Monday, 8 November 2010

Zaid Ibrahim withdraws from PKR race for Timbalan Presiden..he should really start his own party or NGO

While Zaid Ibrahim's withdrawal from the PKR contest for Timbalan Presiden  is not surprising in the face of overwhelming odds against Azmin Ali who everyone knows is the favourite of PKR unelected Ketua Umum , the surprise if any is that he waited too long to announce his inevitable withdrawal. 

TheStar have the news:

Zaid quits race for PKR No 2, all party posts
read it all here.

As for me Dato' Zaid Ibrahim will be forever remembered for these parting juicy liners on PKR which is beginning to really shape up as a Anwar family franchise much like the DAP:

"Over the course of the party elections, events have shown that the leadership actively condones malpractices and electoral fraud to achieve its designed objectives"

"I am certain that any political party with such hypocritical and false values will not be able to offer meaningful reforms to the people of this country."

"Finally, I hope those adoring fans of Anwar Ibrahim will no longer regard me as a “spoiler” standing in the way of their march to Putrajaya. I wish them well."

Very well said, I think Zaid Ibrahim's political ideas needs its own independent platform, not PKR, certainly not DAP, definitely not PAS, he should start his own party or take baby steps start and establish his own NGO. Why not?

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