Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The miracle in Buenos Aires: Argentine woman falls 23 stories and survived

This surely is a miracle, fact is stranger than fiction:

Woman Falls 23 Stories, Lands on Taxi, Survives

(AP) BUENOS AIRES, Argentina - Witnesses say they saw a woman throw herself from the 23rd story of a Buenos Aires hotel Monday and survive.

The woman landed in a sitting position on the roof of a taxi whose driver got out just before the impact deeply dented his roof and shattered the windshield.

The woman, a 30-year-old Argentine, has injuries throughout her body and is being treated in the emergency room of the Hotel Argerich, said Alberto Crescenti, director of Argentina's Emergency Medical System.

The taxi driver, who gave his name as Miguel, reportedly said he saw a policeman looking up and that prompted him to get out just before the driver's side of the car was smashed by the woman's body.

Another taxi driver, Juan Carlos Candame, told Associated Press Television News that he saw the woman climb over a barrier and jump into the void.

The woman fell from the top of the Hotel Crown Plaza Panamericano, where a restaurant overlooks the landmark Obelisk in downtown Buenos Aires.

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When I was a young Engineer 20 years ago, I witnessed a construction worker who slipped and fell 4 floors onto a heap of fresh 3/4in. stone aggregates which cushioned his fall. The lucky fella survived with minor bruises and a big headache.

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Surely falling 23 floors and still survive just means that God has other plans for the Argentine woman. Her time has not yet come. God is Great.


Anonymous said...

How did she fall? Pushed by MACC?


eddy said...

An attempted suicide apparently Bro. Don't know whether she left a suicide note though...he,he.