Friday, 19 November 2010

Build cemetery with modern facilities, good infrastructure #2

My very first posting in this blog is a subject dear to me but is not much talked about especially among Muslims in Malaysia.

Build cemetery with modern facilities, good infrastructure

1. I am sure most Muslims would find time at least once a year, especially during Ramadan and Hari Raya, to visit and tend the graves of our dearly departed.

2. I am writing on the state of the Muslim cemeteries in Malaysia in particular that I periodically visit in Johor Baru, like the Tanah Perkuburan Islam at Jalan Mahmmoodiah. I have nothing but praise for the immaculate work done in maintaining these cemeteries. However there are only so much that the maintenance people can do to make visiting the graves a more pleasant experience. I observed that careful planning and design of these cemeteries are severely lacking, except for the older area around the Royal Mausoleum at the Tanah Perkuburan Islam at Jalan Mahmmoodiah, which has proper roads and drains. The other areas lack these.

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While this post hardly qualify to be an original idea but with more reading and discussion this idea will I hope eventually catch up with the Jabatan Ugama Islam of the various States in Malaysia and the powers that be who are responsible for the planning, procuring and maintenance of Muslim cemeteries in Malaysia.

We could learn a thing or two from our Non Muslim brethrens on how they design and maintain the graves of their dearly departed superbly so that it is easy to access and visit, read:

Anyway I wrote this post to showcase a blog called The Lovely Tya. My son Arif, stumbled upon the blog post when he was surfing the net a couple of days back and told me about it, please go to this posting, don't worry its not a spooky site:

Arkitek design KUBORRRR?!

Please read and see the visuals in the blog here.

Tya, it's a great presentation, keep up the good work and spread the 
word. Thank You.


Tya said...

Salam bro,Thanks a lot for viewing my post!yep in Malaysia everybody is giving a bad impression when i told them i did Cemetery for my final design.Indeed a reminder of death is needed for us.Looking at Malaysian context,the graveyard is the last place to visit because the environment and approach is so far behind from others.I made a wide research comparing the cemetery and i also have visited quite number of Cemetery in Melbourne.Alhamdulillah,Allah gave me strength to en devour my journey!Im happy i met someone who really like my thought!Thank you brother..Salam

eddy said...

Salam Tya, you know you are not alone on this subject. Anybody who has visited a typical Muslim cemetery in Malaysia would have thought how much easier it would be had it been planned and maintained properly with other facilities like you envisaged.

Unfortunately, ramai yang tidak suka berbual mengenai kematian lebih lagi mengenai menziarah kubur arwah.

I see you are studying in Australia, good for you. Anyway, I saw that some newer Muslim cemeteries in Putrajaya and Kuala Lumpur have showed much improvement in terms of planning but not anywhere near what non Muslims have achieved so far. The Nilai Memorial Park is a superb example.

I think there are plenty of money available from zakat contributed by many middle class and affluent Muslims in Malaysia for the Baitulmal to construct a good well managed cemetery. What is needed is someone in the JAKIM,IKIM or the various Jabatan Agama Islam to get the idea going and make it a reality.

Yes we are so far behind in terms of cemetery planning and management that a small step forward is like a giant leap in perception of Malaysian Muslims towards the cemetery as a place not for just burying our dear departed but also for other activities for the living.

Keep up the good work Tya, some where out there there will be somebody seorang hamba ALLAH who will take up the idea and turn it into a reality, InsyaALLAH.

Keep spreading the ideas and the message, Sis.

TQ and Wassalam.