Monday, 24 January 2011

The Selangor SS political issue: Proposed amendment to Selangor Constitution to give more power to the MB failed

As expected, in the emergency Selangor DUN sitting today on 24 January 2011,  the Selangor DAP/PKR led Government failed to get two-third majority to amend the state constitution with 34 voting for it and 20 against it.

Read the drama: Selangor government admits defeat over proposed amendment and S'gor assembly: Live Updates: Proposed amendment is defeated and Selangor fails to change state law.

Contrary to Pakatan supporters opinion, the DAP led Pakatan Selangor Government is the loser here. They knew it was futile to change the Constitution if they do not have 2/3rd majority in the first place but continues to do so thinking they can use the defeat to demonise the BN by calling them penderhaka for not voting for the change in the Constitution which was in essence to empower the MB to choose who he wants to appoint as State Secretary, State financial Officer and legal Advisor. 

They have shamelessly tried to drag the DYMM Sultan's good name in their political ploy which the most learned Tuanku did not buy read here, Sultan: Consent is mine to give.

I think the majority of the Selangor people will be thinking what the hell is this PKR MB and his Aduns are doing, turning everything and anything into a political issue, is the Pakatan interested to govern the state at all or they are just enjoying the fun of acting like the Opposition when they are in fact the ruling Government. The ruling Government should act like one and work like one.

So the Pakatan Government has basically drove themselves into a marshy dead end in this issue. Unless the DAP led Selangor Government go for a dissolution of the DUN and call for fresh elections to get the 2/3rd majority, the defeat of their proposal to amend the Constitution to give power to the MB is final, I think they have no choice but to allow the Datuk SS to take the secrecy oath and join in the Exco meetings otherwise how are they going to get their policies working and they certainly cannot over rule the SS to go direct to the other State Civil Servants. They cannot certainly rule without the state Civil Servants to carry out their policies.

The winner here is the DYMM Sultan of Selangor, who has showed that he is apolitical and is above politics and still have the power of appointing the State top Civil servants, and congratulations to the State BN Aduns who had conducted themselves with decorum and in unity in the face of deliberate name callings and baitings by the sitting MB and PKR Timbalan Azmin.

The biggest loser is the people of Selangor who voted for change but got a DAP led Pakatan Government who are determined to politicise any issue to gain political points and does not show much interest in Governing the state to make it better than the previous BN Administration.

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