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Is the GE13 coming sooner then expected?


In a reaction to the feelers sent by UMNO President and VP, It seems that some political analyst thinks that
BN is not ready for the GE but some do think that a snap poll will be sooner then later.

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The multipronged attacks on leaders of Pakatan especially Anwar Ibrahim and the playing up of the internal strifes within PKR itself and the deep political differences between the various component parties of PAS and DAP these past few weeks seemed to indicate that the GE13 is not that far away, could even be done together with the Sarawak State Elections which many political pundits predict would be called anytime towards the end of this year. Or this is just me putting the cart before the horse.

News from Bernama:

Najib Outlines Four Factors In People's Assessment Of Umno

PEKAN, July 4 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has outlined four important factors that influence the attitude of the people on Umno and their aspirations for the party in championing their cause.

He said the first factor was whether the people were satisfied with the leadership at the national, state, divisional and branch levels with regard to the programmes implemented.

Najib, who is also the Umno president, said the implementation of policies and the decisions made would be taken by the people as a yardstick in improving service to the local community.

"The second factor is how the state leadership manages land applications, whether the land is to be opened up, housing matters and other issues which are related to the leadership at the state level," he said in his winding up speech at delegates meeting of the Pekan Umno division, here Sunday.

He said the third factor was the party leadership at the grassroots, branch and divisional levels which would be assessed by the people in terms of their management and whether the people were satisfied, like the evaluation made at the national level.

The last factor was the role played by the elected representatives, whether they fulfilled the aspirations of the people, he said.

Najib said a political tsunami would occur if these four factors turned out to be negative factors where the people were dissatisfied with the leadership at the national, state, party and constituency levels.

"Thus, I call on all party leaders, whether at the grassroots or divisional levels, to discharge their responsibilities in the interest of the rakyat," he said.

He also urged all branches and divisions to simplify the registration of new members wishing to join Umno to demonstrate that the party was prepared to provide assistance and adopted an open attitude in whatever matters that concerned the rakyat.

The party president said registration of members could not be done seasonally but should be carried out continuously by organising various activities that would benefit and attract the interest of the people to join Umno.


and the second from Bernama also:

BN Must Face General Election, No More Dilly-dallying - Hishammuddin

BANGI, July 4 (Bernama) -- Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said today the time has come for the Barisan Nasional (BN), particularly Umno, to prove that their past weaknesses and mistakes have been successfully overcome.

As such, the BN and all its component parties must now be prepared to face the 13th general election without dilly-dallying anymore, he said.

He said cliche and petty excuses which were frequently used before could no longer be cited to support reasons for 'running away' from contesting in the election.

Hishammuddin said amendments to the (party) constitution and a comprehensive transformation in Umno were drastic measures taken to rebuild the party's strength, thus enabling Umno to emerge as the first BN component party to take the bold move.

"We have no choice. We have to be ready, how long can we give the excuse that we are not ready? How long can we delay the election and say that we are still saddled with problems that we had to face during the rehabilitation before?" he asked.

read more here.

On top of the above news, the recently announced additional RM500k allocation for each BN MPs does say that something is brewing.

Whatever it is PM Najib should take intelligence advise from the Government Intelligence/Security Agencies who will be able to get very accurate feed back from the ordinary people on the streets to gauge the people's support of the BN. It is not enough to get feedback from the political parties only.

Whatever the date of the GE will be, PM Najib must look at the MIC and the GAS movement issue, there has to be closure or an amicable solution between the two. Hammering GAS down with brute force will not solve anything but breed more dissatisfaction within some sections of the Indian community. BN needs the Indian votes as well if it wants to perform better than GE12(2008). The MCA should also bring down their noise by two notches when dealing with PERKASA. Making
police reports against PERKASA do not help the BN cause at all. The public feud between MCA and the Malay Rights NGO is not good for BN and must stop immediately. Undeniably BN needs the Chinese votes but lets face it, the MCA do need the Malay votes as well. Let PM Najib handle the delicate matters that is his job as PM and BN Chairman.

Another thing PM Najib must never allow a Minister to tell the public that the proposed JB scenic bridge to be constructed in Malaysian territory needs a foreign Government permission first before it can be constructed, that is a definite no,no. Malaysians definitely do not like it if their elected Government insists on getting approval from Singapore to construct a structure in Malaysia's own sovereign territory. This is a no brainer, this will lose BN plenty of votes especially in its mega stronghold of Johor if not handled with utmost care.

Come what may, the timing of the election is crucial and it is the PM's decision on the timing alone which will determine whether the BN continues to rule the Federal Goverment or shift over to the Opposition side of Parliament. Tun Abdullah Badawi mistimed the GE12 and he paid the ultimate penalty having to relinquish his PM ship after much pressure.

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