Thursday, 16 December 2010

The Singapore wikileak gallery of fame and the not so famous

Singaporeans of note who have been outed by reports attributed to Wikileak:

The grand old man of Singapore, needs no introduction, love him or hate him he is one tough cookie who has taken little Singapore from a thriving Port during the British Colonial days to superlative heights as a city state and one of Asia's finest banking, financial, transport and gambling hub. The cable that deals with Anwar's sodomy case, dated November 2008 and released exclusively to The Sun-Herald by WikiLeaks, states: ''The Australians said that Singapore's intelligences services and [Singaporean elder statesman] Lee Kuan Yew have told ONA in their exchanges that opposition leader Anwar 'did indeed commit the acts for which he is currently indicted'.''


Lee Kuan Yew is a straight shooter who calls a spade a spade, I would believe what he said about Anwar Ibrahim, he would not just eat what ever Ah Beng, Ali or Samy say to him without checking it thoroughly. Heck, even my favourite Tok Guru, Nik Aziz has given old man Lee the all important thumbs up and OK sign.

Mr Bilahari Kausikan  photo

This is the wikileak infamous Bilahari Kausikan. Now this is one impolite Singaporean big mouth I don't like. He said...“A lack of competent leadership is a real problem for Malaysia,”  according to a cable dated September 2008. As such, “the situation in neighboring Malaysia is confused and dangerous,” fuelled by a “distinct possibility of racial conflict” that could see ethnic Chinese “flee” Malaysia and “overwhelm” Singapore, Kausikan was quoted as saying. Waah, so kiasu bad mouthing our country to the United States of America this guylah..last I heard there was an influx of PRC citizens invited to live in Singapore much to the bemusement of Singaporeans. The only influx of Chinese Malaysians into Singapore are those travelling daily between JB and Singapore for work. Oii Bilahari, now hear this  Kuman diseberang nampak, gajah depan mata tak peduli. Stop degenerating my countrylah. Fool!

In wikileak documents, Kausikan was also critical of the Thai government in 2008, labelling then premier Thaksin Shinawatra as “corrupt” along with “everyone else, including the opposition.” He also said the Thai crown prince was “very erratic, and easily subject to influence,” and warned of continued instability in Thailand.

Eventhough Wisma Putra has sent a protest note to Singapore which has since not denied nor confirmed the wikileak stories, I still think that Foreign Minister Hanifah Aman should give this Bilahari Kausikan a personal "Israeli Low Chair Treatment" when he come visiting Wisma Putra on 22nd December 2010.

Peter Ho

Peter Ho, another big mouth, well he got lucky he retired as Head of the Singapore Civil Service recently, so he does not have to travel to Malaysia and be picked up by our Police in relation to his statement on Malaysia's current Prime Minister Najib.

Professor Tommy Koh

The ever smiling Professor Tommy Koh is such a nice man, he should be his family hails from Muar, Johor. Don't be fooled though, the smile hides a very opiniated mind: Singapore's Ambassador-at-Large Tommy Koh was quoted as telling U.S. officials in September 2009 that “his stupid Indian friends” were “half in, half out of Asean.” In a U.S. cable on the same meeting, Japan was described as “the big fat loser in the context of improving ties between China and Asean.” I think the Singapore roving ambassador would not be going to India or Japan anytime soon, and not only that;
Singaporeans are not happy with his comments: The Sydney Morning Herald reports Singapore’s Ambassador-at-Large, Tommy Koh, told senior US officials: “I don’t fear China. I don’t fear being assimilated by China.” It’s an incredible thing for a diplomat to say he doesn’t fear being assimilated by another country. It can be interpreted two ways: he doesn’t fear the possibility because ( a ) it’s most unlikely or ( b ) it’s nothing to be afraid of.

I think there will be more Wikileak on Singapore Diplomats bad mouthing their neigbors, so stay tuned folks things are going to get real hot next year.

Notice also the smiling faces of the Singapore officials..reminds me of this old saying..A man who can smile in a disaster is a man who's just thought of someone else to blame it on.

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