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The Battle for Pulau Pinang has started in cyberspace folks and this is for real, a frontal attack against the DAP

The latest posting from blogger Syed Akbar Ali here, highlighted the existence of another very interesting pro BN definitely anti Pakatan blog authored by some good dudes from Pulau Pinang, I presume. The People against Opposition (Pakatan Rakyat) started on 18th March 2011.

Fascinated, I have taken time to read this blog and here are some posts I would like to share with like minded readers:

This take on the Malacca born, ex convict who became DAP CM of Pulau Pinang is interesting, I always think he is a lot of DAP hype promoted by his daddy Kit Siang:

Lim Guan Eng - The Chinese Pharoah of Penang

Lim Guan Eng is not as good as he is made to appear. It is only a political gimmick created by the DAP machinery that make him to appear as though he is doing a good job.

Why must we praise Lim Guan Eng as he is merely an administrator who has done nothing to uplift the current status of Penangite ?

Since 2008 till now, no significant new job oppurtunities created for the People of Penang. How many new factories did Mr Lim Guan Eng opened from 2008 till now ? Any new economic models did he unveiled to the Penangites since taking over Penang ? Did he open up any new schools ? Any new hawker centres ? Any new sports centre ? Read more here.

This post strike at the heart of the Penang DAP regime:

DAP - A Liability to Chinese Voters in Penang

DAP claims that since 2008, they are responsible for many improvements in Penang. We are of a concern that whatever done in Penang for the last few years is due to the effective and workable Public Administration workforce which was left behind by the BN state government.

The real credit in Penang should go to the late Dato Lim Choong Ewe with Tun Dr Mahathir. The late Dato Lim Choong Ewe, started the migration of MNC's to Penang and Tun Dr Mahathir actually developed much of the needed infrastructure in Penang.

The BRIDGE ! How could the Chinese forget the bridge. The icon of Penang. In the late 80's throughout the 90's, Penangite experianced the highest amount of self development in terms of monetary and other gains when scores of MNC's outsourced and offshored to Penang. Intel, Dell, Motorola, Iomega, Quantum, etc to name a few ...

In Penang, the Chinese voters is playing with fire. DAP is in coalition with PAS and PKR. PAS will never recint its agenda of creating an Islamic State. Lim Guan Eng was highly praised by Tok Guru Nik Aziz and he is even called Umar Abdul Aziz. Lim Guan Eng will be called Abdul HaLIM Abdullah if he goes on this track of relationship with PAS.

PAS supporters will be angry with DAP if they do not support PAS Islamic State Agenda. The sign of this dissastisfaction has already occurred in the Sinar Harian dated 23rd February 2011 page U6 where Mohamed Hafiz Nordin, the leader of Penang PAS Pemuda left the party because he is not happy that PAS accept DAP in the coalition.

If and if Pakatan Rakyat wins PRU 13, and DAP dishonour its promises to PAS, there will be a riot in the street by PAS supporters especially their Youth Wing. They are capabale of doing such thing. The Chinese will be greatly affected by this as businesses will close down due to anarchy persist and rioting became rampant.

The logic here is that how can a state government survive if it does not get support from the federal government ? The people of Penang will be the one lossing for electing a weak state government. Penang will be like Kelantan and one single major riot in Penang, all the MNC's will relocate itself elsewhere.

The Chinese , are the majority working in these MNC's in Penang. They do not realise what they are voting for. Be warned that your entire life will be disrupted if you do not come to terms with reality.

Just look what a mess the ADUN KOMTAR did. That was a mess indeed. How could a people representative go and close down a Nasi Kandar shop and shouted racial remarks to the owner. The whole Indian Muslim community is angry with DAP leadership. In the history of Penang, none of the previous Chief Minister received a coffin as a gift. That is a grave sign for the Chinese to heed.

To all Chinese voters in Penang. Remember your father the late Dato Lim Choong Ewe. Remember how the older generations among the Chinese have kept good relationship with Malays and Indians in Penang. We urge you to return to Barisan Nasional and maintain the PEACE and HARMONY in Penang.

BN already hearken to your voice. Come and embrace 1 Malaysia...reject DAP now ! source here.

I like this, I happen to think its true:

All Oppositions Supporters are NEGAHOLICS !

I think none of the Oppositions Supporters know what is Negaholics. Most of them are non readers and I believe many of them are passive listeners but I know one Opposition leader who is an active speaker, active homo and aggressive womaniser. That besides the point.

What is Negaholism?

Negaholism is a condition that is sweeping the globe. Negaholism is a syndrome in which people unconsciously limit their own innate abilities, convince themselves that they can’t have what they want, and sabotage their wishes, desires, and dreams. Negaholism manifests itself daily in the lives of normal people. Self-imposed limitations on happiness, joy, and fulfillment contaminate the consciousness of the majority of the population in subtle ways. The beliefs, attitudes, and perceptions that keep us restricted, constrained, and curtailed have reached epidemic proportions.

Where Do Addictions Originate

There are three elements that create the conditions conducive for addictions.

1) Overwhelm is experienced in individual
2) Stress resulting from the overwhelm
3) Insufficiency feeling unable to meet life’s challenges

How the Negaholic pattern becomes established

1) The need for attention
2) The inability to give or receive positive attention
3) The ingrained habit of focusing on what is wrong
4) The opiate peptides - chemical rush when being severely criticized
5) The simultaneous feel bad, coupled with the significant amount of attention (feel good)

The addictive pattern takes hold, and one becomes a Negaholic!

Why Is the Syndrome Called “Negaholic?”

Nega = negative, holic = one who is addicted to something. A negaholic is one who is addicted to negativity. Negare is a Latin root meaning to deny. The “I can’ts” are denying that the “I cans” are right. Denying means that the “I can’ts” refuse to accept the fact that the “I cans” are capable, competent, able to give you what you want. The “I can’ts” deny that the “I cans” are worthy, loveable, and deserving. A negaholic is one who is victimized by inner forces that are waging a war of self-negation with attitudes, thoughts, words, or behavior. These forces are keeping you trapped in a private dungeon with graffiti all over the walls that say: “You can’t be it. You can’t do it. You can’t have it. So forget it!” The “I can’t” self laughs and says “I told you so” when you prove its prophecies right.

One common sickness among all Oppositions Leaders and Supporters, they ALL dont like MALAYSIA BOLEH ! Source here.

I like this best of all so far, a post to challenge the perceived DAP invincibility in Penang, must read, don't worry its not a racist post it just goes to show that DAP cannot use the race card in Penang all by themselves:

An Analysis - How to get rid of Pakatan Rakyat and DAP from Penang ?

Looking at the above chart, which is the Population Chart of Penang breakdown according to all races, herein are our observations. The total Chinese in Penang is 651'600 and these Chinese are surrounded by 660,800 Malays. We are taking this population census as a rule of thumb as we are aware that the total electorate is lesser than the population census.

So according to statistics , the Malays are the majority in Penang. The spread of the Malays , they are more on the mainland rather than on the island. Majority of the Chinese are on the island. The Indians and others are spread in between the island and mainland. When we say mainland it means - Seberang Prai Utara, Tengah and Selatan.

So the first myth is that, the Chinese are not the majority in Penang. The Chinese vote alone is not enough to form the state government in Penang. The Chinese in Penang need, some of the Malays votes plus some of the Indians votes in order to win an overwhelming majority. Read more.

This one just proof that Anwar ibrahim does not have political currency anymore with or without the Video politikus melampau he could even loss the Permatang Pauh seat.

Hold on to your seats friends, the battle for Pulau Pinang in cyberspace has begun.

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