Monday, 28 March 2011

The truth is like the sun, you cannot keep it out forever

By now everybody, well just about everybody in Malaysia will have known about The Dato Trio (Some say The three Tooges, Three amigos), the missing Omega watch and the Video politikus melampau. We now know who the Dato' Trio are but we still do not know for sure who the actors in the video are. The Pakatan Propoganda Machine is working overtime to spin this issue of course.

Well the Police are investigating, the original video is with them, they also know where the video shoot location were.

Here are some interesting post on the unfolding sex scandal of the moment, Malaysians just love these stories don't we:

Mat King Leather is really desperate this time

The actor in the video can be positively identified by an expert in facial recognition it is not quantum mechanincs and it does not matter if the expert is from overseas or local, so whether it is a fitnah or the chilling truth it is now up to the Polis to investigate. Until then these are but mere speculations as far as many Malaysians are concerned.

For PAS the so called Islamic party, this video will be one that will break the camel's back so to speak, because if it was Anwar Ibrahim in the video in the act of fornication with a woman who is not his wife then it will be impossible for PAS leaders to associate with a leader who has very-very low moral standards especially if they are still talking about Hudud and an Islamic State. If they, the PAS Leaders continue with the charade of keeping their head buried in the sand, PAS will be punished big time in the next GE by its own members.

I think whatever the outcome of the video the fact is it is  is just a side show, the Real political killer is The Sodomy 2 trial i.e Saiful's damaging testimony and the DNA evidence against Anwar which will soon be decided by the Courts. 

The truth is like the Sun, one can stop it coming in for some time BUT one can never stop it from coming in, forever.

I think Anwar's political life is almost over, in medical terms he is on life support fed by PAS and DAP just waiting to pull the plug when the time comes.

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