Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Of Cutting Public Sector Spending,Common Sense, S300 and DAP's 2nd Class citizens

Going into the new year 2014, I note the BN Gomen is listening to some public complaints, and had announced meaningful cuts:
Source here.
Though more cuts which are more specific can be made, this is 'Common Sense' thinking in action, I think this is what we expect from the Gomen and more (don't understand No.11 though, Blue Ocean Strategy? Apa natang tu?). 

Anyway, Kudos to the Najib BN Gomen for listening. I do hope that the Gomen also consider the 15% TNB tariff rate hike, the quantum increase and the  increase to be spread over time..don't increase in one big sum....it burdens the ordinary people and their families. Look at the toll increase too..kalau susah sangat Gomen shd. just buy over the Toll business lah.

While people are tightening and saving in Malaysia, up in Pulau Pinang it seems that the Chief Minister who is the DAP Secretary General, oblivious to what's going on round him has found it prudent to indulge the people's money to buy a Mercedes S300 for his use. So much for being frugal, eh Guan Eng? Going by its SG's attitude, DAP leaders sure lack common sense, all they know is tell Malaysian Chinese that they are second class citizens (which the Chinese sure are not) and criticise, criticise and criticise and call other people as racists if others criticise back.

I note the DAPsters who are quick at criticising the BN Gomen of waste has suddenly lost their tongue? Well if DAP Guan Eng wants a S300..he deserve it eh? Guan Eng's action and the supportive silence of DAP, PKR and DAP is an insult to all Malaysians! Chinese Malaysians are second class citizens eh, Guan Eng? DAP talk cock for sure!

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