Friday, 14 January 2011

Penang is proof that Pakatan can deliver, really..betul kah?

Thunder, thunder, thunder, Guan Eng CM of Pulau Pinang gleefully announced on 11/11/11 that:

Penang is proof that Pakatan can deliver, says Guan Eng

Ya right, Well unfortunately for Guan Eng and his DAP State Government but fortunately for many more Malaysians, very street savvy blogger Sat D had come out with a simple easy to read analysis which exposed Guan Eng's self proclaimed achievement as "NOTHING significant........except that this son of Lim Kit Siang is selling land...." to who? 

Must Read the superb post/expose by Sat D here:

"Dividends of Anti Corruption Measures" Milaka Mali Manyak Bunyi"

Well Guan Eng's thunder has just been taken away from him, its not thunder really but loud noises from a tong kosong, its raining in the CM's office now and with that I suspect the 100day Pakatan Reform will be just an exercise in "creative" accounting. Remember Enron? PM Najib is right that he does not want to waste time debating with Anwar Ibrahim.

Well I am not expecting anything great from Guan Eng, the ex convict who was jailed for spreading false news and sedition before. He is CM of Pulau Pinang only because his father is Lim Kit Siang, DAP lifetime numero uno .... DAP Melaka pun tak mahu dia.

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