Friday, 24 December 2010

1Malaysia, Rakyat diutamakan Pencapaian didahulukan

Rakyat diutamakan Pencapaian didahulukan

[People first Performance now] a lot better meaning and hope for Malaysian then Ubah Sekarang, Change Now for what? Super promises that Pakatan knows they can never keep.

A Pakatan trinity DAP/PKR/PAS which have: 
  • totally different political objectives between them,
  • cannot even agree on a unified Pakatan Logo,
  • lets not talk about PAS's Islamic state and Hudud Law, 
  • cannot even agree on a proper shadow Cabinet, 
  • not even who to become Prime Minister or Deputy prime Minister among them, 
  • They cannot even deliver the reforms they promised before March 2008, that was two years ago, now they produce a Buku Jingga with more promises that they know they cannot keep. In fact their books and manifestos for change/reform deserve a place in the fiction book section of any local book store.
Of course the only promise they would keep is to blame Barisan Nasional or everybody else if things do not go their way. Pakatan Leaders who talks divisive politics cannot make a good Government not even a good Opposition who can debate rationally with facts and figures without the need to quote standing orders after standing orders designed to delay real progressive debates in Parliament.

We should Ubah Sekarang alright, Ubah Kerajaan Pakatan Selangor, Pulau Pinang, Kedah dan Kelantan for a better more inclusive Malaysia.

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