Friday, 14 January 2011

JCorp expressed its gratitude to former CEO Tan Sri Muhammad Ali Hashim

Yang ini barulah molek sikit beri tabik hormat kepada mantan Ketua Eksekutif JCorp, Tan Sri Ali Hashim diatas jasa-jasa beliau semasa menerajui Perbadanan tersebut. 

Syabas kepada CEO baru JCorp Kamaruzzaman Abu Kassim, you have said the right thing Sir.

JCorp to focus on resolving RM3.6bil debt, core businesses

JOHOR BARU(14 January 2011): Johor Corp Bhd (JCorp) says it will focus on enhancing its core businesses and resolving its debt of RM3.6bil this year.

“Our primary focus now is to enhance our core businesses. JCorp's majority owned public-listed companies are spearheading the palm oils, foods and restaurant, and healthcare divisions while JCorp directly manages property development and hospitality divisions.”

“The immediate task now is to resolve the debt of RM3.6bil that comes due mid-next year and we have identified the means of achieving this,” it said in a statement yesterday. JCorp said it would be assisted by Maybank and CIMB Bank.

The company also expressed its gratitude to former chief executive Tan Sri Muhammad Ali Hashim.

Meanwhile, Sindora Bhd told Bursa yesterday that Ali had resigned as chairman and director, to be replaced by new JCorp chief executive Kamaruzzaman Abu Kassim.

“In his 28 years serving JCorp, Tan Sri Mohamad Ali has turned JCorp into the most dynamic state investment body in the country, as seen in the breadth of businesses it now has.

“We thank him and acknowledge that under his leadership, JCorp is now a highly diversified corporate entity with more than 60,000 employees in its group, giving us leadership positions in a wide range of sectors, spanning plantations, healthcare and fast food. JCorp has tremendous admiration for Tan Sri Muhammad Ali and we wish him all the best in his future.”

Read the full report here.

I hope that the good Tan Sri will be happy to accept this recognition from his family(JCorp).

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