Monday, 8 November 2010

GERAKAN is relevant only when it could regain the 12 Adun seats it lost in Pulau Pinang

Interesting headline from the MI on the just completed Parti Gerakan 39th National delegates Conference:
Gerakan not useless and hopeless, says Koh
read the full report here.

After all the kungfu, tai-chi, chest beatings and shoulder pats and of course the now seemingly compulsory blame everything on UMNO routine for their woes, one thing stands out, Gerakan needs BN and UMNO's benevolence to exist after the next General Election. 

Why I said that? Well, not very long ago they were all talking about wanting to leave the BN but this time not a squeak, because they know that the momentum for BN led by UMNO is actually really starting to turn based on the Galas and Batu Sapi election results. You can smell political opportunists from a mile away.

After the massacre in the March 2008 election, where it also lost its power base in Pulau Pinang and needing the generosity of UMNO/BN to survive, Gerakan instead of issuing all those 18 declarations and making snide comments on UMNO leaders, should instead do BN a favor, make itself useful and strongly declare to help BN takeover Pulau Pinang from the DAP in the next GE, if it fail it will disband. Otherwise, I really do not see why it should still be in BN. Orang Melayu kata buat habis beras sahja.

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