Monday, 28 March 2011

The imported AlKitab issue: Gomen offer on 23 March 2011 met with contempt by small group, Madu diberi janganlah dibalas tuba

In respect to the Al-Kitab issue, I must say that the Government has bend over backwards to offer a fair solution to end the AlKitab issue read here.

I regret to note that some small groups are not reciprocating nor appreciating  the intense efforts of the Government to find a amicable solution based on the Perlembagaan and the Law and keeping the sensitivity of Muslims as well: 

Christian coalition formed amid Alkitab row

This is rather nasty with strong language oblivious to the sensitivity of Muslims in Malaysia:
The Gomen silence after their offer on 23 March 2011 begs this obvious question from blogger Din Turtle:

Isu Bible Melayu - Puak Kristian Bersatu Menuntut, Puak Melayu ? Kerajaan Najib ?

In any case Malaysians do not have to wait long for a reaction from Malaysian Muslims:

Christians inviting trouble over Alkitab row, say Muslim NGOs

I think the Gomen who have acted very responsibly in handling the issue with a velvet glove may have to take it off as some people seems to see the Gomen's kindness and willingness to negotiate to give and take as a sign of weakness which can be manipulated. Wonder where they got the idea.

For a start the Government should make it clear which Church organisation that they are officially dealing with to resolve the issue and  any announcement by the Government on the AlKitab issue cannot anymore be delegated to the junior ministers it should be done by the PM himself.

God bless our Beautiful Country.

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