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Pakatan Pledges 100 days Reforms...Liar Liar house on fire

Fresh from a roasting by Pakatan Spiritual Guru not Nik Aziz.. Raja Petra lah:

Anwar and RPK clash over pace of reform
Sunday, 03 October 2010
By Shannon Teoh, The Malaysian Insider

Which comes first? Change or popular support?

Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was forced to state his case for the support of civil society after maverick blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin, who is a figurehead for various grassroots movements in Malaysia, challenged Pakatan Rakyat (PR) over their commitment to reform.

“We have given PR two-and-a-half years but not a single reform has been implemented.

When my wife saw some of the candidates she said I wouldn t even trust him to walk my dog let alone be my representative RPK quipped.

read more here.

Now comes more promises from the Pakatan Convention over the last weekend:

Pakatan pledges ‘100 day’ reforms for Putrajaya win
By Shazwan Mustafa Kamal December 19, 2010(MI)

KEPALA BATAS, Dec 19 — Pakatan Rakyat (PR) finally revealed a detailed policy framework today, emphasising quick economic and political reforms should the coalition win federal power.
Titled the “Pakatan agenda”, the policy framework is seen as PR’s answer and solution to questions surrounding the opposition’s administrative plans in comparison to Barisan Nasional (BN).

Speculation is rife that a general election will be held as early as next March although BN’s mandate does not expire until May 2013.

“Pakatan Rakyat will initiate reform plans throughout the country in all fields following the original principles underlined in the common policy framework,” an excerpt from the 56-page orange-bound booklet read.

According to the booklet, PR promised instant reforms within the first 100 days of them taking over Putrajaya. (ingat reforms like 3 minute maggi mee ka?)

Among the reforms are:

1. A restructure of institutions including the Elections Commission (EC), the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), the Attorney-General’s Chambers and the Royal Malaysian Police. During a debate on the policy framework, DAP’s Anthony Loke said PR bring the MACC under the purview of Parliament.

2. A repeal of the Internal Security Act (ISA)

3. Instruct Khazanah Berhad, Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) and other government bodies to take over highway assets from the concessionaires in order to abolish the toll system.

4. A restructure of the country’s subsidies, to lessen subsidies given to the private sector (such as the RM19 billion in gas subsidies given to independent power producers) and transferring these to subsidies for the man on the street.

5. Acknowledging the role and sacrifices of civil servants by studying the current pay schemes and increasing the incentives for teachers by RM500 a month

6. Transferring private water concessions to the government

7. Offering free wireless Internet access to those in urban and semi-urban areas

8. Cancelling Felda Plantations and opening up its farms to second- and third generation Felda settlers.

9. Increasing oil royalty payments to Sabah, Sarawak, Terengganu and Kelantan to 20 per cent from 5 per cent currently.

10. Formation of a Royal Commission to solve the problem of illegal immigrants and citizenship issues in Sabah and Sarawak.

“This is what we can promise you immediately, within 100 days, if you vote us in. We can deliver results, which BN has never done,” said Loke earlier today.

Ya right Ah Loke, you can reform all those decades old Government Institution in 100 days? You think its easy as ABC, the Majlis Raja-Raja and other Malaysians will be sitting idly by and watch you anarchists do it without resistance?

Well it used to be one or few of their leaders are lying now it seems that most of their leaders are lying through their teeth making promises they know they cannot and can never keep. Promises of municipal elections, freedom of information act, transparency, accountability, closing down of the Sg Nyior Toll Plaza all come to zilch. Now more lies. 

Oh ya before I forget this one lie that Anwar Ibrahim should still remember and Guan Eng always easily forget [by the way both were ex convicts the former served time for abuse of power the later for spreading false news and sedition]:

Malaysians mudah lupa, so don't mind me repeating this video again and again and again.

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