Monday, 17 January 2011

Aftermath of DAP Adun Ng raid on the Nasi Kandar Restaurant, who are the racists among us really?

This is an article from Malaysia-instinct I would like to share with friends, in it the writer, Susan Lim asked the MCA, Gerakan, Chinese NGOs and the Chinese papers why their reactions were generally muted to the purported racist utterances of DAP's Ng Wei Ak while they went crazy over the purported racist statements by Cikgu Siti Inshah and Cikgu Aznan:

Interesting article, good food for thought:

‘Go back India’ Issue: Where Have MCA, Gerakan Been?
WEDNESDAY, 12 JANUARY 2011 17:48

By Susan Lim

When Puan Siti Inshah Mansor, the principal of SMK Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra and Puan Aznan Ungku Ismail, Principal of SMK Bukit Selambau had allegedly told students during an assembly that the Chinese could “go back to China”, there was a great outcry by the Chinese political parties and NGO leaders.

They claimed the Principals to be racist, insensitive and irresponsible academicians.

The government was pressured into condemning the so-called racist remarks and take firm action on both Principals.

Consequently, both the Principals had been suspended from their jobs. But even then, we could still hear grumblings from the Chinese leaders that the punishment wasn’t harsh enough.

Prior to that, these same Chinese leaders went crazy over Datuk Ahmad Ismail, Bukit Bendera ADUN speech when he referred to the Malaysian Chinese as ‘immigrants’. Ahmad Ismail was also suspended for the so-called racist remark after much pressure from the same groups.

Almost all Chinese language newspapers played a big role in these incidents. These newspapers were directly responsible in creating an uncomfortable, if not hostile environment between Malay and Chinese communities.

The Chinese leaders and newspapers all claim to be fighting against racism in Malaysia. DAP, MCA, Gerakan, Nanyang Siang Pau, Sin Chew Jit Poh and all Chinese based parties and papers claim to uphold justice beyond race.

Well, here’s for them: Bullshit! – and with capital letters for MCA and Gerakan.

When Ng Wei Aik, a Komtar ADUN uttered the same words as the Principals and told off an Indian Muslim restaurant supervisor to “go back to India”, these leaders and papers go on their everyday life like nothing happen!

The Chinese language newspapers even went to the extent to portray only the fault of the man for not abiding the rules of business in Komtar, and never once criticize the ADUN for being racist.

Note that the words were the same – ‘go back India’ and ‘go back China’ but somehow ‘China’ is racist and ‘India’ is not, in the eyes of these people. Why so?

I’ll tell you why: Because the Chinese leaders and newspapers are RACISTS.

In their minds, the Chinese are allowed to say anything and do anything regardless of other people’s sensitivity. In their minds, the Chinese cannot be criticized and are always right even when they’re wrong. The Chinese have the right to claim the right of others but others don’t have the right to even protect theirs.

If this is not true and I’m just making a racist assumption, then tell us what is true then?

MCA and Gerakan have to explain to us all what is the difference in all these cases.

Why in Ahmad Ismail’s case, MCA and Gerakan went as far as hurting UMNO in order to uphold justice, so they said, by fighting against a racist. So, why can’t they hurt DAP, their supposedly enemy in Ng Wei Aik’s case? Is it because of his race?

And in the Principals case too, MCA and Gerakan did not even stop to look back and give a second chance to these ordinary rakyats with no means to defend themselves in the media.

But in Ng Wei Aik’s case, the MCA and Gerakan simply have nothing to say.

So, am I not right to call MCA and Gerakan as racists? Are all Chinese racists? I’m a Chinese and I know I’m not.

It’s true that a racist is blinded by hatred. He can’t see what’s right or wrong when his own race is involved. You can’t be a professional and a good leader when you are a racist. You can’t even be a good journalist if you are a racist. In the end, you will only create a whole dark image of your own race.

To all these Chinese leaders and newspapers, please walk the talk or stop the bullshit of fighting against racism once and for all. People now see you as not only racists but hypocrites too. If there were racists in Malaysia, it is because you made them.
read in full here.

I have no further comment to add. 


Kenn said...

Subtle Racism

The one who shout the loudest seems to be the real RACIST among us.

The sad point is that, the leader and his cabinet members are too timid to do anything about it. However, they have no qualm to punish the "tidak apa Melayu & Bumiputera" upon "barkings" by the REAL RACIST.

eddy said...

Bro, PM Najib have a mission..that is to recapture the 2/3rd majority that the BN lost in 2008. His is on a political mission, he needs all the votes he could muster.

Sadly,I believe the Chinese votes has all but gone to the DAP and PKR and I do not see them returning in the next 13th GE.

Expect more not less of the same subtle and not so subtle racism from the DAP especially, the Chinese dailies and followed up by the MCA and Gerakan until then.