sampai sekarang saya tidak menemui apa apa. Bahkan sebaliknya saya mula berasa, DS Najib hanya berjaya berjanji tapi gagal menepati janji.

Saya amat bimbang, jika dalam PRU 13, orang Melayu di kampung telah menangkan UMNO, pada PRU 14, orang Melayu yang berasa tertipu dan terpedaya tidak akan berikan sokongan yang sama.

Kalaulah saya boleh bercakap dengan DS Najib, saya ingin katakan barangkali masanya telah sampai untuk beliau berundur kerana beliau telah gagal dan UMNO perlukan orang yang lebih ' gagah berani' untuk mencapai kejayaan di masa depan. Konsultan dan penasihat penasihat DS Najib lebih teruk dari bebudak tingkat 4 sebelum ini. DS Najib sebenarnye lebih teruk dari PM sebelum dia. DS Najib harus baca rintihan dan suara dari blog blog popular untuk sedar diri dan mengetahui rating dia sebagai PM sekarang ini. DS Najib jangan hanya tertumpu kepada Utusan dan jangan hanya dengar Omar Ong.

Perletakan jawatan Tun M sebagai penasihat Petronas mesti dilihat sebagai satu indikasi yang serius tentang tahap pemerintahan DS Najib.

Percaya saya, ramai orang Melayu tidak pandai bercakap tetapi semuanya mempunyai perasaan yang sudah semakin meluat dengan kepimpinan negara. Khalayak yang marhain ini sudah mulai muak dengan muka dan retorik PM sekarang.

PM nak jaga semua penasihat dan konsultan dia, jagalah!

Kalau kami rakyat yang setia ini tidak dipeduli, tidak didengari, tidak diendakan maka tunggulah PRU14 ini akan kami pastikan undi kami kepada "syaitan yang telah kami kenali" kerana selama ini, baru kami sedar, kami semua dibohongi oleh "malaikat yang tidak kami kenali"


Kalau Pemimpin UMNO masih terbuai dengan syok sendiri, mimpi dan puji pujian, percayalah macam mana bagus Gomen BN kini..akan kecundang selepas PRU14. Dengarlah rintihan orang Melayu kebanyakan yang menyokong UMNO. 

The Malays who voted UMNO may still be many now and by and large are a quite lot, but their numbers are decreasing with each negative news perceived as wasteful spending, PM's wife use official jet, Consultant payout RM7.2billion etc. etc.