Monday, 6 December 2010

Federal Court close door on Chin "Butcher of Malaya" Peng

Its confirmed today that Chin Peng, the Secretary General of the Malayan Communist Party will never be able to return to Malaysia legally:

Top court closes door on Chin Peng’s bid to clear name
By Debra Chong December 06, 2010
PUTRAJAYA, Dec 6 — Sitiawan-born Ong Boon Hua — a.k.a Chin Peng — today lost his bid to clear his name in the nation’s top court, in a last-ditched effort to open the way for his return home. Read here.

But then there's always the Country's so called defender of justice who are seldom happy about any court decision that goes for the Government and the majority of Malaysians:

Chin Peng had right to be heard, says Bar Council
By Debra Chong December 06, 2010
KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 6 — Chin Peng should have been allowed his day in court, the Bar Council said in an immediate response today after the Federal Court struck out the former communist leader’s bid to sue Putrajaya for breach of a peace treaty. The top court’s ruling has effectively put an end to the 86-year-old’s last-ditch bid to clear his name and reopen the way for him to return home after more than 21 years. read here.

Chin Peng had the right to be heard Ragunath? Why don't you tell that to the face of the families of the victims of the atrocities committed by the Communist terrorists under direct orders from Chin Peng.

I categorically declare that I am elated with the Federal Court Decision. The only respectable way for the "Butcher of Malaya" to come back to Malaysia is in handcuffs and straight to jail to be charged for the capital crime of ordering Communist Terrorists under his command, to murder innocent Civilians, Policemen and Soldiers and when found guilty, to be hung until he dies. He does not deserve any sympathy.

If his smart lawyers wants to take the matter to International Arbitration, that would be great, as the Government could then submit an application to the International Court of Justice to prosecute Chin Peng the Butcher of Malaya for war crimes and crimes against humanity. He is directly responsible for the murders of 1,865 Soldiers and Policemen and 2,473 Civilians of all races in the Malayan Emergency (Darurat).

Tiada maaf bagimu Chin Peng. 

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