Monday, 20 December 2010

Zaid Ibrahim calls Karpal Singh a Liar and a snake and will sue him in court

During the Pakatan Convention my favourite Khalsa Warrior was quoted as saying this on Zaid Ibrahim as reported by MI here:

“I warned Anwar about Zaid, and he cannot deny this. Zaid is untrustworthy. I know who is Zaid. I’ve been a lawyer for 42 years. During 1988, when Tun Salleh Abbas and the judicial crisis Zaid, along with Umno Youth thugs, had tried to march to the Bar Council office to try and burn the place,” said Karpal to a thunderous applause from the crowd in attendance.

I think it must have touched a very raw nerve in Zaid Ibrahim who did not minced his words when he called Karpal a liar, celaka and a snake among other unsavoury adjectives today:

Zaid to take Karpal to court
MON, 20 DEC 2010 12:51

By FMT Staff

PETALING JAYA: The People's Welfare Party (Kita) chief Zaid Ibrahim today said that he would sue DAP chairman Karpal Singh for defamation.

He said the legal action was against Karpal's accusation at the Pakatan Rakyat convention held in Penang over the weekend.

"Karpal the great abuser also called me 'celaka' and that I allegedly organised a group of Umno gangsters to burn the Bar Council building in 1988 over the Salleh Abas case."

"Now this makes Karpal a liar, and a celaka. Unfortunately my lawyer is on holiday so we will file the suit against this chairman of DAP soon.

"He thinks he is invincible and can humiliate lawyers and judges he disapproves of with impunity. Those who stood and gave him a standing ovation at the Pakatan convention are mistaken. He is not a hero nor a lion, but a snake," Zaid said in a hard-hitting statement issued this morning.

Zaid, who was minister in the Prime Minister's Department, before jumping ship from Umno to Pakatan, particularly PKR, in 2008 had been at the receiving end from the opposition coalition of late.

A month ago, Zaid decided to ditch PKR to join Kita, formerly known as Angkatan Keadilan Insan Malaysia (Akim), after alleging that PKR did not practise what it preached, especially in the running of its internal elections to pick national leaders.

Yesterday at the convention, Karpal said that he had warned (de facto PKR leader) Anwar Ibrahim not to accept Zaid into PKR, apparently because the former federal minister could not be trusted.

"I have been in legal profession for over 40 years... I know Zaid,” Karpal has said.

The veteran DAP leader also alleged that during the infamous judiciary crisis in late 1980s, Zaid was former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad's hatchet boy.

Zaid, alleged Karpal, led some Umno-sponsored gangsters to torch the Bar Council building in Kuala Lumpur.

“I warned Anwar on this guy (Zaid). I will defy if Anwar denies it,” he said.

Liars at Pakatan

Zaid today said that in the wake of all the accusations levelled against him by Pakatan leaders, it has become increasingly difficult to become friendly with the opposition coalition.

"That is because some of their top leaders are liars. Anwar started by labelling me a Trojan Horse and until today has not come up with any evidence to back his allegation.

"He even denied that I was ever a Pakatan coordinator. Never mind. Now his protector Karpal called me Mahathir’s hatchet man. Strange indeed that this hatchet man was not even allowed to take riding lessons in Taman Ekuesterian PutraJaya," said Zaid, who is also a prominent lawyer.

He also reiterated that Kita would be an issue-based political party as "we are not anxious to prove our pedigree; we are confident that Malaysians will judge us by our sincerity and the strength of our convictions".

"So we are not about to become friendly with any faction to score easy brownie points. If we do become one, it is because of the convergence of our view points," Zaid added.

Not letting up his criticism of Karpal, Zaid said it was Karpal who, in October 1997 in Parliament, called on the government to expedite investigations into Anwar's alleged sodomy charges "because this snake had allegedly met the 'victims' and he cited all the statutory declarations".

"This snake was convinced of Anwar’s guilt. Of course he sang a different tune when he became Anwar’s counsel. Before he became Anwar's counsel in Sodomy 2 ( at that time Sulaiman Abdullah was holding the fort), this snake also lambasted Anwar, questioning his position as Opposition Leader and mocking Anwar on many occasions.

"Now he is counsel for Sodomy 2 and all is well. In fact... he knows everything about Anwar that it will be difficult for Anwar to ever extricate himself from the clutches of the DAP. Poor Anwar, he is a prisoner in the clutches of (PKR deputy president) Azmin (Ali), Karpal and God knows who else."

"So we will see if he will sue me for calling him a snake, and I will definitely sue him for the lies he uttered yesterday. Thank God, I joined Pakatan... only by being with them one knows their true colours," said Zaid.

read the rest here.

So I did myself some digging and a clicking of the mouse and found these Hansard records 18 December 1997 pages 49-50 from one of my favourite blog:

So YB Karpal had knowledge about Anwar Ibrahim  sodomizing Azizan and he said so in Parliament in 1997. Fast forward 2010, Now Karpal is lead defence counsel in Anwar's second sodomy trial for what he allegedly did to Saiful so is this coincidence or providence. I think the truth will prevail quite soon.

As for me I am not too sure about calling Karpal my favourite khalsa warrior anymore. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

It is politics at its worst.

With due respect, Karpal certainly knows Anwar inside out, but once upon a time, they were from different camps. Karpal remains constant, ie, he is still with DAP.

Anwar,however keeps changing his skin and frog leaped from UMNO to PKR, which is a cleansing agent.

Anyone from fools to intellectuals who joins PKR automatically gets all their sins erased. But when they find out that they have been tricked by empty vessels and decide to leave, they become victims.

Anwar is literally being held by the bollocks by DAP and the 'curry leaf' duty is being handled by Karpal. So, it does not take a brain surgeon to figure out the term Blackmail.

Lovers quarrel aside, Zaid too was a demon until he joined PKR. Suddenly, he was baptised, cleansed of his sins and became an instant hero. From PAS, DAP to PKR,
Zaid was hailed for his bravery, principles and all those roses.

Alas, the moment he found out the mockery within PR and decided to leave like the many others before him, he is once again turned into a Satanic character.

What if Zaid joins PAS or DAP? Will he be cleansed and hailed as a hero again?

Such are the principles of PKR and the whole PR team. They are simply using Anwar as a pawn, knowing he could 'sell ice to the Eskimos'.

And once DAP and PAS get to Putrajaya, it will be the end of Anwar, unless he kow tows to them.

Wanna bet on that political theory?


eddy said...

Not betting on a theory which will definitely turn into a reality Bro. Anwar's balls is literally being squeezed tightly by Karpal Singh as it is.