Monday, 10 October 2011

YB Karpal gets 2 Million Ringgit and a hug too?

Update: Looks like The Mole has the story much earlier read it here.

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Pick up news from the Malaysian Bar website, read in full here:

I have no problem about YB Karpal Singh being awarded the RM2 million, I think he deserve every Ringgit and more for what he and his greatly supportive family had to go through since that unfortunate accident many years back.

The Sessions Court Judge conduct in giving YB Karpal a hug after she awarded him the RM2 million in damages is bewildering to say the least and I say this as some one who has been involved in quite a few civil suits in the Sessions, High Court and Appeals Court representing companies I work with in my career.

I find it disturbing that so far I have not heard any comments on the Session Judge conduct from the Malaysian Bar which carried the news above, and of course I am not going to hear any complaints from the Pakatan trio of DAP, PAS and PKR who have been very critical of the Malaysian Judiciary. I guess when it affect one of their own in this case the Chairman of the DAP its OK is it.

Just a thought, wouldn't all hell break lose if the Plaintiff who won the award is a BN politician and is given just a good old handshake by the trial judge after the award has been given? Lets not even begin to talk about a friendly hug shall we.

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