Tuesday, 27 July 2010

DAP dua kali lima sahja

I think when it comes to Corruption, DAP pun 2 kali 5 sahja. When they are in the Opposition and do not have opportunities, they run riot shouting about "CORRUPTION". Its a different case altogether when they are in Government isn't it. Now here's a small case(maybe tip of a bigger iceberg) involving a DAP Councillor's shenanigans and guess what, not only has a Police Report not been lodged against their own as yet, they are treating it as a internal party matter, very hush-hush must be really embarassing stuff if the news break out into the General public. So much for the anti corruption crusade of the DAP, orang mereka buat mereka senyap-senyapkan. And these are the people who are shouting equality and transparency for those Malaysian who care to listen.

DAP veteran used exco man’s letterhead to obtain contracts


PETALING JAYA: A municipal councillor allegedly used a state exco member’s official letterhead and seal by writing his own letters of support to obtain contracts for his cronies and a family member.

It is alleged that the councillor, a DAP veteran, had secured contracts worth more than RM1mil for 20 companies from the council where he had been serving since July 2008.

Although the man — who has strong party connections — has no access to the exco member’s office now, he has, however, been reappointed as a councillor for a third term.

The councillor sits on several important committees — including the tender board — at the council, one of the biggest in the state.

Exco member Ronnie Liu has confirmed that his letterhead had been misused and that the local councillor was now being investigated by the party. However, members claimed internal action was “not enough”.

A party insider said the DAP was under pressure to lodge a report with the authorities.

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Council man under probe.

Here is a DAP declaration on Corruption:

DAPSY Kulai Declaration of Anti-Corruption

DAPSY calls for a declaration of war against corruption which amongst others demands::

-all members of Government not only must publicly declare their assets but also legally prohibited from accumulating extraordinary wealth and living beyond their official means;

-there is no mixing of politics with business and members of Government are not allowed to get involve in business;

-the Anti-Corruption Agency be given full independent powers and be accountable and subjected only to the scrutiny of and supervision from Parliament;

-All assets of those found guilty of corruption be confiscated by the State (1993).

Rings hollow isn't it. This reminds me of the old saying that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Pity those who choose this kind of dishonest people in.

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Anonymous said...

Thief shouting thief. But, these are the slogan shouters claiming to be whiter than white. They see cronyism in others but not themselves.

Nonetheless, the PAS supporters will never be able to see through all the evil in them.

And they claim that there was 22 years of corruption? Here it's not even 5 years and already they are racing like the world's going to end tomorrow.