Friday, 20 December 2013

Why the heck does the BN Gomen need to set up a Lab to study cost of living in Malaysia?

What the heck?

Khairy: Makmal kaji kos sara hidup rakyat ditubuhkan tahun hadapan

Why do you need a Lab to listen to the rakyat's grouses YB Khairy or for that matter the YBs in the Najib Cabinet? I know these Labs, they are set up and runned by BN Gomen's favourite 'CON'sultants kan? They sure cost money and for sure they really cost big ringgits. I am still recovering from the shock of the RM7 BILLION payout over 5 years to the God knows who Consultant and God knows what what they did to justify the mind boggling Ringgits dished out to them.

Stop these Lab Business lah YB2 BN, Banyak-banyak Cawangan dan Bahagian UMNO, MCA, MIC tu buat apa? Get them to go out and meet the people and get their feedbacklah. 

Our  Civil Servants can sure do it better with some turun padang and I am sure they have much to report to the Ministers and YBs concerned. USE the EPU to coordinate these feed backs on kos sara hidup so that they can report to the GOMENlah. Stop these Consultants business lah, its not rocket or complicated Management science to get feed back from the rakyatlah.

Word of advise, BN Gomen don't waste time on this important matter OK..otherwise the rakyat will give feedback during then it maybe too late.

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