Thursday, 4 November 2010

BN win byelections, took back Galas from PAS and retained Batu Sapi, Syabas Ku Li, Musa Aman dan TPM kita

1. BN win in Galas by-election by a 1,190 majority, PAS gets whacked big time amid talk of DAP/PKR unholy election pact. A big congratulation to Ku Li who had showed what UMNO was missing when they did not support him to contest the recent Presidential elections to replace Abdullah Badawi. His campaign strategy was cool and measured and his election script was followed and supported by all of UMNO leadership and member. At 73 there is still great life and spirit in  Ku Li, PM Najib and TPM Muhyiddin should invite him to be among UMNO frontline leaders leading the UMNO/BN in the next great battle the GE13. How about a post as UMNO Treasurer or Secretary General UMNO/BN. His experience and stature and charisma will be invaluable to UMNO in this moment of need. UMNO/BN ignore Ku Li again at their risk.

2. BN win in Batu Sapi by-election by a whopping 6,359 majority. A Big congratulations to Musa Aman and BN. Yong Teck Lee sunk like the Titanic and Ansari got literally pushed into deep water again. The win showed that Sabah is truly a BN fortress, a fixed deposit so to speak. Just hope the new YB Datin carry on the good work of her late husband and of course brush up on her Bahasa Melayu.

3. Plenty of work to do for UMNO/BN though in the run up to the next GE, as the two by elections in the Peninsular and in Sabah cannot be a yardstick to predict the future. Anyway today BN should celebrate a deserved victory. The tide might just be turning a little for PM Najib and BN, there is a window now albeit small, showing that the Chinese are beginning to lean slightly towards BN.

posted in Dhaka, Bangladesh

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