Monday, 13 December 2010

Wikileaks @ Singapore @ Anwar Ibrahim @ nik nazmi

Anwar Ibrahim and his party PKR is under siege, No thanks to the Wikileak revelations over the weekend, so far there are no press statement called by Anwar, his wife the PKR President nor his daughter Nurul Izzah PKR Vice President but a few uncoordinated and half hearted response from some PKR leaders:

Nik Nazmi says this: PKR terkejut 'konspirasi' S'pura terhadap Anwar

Ya right Nazmi, its still about a conspiracy isn't it for you PKR folks. You would think that Lee Kuan Yew who has a double first in Law would just gleefully eat any information intercepted from the Malaysian SB communications by Singapore Intel? Knowing Lee Kuan Yew's no nonsense reputation I think the Head of the Singapore Intel would have checked rechecked and cross checked before he brought the matter to old man Lee. Nazmi's attempt at spinning falls flat, a conspiracy in Malaysia to bring down Anwar is one myth but a conspiracy involving the Malaysian SB, Singapore Intel, Australia Intel and the Americans takes it to world wide conspiracy myth proportion, what? Just to bring down Anwar? Give us a break lah Nazmi.

Listen Nazmi here is  unsolicited advise, you look like some one I can trust as a politician, you are still quite young and from this failure in spinning I think you are not cut out to be a crooked spinning politician, why not you leave PKR before it sucks you in its whirlpool of political deceit. Join AKIM like Zaid Ibrahim.

And Nazmi, please leave this Wikileak spinning to the person who will directly be held accountable, this is way above your payscale so to speak. This Wikileak is damaging as it changes people's perception towards Anwar, the damage however has been done, the more PKR leaders tries to cover the hole the more they get sucked in it. Have you ever wondered why PKR Pakatan partners the DAP and PAS are keeping a deafening silence on the matter?

Anybody want to learn to write great then read this:

Azmi Anshar's: Should Lee Kuan Yew testify in Sodomy II?


Now, assuming of course that the WikiLeaks cable is accurate, the follow-up should be as follows:

- Did the Special Branch pass bad intel to Lee Kuan Yew?

- Did Lee Kuan Yew depend on the Special Branch or acquired his intelligence independently before making a judgment of Anwar's guilt?

- Why did Lee or his intelligence people pass that judgment over to the ONA?

- Why would the ONA be interested in Lee Kuan Yew's judgment of Anwar?

If indeed Lee and the Singaporeans strongly believe in their judgment, there is a recourse that could be taken up by Anwar or the Public Prosecutor trying the Opposition Leader: seek Lee's and his intelligence people's cooperation by requesting him and them to testify at Anwar's trial at the soonest convenient date. By the same measure, the ONA should be able to send its top guy to confirm what Lee and his intelligence people observed.

Read more here.

Away from the Wikileak on Anwar:

So  according to Wikileak,Singapore's Foreign Ministry official has been saying a lot of rude and disparaging things about Malaysia to our good friend the United States of America. I am very angry, I know they will never issue an apology but will tell us how to react to their careless statements on Malaysia like this one here, so Kiasu.

You know I remembered how the Israelis treated Turkish Foreign office representatives when they met during the time when Israel and Turkey were butting at each others' heads. When Israeli officials summoned the Turkish ambassador over an anti-Israel TV show, they seated him in a lower chair and conspicuously failed to place Turkey's flag on the table. 


Maybe our Malaysian Foreign office officials could do the same to their Singaporean counterpart when they come visiting next week. Our little condescending kiasu neighbors who hold our country in contempt deserve this "Israeli low chair" treatment. OK, OK  kita baik sikit lah we put the Malaysian and Singapore Flags side by sidelah.

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