Wednesday, 8 December 2010

A call for total ban on Political gatherings in Places of worship & punitive action against parents taking their children to join political demonstration

Lets have a look at the gathering at Masjid Negara organised and called by PKR/DAP/PAS Selangor State Government to protest against SYABAS last Sunday 5th December 2010 and the far from disciplined behaviour of the Muslim and non-Muslim crowds  in the mosque compound as can been seen here:

As a Muslim I strongly believe that a mosque or any place of worship should only be used for the purpose of worship or religion related activities. I am very sensitive against its use by politicians both Muslims and Non Muslims for political purposes or rallying point.

A mosque should never be a place where you vent your political anger, especially when among the crowd and the speakers or leaders of the demonstration are also non Muslims. A mosque or its compound should not be used as a shield against the Police for these demonstrations which I understand has got no permit from the Police and meant that it is also illegal. The arrogance of these Muslims and Non-Muslims leaders and their followers offends many  other Muslims who want nothing more but just to be able to worship in the mosque in peace.

I therefore call on The Government, the Police and other enforcement agencies to ban and enforce the ban against people who intend to use the mosque or any other place of worship for that matter, as a demonstration/rally point for political purposes. 

Organisers and ringleaders of such political demonstrations be they a Menteri Besar or the Burger Seller, men or women should be arrested, investigated, charged and then sent to jail for incitement and disturbing the peace and harmony of the nation.

Another important thing:

Parents who brings their Children while participating in political demonstrations which could get out of hand and turn violent should be immediately arrested and sent to the lock up for will fully endangering the lives of children under their care. These parents does not deserve any sympathy. Children should be taught to do good benevolent things not demonstrate for a political cause which they know nothing about:

What does the bewildered little girl and her baby sister know about what is going on in front of Masjid Negara? Such display of irresponsibility by the Parent confounds me.

If these two children gets injured in the demonstration by police tear gas or water cannons when the crowd gets unruly, who do you think PKR Timbalan Presiden will blame?

In America such display of irresponsible Parental disregard to the safety of their children  would give cause to the US Government to take their children away from them. Why does Malaysians still want to support leaders who have no problem using children in demonstrations without any sense of guilt?

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