Monday, 6 December 2010

Dr Chua calls for equality in the BN, say what!

The MCA is at it again:

Chua calls for equality

Really I cannot understand what Dr. Chua is harping about, under the current BN power sharing formula, MCA which was almost decimated by the DAP and PKR  in the tsunami of 8 March 2008 and ended up with only 15 MPs in Parliament, were given 4 full Cabinet Minister posts and I think 7 Deputy Minister's post by the BN. 

The plum post of Ministry of Transport was given to the MCA, so is the Minister of Health, of Housing and Local Government and Tourism. This meant that 4 of 15 MCA MPs have got top Government posts, that is remarkable good fortune for MCA considering the other party in BN like the PBB with 14 MPs only has 1 Minister in Cabinet, YB Douglas Unggah - Minister of Natural Resources and Environment.

In the name of free speech I wouldn't want to tell Dr. Chua to stop asking for this and asking for that, after all the BN is the only sucessful on going experiment in multiracial politics and power sharing. I would like to remind Dr. Chua though to be grateful of what the MCA have for now and rebuild the MCA from that base the BN had given them.

I think the MCA should first prove their worth in the BN coalition in the next General Election and at least recover the 25 or so seats they lost to the DAP and PKR in March 2008 before they start to ask for this and for that and further undermining whatever little support the BN has from the Chinese.

Otherwise in the name of equality and to prove that they walk the talk the MCA under Dr .Chua should decline all ministerial cabinet post until such time they regain lost Chinese support. Its not good to be seen to keep what you have and at the same time asking for more what others have. In a democracy political power must be earned, it is not a given right.

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