Sunday, 21 November 2010

Singapore to overtake Malaysia as ASEAN's 3rd biggest economy end 2010 - Syabas to Singapore lets emulate its One School For All policy

It seems that Singapore by the end of 2010 will soon take over Malaysia's third spot of ASEAN's biggest economy, read:

S'pore set to surpass M'sia as South-east Asia's third-largest economy

I say congratulations to Singapore, their people worked hard for it and they deserved what they get. Besides Singapore, the first two biggest economy position in ASEAN are still occupied by Indonesia and Thailand. 

Now, what does Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore has in common? Simple answer, they all have a one school system. They do not have state sponsored religious or vernacular school, they just have a one school for all system (albeit Singapore uses English as their main Language). With a One School For All/Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua system they have achieved a semblance of integration among the various races and found the desired unity that is required to have proper all round stability to propel a nation and its people forward.

Malaysia burdened by the colonial system which encourages racial segregation which unfortunately we still carry i.e the national and various vernacular schools which still  encourages segregation of our children from young, discourages integration and make unity virtually out of reach.  

Malaysia will be lagging further and further behind as we cannot focus on the Economy per se like other countries with the one school for all system, when we are still bickering about the difference between race, about having citizens who refuses to speak or refuses to learn the National Language and Bahasa Melayu even though they are born and bred here, about equity inbalance, about job discrimination in  government and private sectors, about making police reports every time something "sensitive" is said in public.

So lets join in  the campaign for SatuSekolahUntukSemua for our children and their children's sake, for integration and ultimately for unity.

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