Friday, 21 October 2011

Keropok Lekor anyone?

I am taking a break for a few days from blogging on the local socio-political scene which seems to be dominated by the purported ramas -ramas issue involving a VVIP son in the Pearl of the Orient, Pulau Pinang. I wish the VVIP would make a formal report to the Polis and get his lawyers to sue also, just get on with it lah.

I am a self confessed keropok lekor addict and I will go to anywhere in Malaysia where there is any news about a good keropok lekor outlet. Its an interesting quest which have taken me to places in Pahang and Terengganu  that some urbanites have never visited. I found such a place in my travels at Kuala Kemaman:

Phone to find exact place: 098684678, if interested,
and no I am not taking any commission for recommending

Minimalistic display but practical and the Owners are friendly
I can't think of a better fast food meal of keropok lekor with hot kopi kampung 

I am quite sure my colleagues agree


Anonymous said...

Ya, recommended. Sedap pekena dengan kopi panas. Terima kasih pada kakak kedai hidangkan kami keropok lekor panas dan kopi.


eddy said...

Salam Bro JZ, thanks for visiting...our next stop, I hear there's a nice warong at Kuala Besut that serve's keropok lekor with Kopi O kaw.

Oldstock said...

Kat Tg Lumpur Kuantan pun ada this nice gerai jual keopk lekor dan satar yg tersangatlah sedap...

eddy said...

Thanks for the info Bro, will call you for directions when I am in Kuantan :)