Wednesday, 29 December 2010

The new State Secretary issue, If the Selangor MB takes the exPerak MB advise then chaos will result

The ex-MB of Perak has been mostly absent from the mainstream news since his attempt to regain the Perak Government was finally dismissed by the Federal Court on 9 March 2010 of course you will still find Nizar at the mandatory ceramahs organised by PAS/DAP/PKR all over the country.

If not for that Ex-MB Nizar will forever be remembered as the convenient PAS Adun from Perak appointed to be MB because the Perak DAP do not have a Malay Adun to become MB as stipulated in the Perak State Constitution.

His 10 month reign as MB was not impressive, rather controversial and some even divisive, notably the issuance of 999 years lease to Chinese New Village folks which even PAS leaders outside of Perak questioning its application.

Anyway according to a MI report on the Selangor Pakatan led Government refusal to accept the newly appointed State Secretary even though it is now made known that the DYMM Sultan has consented to the appointment, the ex-Perak MB had tweeted this:

“S,gor MB and Xcos, prevent Khusrin from entering SS office. Written instruction 4 him 2 stay at home. Get the SFO to assume/tanggong jawatn (Selangor MB, and state excos should prevent Khusrin from entering the state secretary office. Written instruction for him to stay at home. Get the State Financial Officer to assume his duties)” said Nizar in a message posted on popular micro-blogging site Twitter today.
Read the rest of MI Report here.

I think Nizar should not impose his brand of partisan school children style politics into the situation which is already starting to become quite hot. Not everyone had forgotten how Nizar and his Perak DAP controlled Government was lost to the Barisan Nasional, read here. I have long observed that it was Nizar and his DAP Excos ineptness which caused them the lost of the Perak Pakatan Government. Why? Lets put aside the legalities of the argument. 

Lets start with this facts first, On 9 March 2008, orang Perak woke up to a electoral upset :
BN 28 seats won (UMNO won 27 seats MCA 1 seat)
DAP 18 Seats Won
PKR 7 seats won
PAS 6 seats won

DAP/PAS and PKR then formed a coalition of 31 Aduns to convince the DYMM Sultan of Perak that they have a simple but tenuous majority of 3. Nizar was appointed to become MB and the rest is history. Anyway after 10 months, Nizar lost because he and his Government are a bunch of novice politicians who should have dissolved the Dewan Undangan Negeri the moment Pakatan Aduns go missing and incommunicado considering the slim majority they have at that time. 

Instead he bumbled and procrastinated until BN met with the DYMM Sultan and showed they have majority, only then Nizar made a move to see the DYMM Sultan to dissolve the Perak DUN, by which time it was too late as he has lost the right to do so. The rest is also history.

If Nizar and his Pakatan gang blame the BN politicians for staging a coup, then I have news for them, politics is a rough game, not for the weak hearted, if you cannot stand the heat get out of the kitchen, don't whine and complain or write a shameless syok sendiri self pity book about it. Be a man, take it on the chin, you let yourself down your leaders should have dissolved the Perak DUN when you had majority!

So really Nizar is not the best person to give advise. Nizar's advise is as careless and dangerous as it gets and if the Selangor Pakatan Government takes ex-MB Nizar's advise then I am afraid there will be an impasse, and the administration of the State of Selangor  will be paralysed. What good will that bring to the rakyat of Selangor?

Anyway, isn't there a law against people  instigating others to prevent and obstruct a Civil Servant from carrying out his official duties as New State Secretary and thereby defying the consent of the DYMM Sultan of Selangor. Enough is enough.

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