Monday, 7 March 2011

Hari Tentera Darat ke-78 Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur [4-6 Mac 2011]

Hari Tentera Darat ke-78 (4-6 Mac 2011) berlangsung di Dataran Merdeka telah pun berakhir. Hanya tinggal kenangan yang mendalam dihati. 

Looking at the Military Hardware on display and the dedicated soldiers entrusted to use them, I think Malaysia's security are in very good hands. Woe betide any enemies from outside or within who thinks Malaysia is easy meat, you can try to invade but you cannot hold our territory long enough to occupy it.

Two reasons why I really wanted to go to the Army Open day
No. 1 Reason: Our Main Battle Tank (MBT) - Perkasa PT91M, I was told we have 61 of these of various variants supplied by Poland, its our first MBT experience but does look a tad dated, maybe next time when they are up for replacement the Mindef can look at the German Leopard 2 as well.

No.2 Reason: The Astros 11 Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) or some say "steel rain", a battalion of Astros 11 could lay waste to a very big area in minutes and has a range of about 89km, Malaysia has 36 of these fearsome weapon which can launch many types of weapons payload.
Besides the weapon systems that I wanted to see there are other Amoured fighting vehicles, howitzers and the JERNAS short range Surface to Air Missile Defence system and a variety of small arms including sniper rifles on display:

The JERNAS (British Rapier) low altitude surface to air missile used by many professional armies around the world.

A Barett M82 , this 50 caliber must be the mother of all sniper rifles, if looks can kill this weapon qualifies to do just that.

For those who missed the Army Open Day, come again next time.

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