Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Alkitab Injil Issue: Seems the CFM does not like the Gomen's offer

I don't know how true this report from the MI is:

Christians reject Putrajaya’s overture over Malay bibles
UPDATED @ 07:07:53 PM 30-03-2011By Debra Chong March 30, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR, March 30 — The Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM) rejected today the federal government’s overture in the Alkitab row, saying it did not resolve the core issue which is the erosion of basic human rights protected by the Federal Constitution.

The umbrella body representing over 90 per cent of churches here was referring specifically to Putrajaya’s offer to mask the Home Ministry’s stamp and serial numbering of 35,100 copies of the Malay bibles shipped in from Indonesia last week, as laid down last week by its Christian minister, Datuk Seri Idris Jala, who is in charge of government and economic transformation.

Jala, in his statement on March 22, also said that certain Christian donors had also offered to fully replace, free of charge, the two marked cargoes at Port Klang and Kuching, which had been seized and detained by home ministry officials. Read more here.

If the report is true and not spun by the MI then All I can say is that the Government had bent over backwards to accommodate the Alkitab Injil issue which I was told was imported from Indonesia before getting clearance from the KDN in the first place and like any religious books imported from overseas will be subjected to KDN rules and regulations this include even the Muslim Holy Book the  Al-Quran imported from overseas. KDN does not allow any exceptions even when it is the Al-Quran folks.

Since the Gomen willingness to back down on the AlKitab issue is not reciprocated and the CFM seems to be changing the goal post as they get bolder with every offer, its beginnng to be more and more looking like a "menangguk di air keruh" situation. Perhaps the Government should just deal straight with the user of the Alkitab Injil the  Sidang Injil Borneo(SIB), I don't know.

Anyway I pray to ALLAH that the PM and his Cabinet  will have the patience and the wisdom to deal with the issue  taking into account the sensitivity of Muslims in this country who make up the majority in this country, the Perlembagaan and of course the various State Islamic legislations.

Me?  As a ordinary citizen I have the luxury to say I give up already I am wondering  where the tolerance and unity in diversity that we used to have in this blessed country gone to. 


Anonymous said...

CFM tu satu lagi parti komponen Pakatan. Maklumlah, akan ada pilihanraya di S'wak.

eddy said...

Ya bro they are playing the religion card to the hilt. I think the Gomen knows that, lets see what course of action the Gomen will take to resolve this matter.

Anonymous said...

'Playing the religion card', yup. Malahan paderi-paderi mereka pun sekarang main politik sakan. Yang saya maksudkan bukannya puak pribumi tetapi mereka-mereka yang berada di Semenanjung. Kalau diikutkan DAP, pasti akan mahu perkara ini meleret sehinggalah PRU13. Tapi yang tak tahan tu, ada di antara mereka yang pandai merengek, "Your Allah is my Allah". Kalau gitu, 'ngapa tak dirikan solat saja kat masjid? Tak'yah gi gereja lagilah.

chaelian said...

Actually, it's the Government which keeps changing the goalposts. Why are Bibles being treated as contraband when all citizens are guaranteed freedom of religion? There were never such rules when this country was first formed so why now? Clearly it smacks of deliberate discrimination against the Christian faith! Why?

If the Islamic authorities want to stamp numbers & restrictions on the Quran, that is their right as it pertains to their OWN religious literature. We are constantly told that Syariah rules are only for Muslims. Why are the Islamic authorities now interfering with other religions?

What is most disturbing is that the Government has yet to APOLOGISE for their deceitful and disrespectful actions. What does this say about those who practice the Islamic faith?

eddy said...


1. If you care to read the chronology of the AlKitab issue, I think the Gomen has acted based on the Laws of this country. All religious books imported into this country are subjected to KDN approval be it the AlQuran or the AlKitab Injil, there is no discrimination as you would like to divisively suggest.

2. You are right our Alkitab Injil brethrens has been using the Injil printed in Indonesia since way before Merdeka and they still do without let our hindrance.

3. Is the Gomen action of implementing the Laws of this country deceitful? Then you are encouraging anarchy that is very unChristian of you.

Anyway this Gomen that you so despised has apologised:

Are you happy now? If not try visiting Egypt or China and find out how the Christians are treated there. Malaysia is heaven by comparison.