Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Singapore’s allegations of Anwar’s ‘set-up’ is in contempt?

Still on the Anwar Wikileak fallout, Karpal Singh has come up with a statement at last:

Karpal: Singapore’s allegations of Anwar’s ‘set-up’ is in contempt

KUALA LUMPUR: The leaked US diplomatic cable stating that Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy charge and trial “was a set-up job” and that he had “walked into it” is sub judice and a contempt of court, his lawyers said.

Anwar’s counsel Karpal Singh said that it was “no doubt, contempt of court”.

“Now we have to confirm with the Singapore government if what was reported is in fact true.

“But it is sub judice, as it is a pre-judgment of a trial which has yet to be concluded,” Karpal said yesterday.

Karpal said he would act once his client instructed him. Anwar is currently abroad.

In a press statement, Anwar’s other lawyer Sankara Nair said that checks with their Australian counterparts have indicated “that no such references were made by WikiLeaks”.

“To the allegation that ‘it was a set-up job and he probably knew that, but walked into it anyway’ as was supposedly quoted by the media, our simple answer to that is: which man in his sane and right mind would deliberately walk into a trap if he has prior knowledge of it?” he asked.

However, Umno legal adviser and lawyer Datuk Mohd Hafarizam Harun said he did not see the leaks as subjudicial to the current trial.

“The issues brought up (in the cable leak) is something which is outside the sphere of the courts and is not relevant to the ongoing trial,” he said.

Anwar has become the latest personality to be embroiled in the WikiLeaks cable controversy when a leaked diplomatic cable showed that the Australian and Singaporean intelligence agencies discussed his latest sodomy charges and trial.

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Its interesting what will happen next January 22nd when Anwar's sodomy trial continues. The Wikileak on Anwar originated from Australia, our Courts does not have jurisdiction there. Additionally I am quite certain that the very careful Lee Kuan Yew and his Government would not confirm nor deny what was allegedly said as revealed by the Wikileaks, so how does Lee Kuan Yew and his Government be held in contempt based on a report in the Australian press attributed to wikileak sources.

My layman's mind is baffled by Karpal's statement. I wonder what Karpal and his defense team would come up with next. The trial has already been delayed 27 times.

Meanwhile this is what Singapore's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has to say on our Protest Note we sent them today, Tuesday 14/12/2010:


MFA Press Statement

In response to media queries, the MFA Spokesman confirmed that Singapore's High Commissioner in Kuala Lumpur T Jasudasen had been asked to see Malaysian Foreign Minister Dato' Seri Anifah Aman this morning and received a protest note regarding press reports of US Embassy cables leaked by WikiLeaks.

Minister for Foreign Affairs George Yeo called Minister Anifah later in the day to clarify Singapore's policy of not commenting on leaks.

On the specific complaints raised by the Malaysians, what Singapore officials were alleged by WikiLeaks to have said did not tally with our own records. One purported meeting did not even take place.

Minister Yeo and Minister Anifah agreed on the importance of good bilateral relations and strengthening cooperation further.



14 DECEMBER 2010

Like I said the Singapore Government is too smart to comment (i.e neither confirm nor deny) on the wikileaks.

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