Monday, 13 December 2010

KLIM 2010.. from a Chevy 1957 to 25 years of Proton and the coming of age of the NAZA Group

The KL International Motor Show ended yesterday on 12 December 2010. It was a good show overall, Proton, Naza Group(Chevrolet, Peugeot, KIA, Harleys, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentleys etc) Honda, Toyota, Mutiara Motors and a host of other Malaysian support industries were there. The RM20 ticket were well worth it. Alas next show in 3 years time, it should be every 2 years. 

Spent a lot of time visiting the Proton Floor area which include Lotus Cars exhibits, seems Proton has come a long way since the first Proton Saga cars. Its not just the rebadged Mitsubishi, the Inspira, that I am talking about but the concepts and prototypes named after Hang Lekir, Hang Tuah etc. exciting stuff. Just hope the quality will improve with the great looking car designs. Lotus was a very good strategic purchase. Pity Proton had to let go the MV Agusta motorbike manufacturing company during Abdullah's administration.

Proton designed and built Campro Engines. To the few Malaysians who look down on Proton cars, think again, we are the only handful of  nations(The US, Germany, Japan, Spain, Russia etc.) in this planet which have the manpower and the technology to design and built modern petrol/NGV combustion engines. 

The New Proton Saga prototype with electric power. Soon Proton will have green hybrid cars in the market. I think Proton Management knows where they are going.
My son's next car...Proton Tuah prototype IF it comes into the local market (Looks like a Lotus Elise though) he,he.

This is a Chevrolet Camaro, if you've watched the Transformer movies, this was the car Bumblebee transformed into, lots of horsepower under that hood, and quite a big hit with the crowd. After Proton, the NAZA group which have also come a long way since just importing cars from their beginning in Kampung Bahru KL, dominated the other hall exhibition with their Chevrolet, Peugeots, KIA, Lamborghinis, Bentleys, Ferraris, Brabus and Harleys etc. The NAZA people have done well for themselves and the nation.

In the background is a Chevy 1957 used by our beloved YTM Tunku Abdul Rahman in the 1959  General Elections for his  political campaign. The Car has since been restored to its former glory by the NAZA people I presume. (The lady beside me is not the car model, I paid for her entrance ticket OK)

With 20 million vehicles already registered in Malaysia, I think its safe to say that the automobile manufacturing, assembly and support industry have a great future, considering also the export potentials to third world countries.

Just hope that the powers that be will decrease taxes in future to make great cars more affordable and leave some money for Malaysia's young couples to buy decent homes.

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