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Great to see MCA finding its foot again

Its a long time since March 2008 that we have heard a MCA President beating the "war drum" that many would think that the MCA is just too petrified of the DAP. Well since Dr Chua's amazing come back, he has slowly but surely been putting his house in order. So to hear Dr Chua telling DAP Secretary General that he is behaving like an Opposition instead of the CM of Pulau Pinang is greatly heart warming:

Soi Lek says Guan Eng behaving like ‘opposition’

By Clara Chooi July 25, 2010(MI)

KLANG, July 25 —
MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek today accused Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng of behaving like he was still in the opposition for initiating the ongoing spat with a federal officer.

Dr Chua (picture) mocked Lim’s attitude and how he had chosen to handle the tiff, pointing out that the DAP secretary-general could have used a more civilised channel to voice his grievances against State Development Officer (SDO) Nik Ali Mat Yunus.

“Look at how Lim Guan Eng handled the issue with the SDO. From there, you can generally conclude that he (Lim) himself is not aware of his own role as an administrator,” he told reporters after opening the Selangor MCA convention at Centro here this afternoon.

He said that as the chief minister, Lim had the right and the responsibility to evaluate Nik Ali’s performance and come up with an official verdict through the state government.

“He can evaluate the SDO and make a decision during the state executive council meetings. Through that channel, he can present the state government’s views to the Chief Secretary to the Government,” said Dr Chua.

He added that the chief secretary would have “no choice” but to accept and respect the views of the state government.

“But by forwarding your views out in the open like that, the SDO would be forced into retaliating to defend himself.

“In the end, the issue does not get solved,” he said.

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I think it is sound advise and if Guan Eng do not let go of this argument he is just falling into a political whirlpool that will drag the DAP along with it, this time its not between DAP Guan Eng and Nik Ali The Federal Civil Servant alone. No need to listen these two so called intelectual who are supposed to be neutral in their profession, this spat has got nothing to do with a civil servant impartiality.

Anyway here's more from Dr Chua:

MCA mocks Pakatan’s achievements in Selangor

By Clara Chooi July 25, 2010(MI)

KLANG, July 25 — The MCA today poked fun at the Selangor Pakatan Rakyat government, claiming that its only glaring achievement over the past two years was in doubling the number of entertainment outlets in the state.

Party president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek, in his speech during the Selangor MCA convention,
accused the PR of failing to run the country’s wealthiest and most industrialised state efficiently, despite holding on to power for the past two years since the March 2008 general election.

“Its only clear achievement is in the number of entertainment outlets, which rose significantly since they took on the government.

“The outlets increased by at least 200 per cent. I believe that they have reached more than 6,000 entertainment outlets now, including cyber cafes and massage parlours,” he told a press conference after the function.

Dr Chua also listed down the PR’s many undelivered election promises and reminded the people that if the fledgling coalition were given the mandate to helm Putrajaya, they would only renege on more promises.

“In the last general election, a large number of voters chose the PR. This was because, at the time, the Barisan Nasional had certain problems and the people were not satisfied with us.

“But now that the PR has been given the opportunity to run four states for two and a half years, the people have had the chance to evaluate their performances. Are they more efficient than the BN administration of the past?

“They have made plenty of promises that they could have delivered on but today, people are still asking about them. The people are still waiting. If they cannot deliver their promises in running the state government, surely if they win the federal government, they would make more promises that they cannot deliver?” he said.

As an example, Dr Chua singled out the Selangor state government, presently run by Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim of the PKR.

“Look at Selangor. Prior to this, they promised that they would not interfere on the business deals but when they won the state, they created a company to handle the sand-mining activities in the state. This has created so many problems today.

“At the end of the day, if you look at it in terms of sand revenue, it has declined considerably. They promised annual returns of RM150 million but unfortunately, in 2008 and 2009, the returns failed to even achieve RM1 million,” he said.

Other unrealised promises made by the Selangor government, said Dr Chua, included the promise to introduce local government elections, the reduction of quit rent and a promise of monetary aid to pre-school students.

“They also criticised the Rukun Tetangga saying that the BN’s methods were inefficient. They promised to come up with a more effective system but until today, the people are still waiting,” he said.

Dr Chua added that the MCA would do its best in helping the BN regain control of Selangor by mobilising its members in the state.

I think the loose Pakatan Coalition are clearly worried about the BN campaign to take back Selangor especially now that the MCA is getting into the action with much bravado led by Dr Chua. Read here:

Selangor approves funds to take on BN

By Neville Spykerman July 26, 2010(MI)

SHAH ALAM, July 26 – In a controversial move, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim announced today that public funds would be used to counter the “biased news coverage” of media controlled by the Barisan Nasional (BN) federal governnment.

The Selangor mentri besar said that RM15 million or one per cent of the state’s budget next year would be allocated for the information war.

“This amount is equal to RM3 for every person in Selangor,” said Khalid (pic).

His move is an attempt to counter federal government or BN-owned newspapers and media which keeps a firm grip on information which is disseminated to the public.

The loose Pakatan Rakyat gang of DAP,PKR and PAS must surely be really rattled that they are forced to use state Government money to defend themselves against the BN onslaught.

Taking RM3 from every person in Selangor to defend Pakatan? That cannot be right, surely this is very desperate stuff, does Tan Sri Khalid really believe that all Selangor are in support of the Pakatan loose coalition?Macam Penyamun Pasir tu. The last time I checked BN/UMNO won 20 state seats in March 2008.

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