Thursday, 2 December 2010

Visiting a place that I wanted to see since college..a ship breaking yard in Chittagong

Fulfillment of a long life actually visit a ship breaking yard in Chittagong, Bangladesh         

Myself and a good friend from Chittagong, Mr Jafor
[background: a supertanker being reduced to its bridge section]

A Supertanker in the background which took thousands of men to built in two years could be broken down into scrap in 3 months by about 100 strong Bangladesh men with just blowtorches.

                 Just Amazing what we humans can do when we focus our mind to do something!

A closer view of what was once a mighty supertanker which plied the world's oceans.

This here is a picture I took in Chittagong port city, amazing what we use to transport livestock isn't it.
[small cow in three wheel taxi]


satD said...

Cool pics bro Eddy

Lurve the cow in the 3 wheeler..

we got em here ...

notoriously known as Bajais....

There's even a saying...

Antara dia dan Tuhan aja yang tahu samada mau ke kiri atau ke kanan..

Crazy thing moves live lipas kudung in Jakarta....been in one..berrrgeeetarrr....stopped after 1 km..and took a cab.

eddy said...

Salam Bro,

Sama je kat Chittagong ini, these three wheelers, mereka tak pernah guna signal kiri kanan.

Semua driver ada very well developed extra sensory perception, everybody assume that everybody in front or at the back knows when they swerve right or left or break.

Ya just like in Jakarta, in Chittagong better take a cab.