Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The new MCA Leadership should not join the Cabinet until BN regained MCA members' votes in PRU14!

I don't like this headline:

1. I think the new MCA Leadership should keep true to the words of the previous MCA Leadership, that if the Chinese do not support the BN in PRU13 then it will not join the Cabinet. 

2. Alas, the Chinese supported the Chauvinist DAP  in overwhelming numbers in PRU13 thinking that thru the DAP the Chinese will finally achieve political dominance at the time when Malay votes are split into PKR, PAS, UMNO and liberal Malay voters.

3. The new MCA Leadership should first stop bickering among themselves first and stop blaming the Malays or UMNO for MCA's misfortunes.

4. MCA Leadership should first convince its MEMBERS who voted for DAP or PAS or PKR to vote for the BN in the next PRU14 before it entertains any thoughts of joining the Cabinet. There is no time to lose, in politics 2018 is but a breath away.

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