Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Dr Chua's 100 days as MCA's to more than a term in office

This is an interesting interview of MCA's President Dr. Chua Soi Lek dated 5 July 2010 with on the occasion of his 100 days as MCA's President. The Interview is in three parts the first two parts basically deals with his thoughts on the MCA; of the Chinese voters and the BN Gomen. Dr Chua says it is time for BN to review the concept of power sharing and that it should reflect the changing political scenario of the nation. He also thinks that the MCA is not ready for a GE yet needing more time for the party machinery to get going especially after the bruising internal battle which culminated in him replacing Ong Tee Keat as Party President.

Below is the third part of the interview titled "Delicate Balancing" which I think showed that this is one Malaysian political leader who knows his onions and understands perfectly well the delicate situation in a multiracial Malaysia. Please have a listen:

Excerpts :

- Change MCA from a Chinese centric party to a more multiracial outlook.

- He recognised that Malaysia is a multiracial country and Govt policy is one fine delicate balancing act and so no one race could be fully satisfied.

- He bluntly said that the political situation in the country is very complex and that the Chinese should not be politically naive to expect that if the Opposition comes in, what they want they will get, as any Government in power will still have to do a delicate balancing act as well which means that no race will be satisfied.

- He hoped that the BN Govt would be fair and democratic and decisions made must be transparent and be accountable.

- He thinks the Gomen must not only say the right thing but do the right thing to win the confidence of the people.

- He said the Gomen cannot flip flop and policies must be consistent only then it has credibility. [I think PM Najib should be wary that his Government would soon turn into the flip flopping Abdullah Administration which lost 2/3rd majority in Parliament and five states to boot if he is not careful enough]

I think what Dr Chua says above makes complete sense. I think its a good thing that Dr Chua is not in the Cabinet, his position as MCA President puts him in good stead to strongly advise the BN President and Prime Minister when things are not going the right way for the BN Government as he would not be subservient as a Cabinet Minister would be.

I hope Dr Chua who I know is perfectly at home speaking in English, Malay or Mandarin will be able to help MCA recover the lost Chinese votes that BN lost in the last GE with his middle of the road approach and being much aware of the multiracial nature of our Malaysia.

Unfortunately there are clever Malaysians who just want to demand and demand and demand without thinking about the sensitivity of other Malaysians who live in Malaysia beside them as well:

here and here.

......which sometimes spark an annoyed rebuttal

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