Monday, 7 February 2011

The Selangor State Secretary issue: Jangan meludah ke langit, muka juga yang basah

"Jangan meludah ke langit, muka juga yang basah"


"Jangan Melawan atau membantahi orang yang berkuasa, akhirnya diri sendiri juga yang susah"

Here is the latest news from Shah Alam Selangor, looks like the Pakatan DAP led State Government has come to their senses, finally, apparently knowing full well that they cannot function as a Government IF they do not acknowledge the head of the State Civil Service namely the Datuk SS:

Selangor accepts Khusrin as state secretary

Abdul Khalid(right) meets Mohd Khusrin for the first time at his office on 21st floor of Bangunan Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah in Shah Alam. Pix by Selangor MB's office.

One for the album: Never thought that this would happen but the person on the left look like Khusrin and on the right look like Khalid at the mentri besar’s office, February 7, 2011 surely it must be the Datuk SS meeting the Selangor MB, officially and finally.—Picture courtesy of the Selangor MB’s press secretariat

Now that isn't so bad is it YAB MB, I think you were badly advised by your Excos and YB Shuhaimi got charged for sedition for nothing.

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