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There is something more behind the DAP's "miracle" at Sibu it seems

I always have this sneaky feeling that my post on 15 June 2010 - After the "miracle" in Sibu comes the "miracle" in Malim Nawar, seemed incomplete having just basically giving a casual observation of the religious/Christian evangelism slant to the DAP Sibu by-election campaign before and after.

That was until blogger SatD came up with his latest posting titled "SIB Headhunters coming our way: The Jill Ireland Allah Ciplak CD Case", its a long well researched article that many have come to expect of SatD, really amazing stuff of the little unknown history of the SIB. My cyber sifu Rocky's Bru picked up this great article as well and his comments can be found at
Re-re-return of the Muslim Allah, Christian Allah issue.

excerpts from Rocky's Bru:

"AN OBLIGATION TO EVANGELIZE. A decision by a High Court senior assistant registrar to allow clerk Jill Ireland, a member of the Sidang Injil Borneo, to question two local scholars (her lawyer calls them "so-called Islamic experts" so as to cast doubt about their credentials)who support the Home Ministry's ban on the use of Allah by Christians in Malaysia is set to bring back the war or words between Muslims and Christians.

SatD suspects the case is a ploy by the Sidang Injil Borneo to keep alive the "war", which also saw the burning of churches and the defecation of mosques early this year, and push Najib Razak's administration into a corner. Logical assumption, given that the handling of this issue is making the BN government unpopular, especially in Sabah and Sarawak.

In his latest post, the blogger traces the roots of Sidang Injil Borneo, its "extremist teachings" and obligation to evangelize, and how the Brunei government successfully handled the cult.

SatD thinks the Malaysian government could learn from Brunei."

Anyway continuing from the DAP win that Lim Kit Siang dubbed as the miracle in Sibu, I am very pleased that SatD linked his post to another great blog... "Shuzheng political papers" and this gem of a post "DAP’s Christian Despotism: Chattel Bonds & a Tyrant Named Ah Guan". This post is the answer to the sneaky feeling that I am having. Alhamdullillah/Praise to God/Hallelujah.

Its a long post though as a well researched article should be but sure is an enthralling read to the end:


It starts at:

The Anti-Chinese DAP

With Keshvinder Singh joining Hee Yit Foong, the way to destroy DAP’s Jesus Taliban from inside out ratches up a notch.

For the Sibu seat, the DAP evangelist elite brandished their Christian credentials like never before. Two PKR men, Jimmy Chua Jui Meng (ex-MCA) and Tan Kee Kwong s/o David Tan Chee Khoon (ex-Gerakan), who joined them in making the “hand of God” were soon reciting from bibles they had brought with them. Their motivation hadn’t come from merely speaking in a common tongue, from the same pulpit, in Sibu, to prove that their political objective is biblical predestined. More than that, they were also asserting their common hatred, Barisan Nasional and more generally the Chinese electorate who refused their God.

This way of conducting politics might be tolerable. It’s been done before after all, with methods identical to PAS exploiting Islam although DAP’s Christianity has bigger dreams, turning Sabah and Sarawak into twin Kelantans. Then there is Anwar Ibrahim. He had brought Islam fundamentalism into mainstream Umno and look what it has gotten him: a posterior bruised over and over......

In the middle:

......Few Chinese have fallen for the Anwar-PAS stratagem to get Islam into everyday life and this is partly owed to the very nature of the religion. As for the Malays, they have no choice.

When Anwar went to jail some years back, the Chinese did not cry over his fate. So when he dies nobody is going to build a temple in his name as the Chinese did for Kongzi and Laozi.

DAP & May 13

If the Chinese did not fall for Anwar and PAS did they for DAP’s Christianity in March 2008? Lim Guan Eng and his mouthpieces in Malaysiakini (Josh Hong) and in the online English Sin Chew (Thomas Lee) like to think so they did: “stupid heathens”, they’d whisper among themselves.

Already Hannah Yeoh has likened the mass conversion of the Chinese, some to Christianity, but mostly to the DAP’s brand of politics as evidence into the work of the “hand of God”. And Sibu was just one more manifestation. This explains the DAP’s infinite conceit: like PAS people, they believe they have god on their side so they can’t lose.

DAP isn’t the first to use Christianity to serve a political cause nor is it the first to exploit religion in manipulating voter emotions. David Tan Chee Khoon, extolled as Mr Opposition some decades ago, had preceded all that. Before there was PAS there was Gerakan, helmed by Chinese Christians who had split from the MCA. Which is to also to say that the near annihilation of Gerakan in Penang in the hands of the DAP Christians is the former’s just dessert – explaining why Lim Kit Siang had been relentless in his personal attacks on Koh Tsu Koon....

at the end:

...All that says DAP evangelism is a greater danger to Malaysia than PAS will ever be. It must be crushed hence. And, for good measure, Guan Eng et al should be put on trial (surely, Hisham, you can find something to nail him with?), one by one, then jailed and all that would be, to employ their logic they had said of gambling: it is for their own good and the greater good of the rest of Malaysia.

In more ways than one, Lim Guan Eng and family is like Taiwan’s Chen Shui-bian: poor in the beginning, later a Christian, wears clothes of a democrat, proclaiming Western, White man values and shouting democracy at every opportunity, yet a soul corrupted to the core. And he loves money, which he uses as leverage (chattel bond?). Indeed the two parties are ideological and political cousins. During his final term of office, Chen was especially racist and anti-Chinese, getting the English Press, the Taipei Times in particular, to launch the propaganda that Taiwanese are not Han Chinese. Taiwan, before jailing Chen, had wasted eight years on him and on every member of his entire family.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad: can you now understand, truly understand, who your actual enemies are? Know that the Chinese, the extremist Chinese, are the only people standing between the crusading Anglophiles and Malay sanity? (In their most fearsome, the extremist DAP Anglophiles can even drive the resilient Chinese nuts.) But, if you still want a Chinese skin to hang out of your window balcony, help yourself to Guan Eng and his family. Chinese chauvinists won’t blink. Either that or let loose your Ibrahim Alis on the DAP. We promise to say nothing; absolute silence.

read the whole article

I note that the author said that DAP evangelism is a greater danger than PAS will ever be. The SUPP were shell shocked by DAP's political campaign in Sibu so expect more of the same from the DAP especially in the Sarawak and Sabah election campaign where our Malaysian Christian brethrens makes a big voting bloc in an election constituency.

Maybe the MCA,SUPP,Gerakan leaders would want to read and maybe learn a thing or two from Shuzheng, instead of having this petty tiffs that MCA are having with Ibrahim Ali's Perkasa.

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OrganisedReligion said...

As Brad Pitt said Christianity is an evil religion.

Christianity is a mediaeval belief of the Jews that was hijack by the Italian Roman Emperor Constantine.

Constantine saw that violence alone will not allow him to rule the poor and oppressed so he adopted Christianity as a Holy Catholic Emperor.

Thus religion was used as justification for the existence of the Queen, Kings or Emperor in Europe. The Europeans belief that their King and the Holy Ghost are top of the echeleons.

Kingdom needs the blessing of the Catholic Pope in Rome if they want the poor to see them as holy.

Then the King of England realised the stupidity and declare himself his own church instead of giving powers to that italian man who called himself the Catholic Pope.

And Catholic were banned in England throne.

But the power of christianity lives on as the fundamental human fears has been exploited in most old philosophy. Thus they bring Christianity myhtology to Sabah and SArawak natives.

The natives of Sabah should be praying to their own priests humanoids or babahizons..hehe something like that but the Germans, Dutch,,English and Netherhland mats salleh missionaries taught them the Jesus mythology which was easilty absorbed by the natives.

In China and Japan, Christians were crucified like their leaders upside down so that the European Christians were scared to come to Japan which is still homogeneous.

The Japanese being more advanced then the Europeans of course dont belief these mumbo jumbos of the Jews as they have a more superior Bushido belief.