Thursday, 9 December 2010

The many styles of a hand shake

Hand shake is a very important form of communication, if done well it can turn to be an art form:

The many styles of hand shaking; with friends, rivals, enemies, business partner, people you don't know etc.

Hi, good to see too my friend

President Obama has got a great smile when he shake hands with foreign dignitaries

Shaking hands with the late Saddam Hussein is always a scary business..

You lose, I win Hillary.....he, he can you do me a favour Barry, I like the Secretary of State post

Somewhere in our good old Malaysia, some one shaking the hand of...oh, wait a minute is he smooching Najib's hand as well. Mesti ada hajat besar tu kan DS Najib. Sampai hati kalau tak di beri kan ya.

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