Monday, 29 November 2010

Have PKR members elected an ignoramus as their Timbalan Presiden?

Here is the maiden speech by Azmin Ali as PKR Timbalan Presiden, read:

Azmin attacks Najib, rejects Malay supremacy

1. Azmin Ali showed his total ignorance of our system of Government which is modelled on the Westminster system where the Prime Minister is an MP who has the support of the majority group in Parliament. His tongue twisting devisive description of PM Najib elevation to Prime Minister is indeed pathetic as it offending to right thinking Malaysians. Najib became Prime Minister when he was elected unopposed as Presiden of UMNO which is the biggest party in the majority BN coalition and that is a fact.

2. If there are any argument it should be the position of Opposition leader held by Anwar Ibrahim which rightly belong to Lim Kit Siang because the DAP has the highest number of MPs in the loose Pakatan coalition. By Azmin's standard then he must ask Anwar to step down and allow Lim Kit Siang to become Opposition Leader immediately. Azmin Ali talks nonsense.

3. The position of the unelected and not constitutionally recognised de-facto leader of PKR, Anwar Ibrahim is a big question mark on the democratic election process of the PKR, lets not even begin to talk about the complaints of abuse, cheating and fraud in the PKR election where LESS than 25% of the questionable PKR member numbers of 400,000 went to vote. Azmin Ali the PKR crusader should address this problem in PKR first above anything else.

4. Ketuanan Melayu is a word made famous only after Anwar Ibrahim was let out of jail, it has never been used by UMNO during the 22 years that Dr Mahathir was UMNO President nor was it used by Dollah Badawi as a political cry. The only people harping on Ketuanan Melayu nowadays are the PKR, PAS and DAP folks who are trying to rejuvenate Ketuanan Melayu so that they can demonise UMNO and make the Chinese and Indians resent UMNO more. Prove: PKR President and now its Timbalan Presiden are again raising the spectre of Ketuanan Melayu to spook the non Malays. A closer look at the UMNO BN led Government policies suggest otherwise, every body benefits from the BN Government policies and PM Najib promotes 1 Malaysia, NOT Ketuanan Melayu.

5. In a nutshell, the last PKR convention has nothing to offer the Rakyat except its loud self proclaimed devotion to Anwar Ibrahim who after being released from jail after serving a six years sentence for abuse of power when he was Deputy PM is now facing another charge of sodomizing his young PKR (ex)assistant, hmm, so much for God's gift to Malaysia isn't it.

6. Azmin Ali's questionable election victory and his style of politics will only be canon fodder for UMNO and BN, he is no orator like Anwar Ibrahim as his  latest uninspiring speech showed. PKR will be decimated in the next election, Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim should have competed against Azmin, he will lose his MB post and Pakatan will lose their jewel in the crown because of his hesitation.

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