Thursday, 18 November 2010

The DAP Pulau Pinang State Government should allow a public infrastructure project to proceed instead of finding faults to delay the project

I followed and read with great interest on the ongoing spat between the "opposition minded" CM of Pulau Pinang Guan Eng and the federal Minister of Transport Dato' Kong.

For background info please read here:

Stop-work order against rail project is for public interest, says Guan Eng

Penang wants Kong to vouch for rail work

then latest
Kong trades barbs over rail projects link to Kedah flooding

I do not know who advised or instigated Guan Eng to use( some say misuse) of his powers as CM to issue the stop order of a Multibillion Ringgit Infrastructure project. Unscheduled stoppage will cost the Main Contractor and the Ministry of Transport a lot of money and lost time.

Guan Eng should get his facts right first, in the last major flood in Kedah in 2005 the rainfall recorded was 119mm but in the 2010 flood the rainfall was recorded at 207mm. This is almost double from 2005. The flood is not a man made disaster it was caused by an act of God. 

With that kind of rain intensity within a few days there is no way any flood mitigation even the best by the Jabatan Pengairan and Saliran and the double tracking contractor could  prevent the disaster and apparently even Songkla in Thailand was inundated with flood water as well..there is NO double tracking project in Thailand as of now. 

For Guan Eng to ask for guarantees that flood do not occur in Penang due to the double tracking projet is like asking the Ministry of Transport to guarantee that lightning do not strike more than 1000 times per year in Penang.....yes friends its impossible to give guarantees on acts of God. Nobody or even Government have control on how much rain could fall down in a specific area, that is the Power of GOD All Mighty. 

Guan Eng is either a political shit stirrer with a big spoon or he is just a ignorant Chief Minister ill advised by half past six advisors or both. No wonder even the Melaka State DAP threw him out in the cold, lucky for junior Lim big daddy Kit Siang  sent him to Pulau Pinang. Yes its who your bloodline and not what you know rules in the DAP.

Its good that Minister Dato' Kong refused to see Guan Eng unless the CM lift the stop order first. This kind of unilateral and bullying behaviour now typical of the DAP Pulau Pinang Government should not be tolerated. The MOT and the Contractor should issue an ultimatum to the DAP State Government to desist or get a court order for the Pulau Pinang State government to revoke its stop order and then claim for damages suffered due to the stop. 

Guan Eng should  focus on fair housing distribution and place of commerce  for ALL Penangites and should concern himself with the deteriorating FDI into Pulau Pinang and the growing public resentment and demonstrations against his State Government etc. etc . He should not just live off and enjoy the accolades that the good work and policy put in place by the BN Pulau Pinang Government before March 2008, and not doing any concrete reforms promised in the DAP manifesto having taken for granted the future votes especially from the Chinese and Indians in the Pearl of the Orient.

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